Appendix 2

Public Hearing

Friday, 12 November 2021
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
Dr Darren O'Donovan, Senior Lecturer at La Trobe University Law School
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Mr Tom Ballantyne, Principal Lawyer
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Mr Chadwick Wong, Senior Solicitor
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
Ms Mary Henly-Collopy, AFDO Consultant for the NDIS
Dr Ellen Skladzien, Chief Executive Officer, Down Syndrome Australia
Mr Patrick McGee, National Manager, Policy, Advocacy, and Research
First peoples' Disability Network
Mr Damian Griffis, Chief Executive Officer
National Ethnic Disability Alliance
Ms Blanca Ramirez, Senior Research and Policy Officer
People with Disability Australia
Ms Frances Quan Farrant, Senior Research and Policy Officer
Mx Giancarlo de Vera, Senior Manager of Policy
Mr Theodore Jensen, Senior Manager for Individual Advocacy (QLD)
Melbourne Disability Institute
Professor Bruce Bonyhady, Executive Chair and Director
Every Australian Counts
Ms Jean Cotchin, Campaign Manager
Allied Health Professions Australia
Dr Chris Atmore, Manager, Policy and Advocacy
Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia Incorporated
Mr Tony Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer
National Disability Services
Ms Laurie Leigh, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Ms Philippa Angley, Head of Policy
Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia
Mr David Sinclair, Executive Officer
Australian Community Industry Alliance
Dr Nicole Brooke, Chief Executive Officer
ACT Government
Ms Ellen Dunne, Executive Branch Manager, Community Services Directorate
Mx C Moore, Deputy Chair, ACT Minister's Disability Reference Group
Ms Emma Davidson MLA, Minister for Disability
Western Australian Department of Communities
Ms Marion Hailes-MacDonald, Assistant Director General
Mr Richard Slattery, Strategic Policy Manager, Office of Disability
Mr Michael Dombrose, Principal Legislation Officer, Office of Disability
Department of Social Services
Mr Luke Mansfield, A/g Deputy Secretary, Disability and Carers
Mr Peter Broadhead, Group Manager, NDIS Participants and Performance Group
Ms Julie Yeend, Branch Manager, NDIS Governance, Policy and Legislation
National Disability Insurance Agency
Mr Martin Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer

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