Recommendation 1

3.21      The committee recommends that the Australian Government's representative to the Standing Council on Environment and Water support the adoption of the 23 recommendations of the Ambient Air Quality NEPM Review.

Recommendation 2

3.34      The committee recommends that the Australian Government advocate, through the appropriate Council of Australian Governments process, the inclusion of mechanisms to collect additional data on ultrafine particles.

Recommendation 3

3.42      The committee recommends that buffer zones be used to protect populated areas from large point-source emitters.

Recommendation 4

3.67      The committee recommends that pollution monitoring should accurately capture population exposure for communities and homes proximate to pollution point sources.

Recommendation 5

3.68      The committee recommends that providing monitoring and real-time data of air quality be a condition of environmental approvals issued by the Australian Government unless an operator can demonstrate that air pollution created by the development will not impact upon human health.

Recommendation 6

4.50      The committee recommends that states and territories require industry to implement covers on all coal wagon fleets.

Recommendation 7

4.51      The committee recommends that the Commonwealth develop and implement a process for assessing cumulative impacts of coal mine developments that take into account other mines in the region and their impact on resident health.

Recommendation 8

4.52      The committee recommends that health impact assessments be required as part of the assessment process for all new developments.

Recommendation 9

5.6         The committee recommends that Safe Work Australia undertake research regarding the exposure of workers in the hospitality, transport and mining industry to diesel emissions.

Recommendation 10

5.31      The committee recommends that the Commonwealth develop a national emissions standard for diesel engines.

Recommendation 11

5.32      The committee recommends that the Commonwealth implement a national emissions standard for small non-road engines equivalent to the US EPA standards.

Recommendation 12

6.43      The committee recommends that Australian Governments immediately adopt minimum efficiency and maximum emission standards for all newly installed wood heaters in Australia.

Recommendation 13

6.44      The committee recommends that local councils continue to manage the use of wood heaters in their own jurisdictions through the use of bans, buy-backs, minimum efficiency standards, and other mechanisms as appropriate to protect the health of their local communities.


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