Breast Cancer Screening and Treatment in Australia

June 1994

© Commonwealth of Australia 1994

ISBN 0 642 20252 4

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Chapter 1: Development of the National Program - (PDF format)
Background to the National Program
The National Program
Implementation Process
1. Access to the Electoral Roll
2. Publicising the Program
Data Collection
Administration of the Program
1. Administrative Structure
2. Administrative Costs
3. 'Bureaucratisation' of the Program

Chapter 2: Operation of the Program - (PDF format)
Dedicated Screening and Assessment Services
1. Screening
2. Assessment
3. Appropriate Use of Mobile Vans

Mammographic Equipment
1. Distribution of Equipment
2. Role of the Commonwealth and the States

1. Radiographers
2. Radiologists
3. Breast Physicians

Counselling and Support Services
1. Counselling
2. Breast Cancer Support Services

Chapter 3: Access to Services - (PDF format)
Rural and Remote Areas
Models and Service Delivery
1. Service to Client
2. Client to Service
3. Assistance to Travel Costs

Other Problems of Service Delivery

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women
1. Problems of Access
2. Numbers Screened
3. Recruitment Strategies

Women From Non-English Speaking Backgrounds
-Targeting Ethnic Groups

Chapter 4: The Client Group - (PDF format)
Screening Age
1. Screening Women Aged 40-49 Years
2. Screening Women Aged 70 Years and Over
Screening Symptomatic Women
Women with Identifiable Risk Factors

Chapter 5: Operational Effectiveness of the Program - (PDF format)
1. Radiographers
2. Radiologists
3. Breast Physicians
Role of General Practitioners
Use of Non-Radiologist Readers
The Committee's View

Chapter 6: Cost-Effectiveness of the Program - (PDF format)
Current Funding Arrangements
1. The Screening Program - Is it Value for Money?
2. Future Funding
3. Conclusions
Delivery of Services
Mix of Public and Private Services
Medicare Rebate

Chapter 7: Program Boundaries and Treatment - (PDF format)
The Inclusion of Open Biopsy
Types of Treatment Available
1. Surgery
2. Radiotherapy
3. Chemotherapy
4. Hormonal Therapy
Treatment Options
Access to Information
Appropriate Treatment Services
1. A Multidisciplinary Approach
2. Dedicated Breast Cancer Units
Radiotherapy Services
1. Radiation Oncologists
2. Radiation Oncology Facilities
Role of Specialist Surgeons
Cancer Registries
Treatment Protocols
1. Areas of Research
2. Clinical Trials


Appendix 1: Organisations and Individuals Who Presented Written Submissions to the Inquiry - (PDF format)

Appendix 2: Dates of Public Hearings - (PDF format)

Appendix 3: Witnesses Who Appeared at Public Hearings - (PDF format)

Appendix 4: Screening and Assessment Services - (PDF format)

Appendix 5: Aims and Objectives of the National Program - (PDF format)

Appendix 6: Major Policy Features of the Program - (PDF format)

Appendix 7: Statistics on Numbers of Women Screened - (PDF format)

Appendix 8: National Accreditation Guidelines - Part One - (PDF format) - Part Two - (PDF format)