Recommendation 1

2.17    The committee emphasises the importance of communicating the methodology utilised by Medicare Australia to the wider medical community.  The committee recommends that Medicare Australia publish its current auditing methodology and any subsequent improvements to the methodology as they come on stream.

Recommendation 2

3.53    The committee recommends that agencies involved in health policy and regulation review their online information policies and procedures to ensure that changes in important information, regulations and policies affecting stakeholders are regularly updated on agency web pages.

Recommendation 3

3.54    The committee recommends that there be a simplification of the ways in which official lists of professions, specialties and sub-specialties are constructed.  It recommends that, at a minimum, all bodies that use lists with a statutory basis be required to publish only the current version of such a list.

Recommendation 4

4.22    The committee recommends that the March 2011 changes be reviewed one year after their implementation and this should be carried out in consultation with all relevant medical professional bodies, and other key stakeholders such as the MDOs and consumer representative organisations. The findings of the review should be publicly available.

Recommendation 5

4.31    The Committee recommends that the government liaise further with stakeholders to ascertain the desirability for a legally qualified person to be involved in the PSR process.

Recommendation 6

4.46    The Committee recommends that the Commonwealth government review the legislation to allow the Determining Authority greater flexibility in its sanctions with regard to PBS items.

Recommendation 7

4.51    The committee recommends that the Commonwealth government review the PSR's enabling legislation, to ensure that the PSR can effectively pursue abuse of the MBS or PBS systems, regardless of the structure of employment of the person under review.

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