Appendix 2

Public Hearings

Friday, 6 August 2021
Committee Room 2S2
Parliament House
Mito Foundation
Mr Sean Murray, Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Shelley Beverley, Lived Experience
Professor Carolyn Sue AM FAHMS, Founding Director and Chair, Scientific & Medical Advisory Panel
Australian Genomics Health Alliance
Ms Tiffany Boughtwood, Managing Director
Professor John Christodoulou, Chief Investigator
Plunkett Centre for Ethics
Dr Bernadette Tobin, Director
Australian Christian Lobby
Ms Wendy Francis, National Director, Politics
Ethicentre Ltd.
Associate Professor Megan Best, Director
The International Society for Stem Cell Research
Professor Megan Munsie, Member, ISSCR Ethics Committee and ISSCR Guidelines on Stem Cell Research and Clinical Translation Taskforce
Dr George Daley, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Robinson Research Institute
Professor Rebecca Robker, Executive, Theme Leader Early Origins of Health
Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors Association
Ms Rebecca Kerner, Chair
Ms Iolanda Rodino, Committee Member
The Academies
Professor Carolyn Sue AM FAHMS, Fellow, Australian Academy of Health and Medial Sciences
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Professor David Thorburn, Co-Group Leader, Brain & Mitochondrial Research
Dr Christopher Gyngell, Team Leader
National Health and Medical Research Council
Professor Anne Kelso, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Prue Torrance, Executive Director
Department of Health
Mr Paul McBride, Acting Deputy Secretary, Strategy, Evidence and Research Group
Ms Bronwyn Field, First Assistant Secretary, Portfolio Strategies Division
Ms Angela Wallbank, Assistant Secretary, Strategic Policy Branch

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