Appendix 2

Public Hearings

Monday, 2 August 2021

Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House
People with Disability Australia
Ms Samantha Connor, President
Queensland Advocacy Incorporated
Ms Matilda Alexander, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Emma Phillips, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Principal Solicitor
Ms Sophie Wiggans, Systems Advocate
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
Mr Patrick McGee, National Manager – Policy, Advocacy and Research
Ms Natalie Wade, Expert Advisor
National Disability Services
Ms Laurie Leigh, Interim Chief Executive Officer
Ms Philippa Angley, Head of Policy
Australian Clinical Psychology Association
Professor Caroline Hunt, President
Dr Paul Gertler, NSW Section committee member
Allied Health Professions Australia
Ms Claire Hewat, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Chris Atmore, Manager – Policy and Advocacy
Department of Social Services
Mr Luke Mansfield, Group Manager – Market Capability
Mrs Brownyn Worswick, Chief Counsel
NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission
Ms Samantha Taylor PSM, Acting Commissioner
Ms Carolyn Strange, General Counsel
National Disability Insurance Agency
Ms Liz Neville, General Manager – Government
Mr Scott McNaughton, General Manager – National Delivery
Office of the Public Guardian Northern Territory
Ms Beth Walker, Public Guardian and Trustee

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