Submissions received to date

Submission Number Submitter
1 Forgacs
2 Australian Business Defence Industry
3 Mr Wade Noonan MP and Mr Cesar Melhem MP
4 Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union
5 Defence SA
6 The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Australian Division
7 Australian Industry and Defence Network
8 Adelaide Ship Construction International
9 BAE Systems Australia
10 Defence Teaming Centre
11 Lean Design Australia Pty Ltd
12 Navy League of Australia
13 Victorian Government
14 Department of Finance (including answers to question on notice)
15 Mr Grant Spork
16 Mr Jon Primrose
17 Mr Peter Briggs AO and Mr Terence Roach AM
18 Mr Paul Greenfield AM
19 LeadWest Ltd
20 Hobsons Bay City Council
21 Dr John White Supplementary Submission
22 Submarine Institute of Australia Inc.
23 Mr Hank Willems
24 Mr Benjamin Cropley
25 Professor Göran Roos
26 Mr Martin Katschner

Additional information

Tabled documents

Answers to questions on notice

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