The post-GFC banking sector

The post-GFC banking sector

28 November 2012

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ISBN 978-1-74229-734-7

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Membership of Committee (PDF 46KB)
Abbreviations (PDF 14KB)
Glossary (PDF 28KB)
Executive summary (PDF 34KB)
List of recommendations (PDF 22KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 33KB)

Terms of reference
Conduct of the inquiry
Structure of the report

PART I: Post-crisis developments in bank funding and regulation
Chapter 2 - Overview of the post-GFC banking environment (PDF 772KB)

Impact on bank funding
Market concentration and competition
International regulatory changes
Libor-fixing scandal

Chapter 3 - Basel III (PDF 265KB)

Overview of capital regulation and the Basel Accords
The GFC and development of Basel III
Details of Basel III
Views on Basel III and its overall impact
Implementation of Basel III in Australia
Committee view

Chapter 4 - The sources and costs of bank funds post-GFC (PDF 662KB)

Overall funding costs
Wholesale debt
Future direction of funding costs

Chapter 5 - Where to from here? Possible responses to changing funding mix and costs (PDF 267KB)
PART II: Borrowing and lending
Chapter 6 - Implications of the crisis on borrowing and lending practices (PDF 232KB)

Reaction of financial institutions
Customers' perspectives
Predatory lending and incentives for bank employees
Information on conditions in the lending market

Chapter 7 - Allegations regarding Bankwest (PDF 186KB)

Bankwest's expansion prior to the global financial crisis
The global financial crisis and developments in the UK
The acquisition of Bankwest by the CBA
Actions by the CBA following the acquisition
Experiences of Bankwest business customers following the acquisition
Committee comment

Chapter 8 - Further examination of the Bankwest allegations (PDF 443KB)

The terms of the CBA's purchase of Bankwest
The post-GFC property market and business environment
Revaluations, receivers and 'market value'
Options available for borrowers to seek redress
Difficulties in seeking redress

Chapter 9 - Bankwest: Conclusions and recommendations (PDF 45KB)

How the committee approached this part of the inquiry
A proportionate and balanced response
Making dispute resolution schemes more relevant to small business
The role of receivers
Small finance issues more generally

PART III: Further consideration of the banking and financial sector
Chapter 10 - Need for a root and branch inquiry (PDF 60KB)

A banking sector in transition
Over fifteen years since the previous inquiry
Regulatory structures and distortions currently in place
Funding mix and stability
Broad support
Committee view

References (PDF 67KB)
Minority Report by Labor Senators (PDF 51KB)
Additional Comments by Senator Cameron (PDF 11KB)
Additional Comments by Senator Williams (PDF 64KB)
APPENDIX 1 - Submissions received (PDF 34KB)
APPENDIX 2 - Public hearings and witnesses (PDF 14KB)

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