Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

29 September 2017, Sydney NSW

Members in attendance: Senators Hume, Ketter

ARABIA, Dr Anna-Maria, Chief Executive, Australian Academy of Science

BLACKWOOD, Mr Alan, Director, Policy and Innovation, Young People in Nursing Homes National Alliance

BRENNAN, Mr Michael, Deputy Secretary, Fiscal Group, Treasury

DAVIDSON, Mr Peter, Senior Adviser, Economics, Tax and Employment, Australian Council of Social Service

DEANE, Ms Kirsten, Campaign Director, Every Australian Counts, and Executive Director, National Disability and Carer Alliance

GOTLIB, Ms Stephanie, Executive Officer, Children and Young People with Disability Australia

HELGEBY, Dr Stein, Deputy Secretary, Governance and APS Transformation, Department of Finance

HUME, Professor Ian, Fellow, Australian Academy of Science

JACKSON, Ms Catriona, Deputy Chief Executive, Universities Australia

MAHER, Mr Richard, Adviser, Business Tax Division, Treasury

MIKELSONS, Mr John, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer, Australian Council of Social Service

PHILLIPS, Associate Professor Ben, Centre for Social Research and Methods, Australian National University

ROBERTSON, Mr Neil, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Governance and APS Transformation, Department of Finance

SANDS, Ms Therese, Director, Disabled Peoples' Organisations Australia

THOMSON, Ms Vicki, Chief Executive, The Group of Eight

VANN, Professor Andrew, Deputy Chair, Universities Australia Board, and Vice-Chancellor, Charles Sturt University

WALSH, Mrs Mary, Private capacity

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