Additional comments - Labor Senators

Labor is committed to the transition to an effective, long term, national Electric Vehicle (EV) strategy that incentivises the uptake of EVs through such initiatives as the reduction in import tariffs and fringe benefit taxes, and support for the development of key related Australian manufacturing and supply chains. Labor is committed to working with industry, unions, states and consumers to develop this strategy.
As part of this commitment to an EV strategy, Labor believes measures should be taken to look at encouraging Australian manufacturing of EV components and possibly even cars. The Commonwealth should also look at how its existing investment in infrastructure across Australia could be used to increase the availability of charging stations and other EV infrastructure. Labor also believes that a coherent and sustainable national EV strategy must address the long-term implications of declining fuel excise revenue.
Labor Senators noted from the evidence in submissions to the committee’s inquiry, from the subsequent hearing witnesses, and the committee’s report, that the absence of leadership from the Morrison government is detrimental to Australia’s economic, environmental, social, and international interests.
The Federal government has also been 'missing in action' on the issue of ongoing funding of infrastructure through various funding models (such as a road user charges) and still has no comprehensive plan, leaving other branches of government to step up to address the lack of a national approach on these issues. In the absence of Federal government leadership on this issue, Australians with less fuel-efficient vehicles are being penalised disproportionately through the fuel excise.
Labor Senators maintain that changes to the GST formula and distribution needs careful consideration and consultation, and that the proposed bill would inhibit future arrangements.
Senator Anthony Chisholm
A/Deputy Chair
Labor Senator for Queensland
Senator Jess Walsh
Labor Senator for Victoria

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