Submissions received by the Committee

Healthcare Identifiers Bill 2010 and Healthcare Identifiers (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2010

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Changeling Aspects (PDF 47KB) Attachment 1(PDF 92KB) 
2Lockstep Group (PDF 94KB) 
3Mr Adam Johnston (PDF 103KB) 
4miVitals Technology Pty Ltd (PDF 114KB) 
5Mr Ron Hicks (PDF 14KB) 
6Mr Brian Stafford (PDF 93KB) 
7Medical Indemnity Industry Association of Australia Inc (PDF 25KB) 
8Australian Medical Association (PDF 104KB) 
9GPpartners limited / Brisbane South Division of General Practice (PDF 222KB) 
10Name Withheld (PDF 17KB) 
11Optometrists Association Australia (PDF 51KB) 
12Dr David More (PDF 40KB) 
13Office of the Information Commissioner (PDF 106KB) 
14Giesecke & Devrient Australasia (PDF 30KB) 
15Dr Geoffrey Miller (PDF 72KB) 
16Australian Democrats (PDF 100KB) 
17Dr Kevin Cox (PDF 42KB) 
19Law Council of Australia (PDF 561KB) 
20Liberty Victoria (PDF 90KB) 
21Office of the Victorian Privacy Comissioner (PDF 463KB) 
22Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 96KB) Attachment 1(PDF 63KB) Attachment 2(PDF 199KB) Attachment 3(PDF 19KB) Answers to questions on notice (PDF 154KB) Att (PDF 1278KB)
23The Australasian College of Health Informatics (PDF 235KB) 
24Australian Privacy Foundation (PDF 265KB) 
25Consumers Health Forum of Australia (PDF 329KB) 
26The Royal College of Pathologists of Australia (PDF 44KB) 
27Health Information Management Association of Australia (PDF 42KB) 
28The Medical Software Industry Association (PDF 227KB) 
29CSC (PDF 1895KB) 
30Population Health Research Network (PDF 18KB) 
31Council of Social Service of NSW (NCOSS) (PDF 180KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3KB) 
32Health Care Consumers of the ACT (PDF 35KB) 
33 Name Withheld (PDF 20KB
34Geoff Sims Consulting Pty Ltd (PDF 28KB) 
35Australian General Practice Network (PDF 163KB) 
36The Australian Psychological Society (PDF 156KB) 
37Office of the Privacy Commission (Cth) (PDF 413KB) Answer to Question on Notice 1(PDF 119KB) 
38Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 56KB) 
39Ms Susan Smith PDF 26KB 
40 National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) (PDF 54KB) Answers to Questions on Notice  (PDF 6KB)  (PDF 13KB)  (PDF 6KB)
41Public Interest Advocacy Centre Ltd (PDF 507KB) 
42Australian Dental Association  (PDF 861KB) 
43Australian Institute of Health and Welfare  (PDF 199KB) 
44Health Consumers Alliance Inc of South Australia  (PDF 32KB) 
45Mr Eric Wilson (PDF 76KB) Attachment 1(PDF 129KB) 
46Australian Services Roundtable (PDF 477KB) 
47OrthoSearch (PDF 165KB) 
48Australian Association of Consultant Physicians (PDF 188KB) 
49Queensland Council for Civil Liberties (PDF 207KB) 
50Aged Care Industry IT Council (PDF 607KB) 
51Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists (PDF 139KB) 
52HCF of Australia Limited (PDF 195KB) 
53Australian Information Industry Association (PDF 287KB) 
54Health Informatics Society of Australia (PDF 499KB) Attachment 1(PDF 2472KB) 
55Mr Peter West (PDF 642KB) 
56Cancer Voices Australia (PDF 169KB) 
57Australian Association of Social Workers (PDF 919KB) 
58The Repatriation Commission (PDF 963KB) 
59Professor Graham Greenleaf (PDF 225KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 125KB) Attachment 2 (PDF 207KB) 
60Dr Tony Stiller (PDF 337KB) Attachment 60a(PDF 951KB) 
61Name Withheld (PDF 9KB) 

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