Submissions received by the Committee

Inquiry into competition and pricing in the Australian dairy industry

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Mr/Mrs Stephen and Fiona Waters (PDF 271KB) 
2Southern Sydney Retailers Association  (PDF 1042KB) 
3Hon Will Hodgman MP, State Opposition in Tasmania (PDF 350KB) 
4C & J FitzGerald (PDF 62KB) 
5Dr Shane Broad (PDF 303KB) 
6Ms Julie Gration (PDF 1490KB) 
7 Barossa Mid-North Co-operative Dairymen Limited (PDF 41KB) 
8Dr Tony McCall, University of Tasmania (PDF 511KB) 
9Name Withheld (PDF 1530KB) 
10Fonterra Australia (PDF 71KB) Attachment 1(PDF 66KB) 
11National Foods Limited (PDF 252KB) 
12Tasmanian Government (PDF 280KB) 
13National Association of Retail Grocers of Australia (PDF 242KB) 
14Cadbury Pty Ltd (PDF 82KB) 
15Ms Dee Margetts (PDF 172KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3688KB) Attachment 2(PDF 317KB) Attachment 3(PDF 298KB) 
16Australian Dairy Farmers Ltd (PDF 83KB) 
17Riverina Regional Dairy Network  (PDF 67KB) 
18United Dairyfarmers of Victoria (PDF 361KB) 
19Ashley Park Farm Pty Ltd (PDF 706KB) 
20Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers  (PDF 75KB) 
21Australian Milk Producers Association (AMPA) (PDF 54KB) 
22Ms Nola Marino MP (PDF 286KB) Attachment 1(PDF 102KB) Attachment 2(PDF 11504KB) 
23Bonlac Supply Company (PDF 42KB) 
24The Hon Tim Mulherin, Queensland Government (PDF 919KB) 
25Mr/Mrs Wayne and Marilyn Tennant (PDF 1986KB) 
26Davey and Maynard (PDF 54KB) 
27Tasmanian Suppliers Collective Bargaining Group (TSCBG) (PDF 2444KB) 
29The Western Australian Farmers Federation (Inc) (PDF 159KB) 
30Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation (PDF 184KB) 
31DairyTas (PDF 35KB) 
32Amalgamated Milk Vendors Association Inc (PDF 153KB) 
33Mr Malcolm Fechner (PDF 19KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 251KB) 
34Associate Professor Frank Zumbo (PDF 96KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

1Received 12 February 2010 from Coles. Answers to Questions on Notice asked at a public hearing in Canberra on 4 February 2010(PDF 502KB) 
2Received 3 March 2010 from National Association of Retail Grocers Australia. Answers to Questions on Notice asked at a public hearing in Canberra on 4 February 2010(PDF 8KB) 
3Received 22 February 2010 from Australian Dairy Farmers. Answers to Questions on Notice asked at a public hearing in Melbourne on 18 January 2010(PDF 791KB) 

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