Appendix 1

Appendix 1

List of public submissions, tabled documents and other additional information authorised for publication by the committee

Pascoe, Ms Patricia (QLD) 
Mendes, Dr Philip (VIC)Supplementary information  
Harrison, Mr Garry (VIC) 
Eaton, Ms Martina  
Stevans, Ms Leesa (WA) 
McKew, Ms Mim (QLD) 
Guy, Pastor Graham  
Fraser, Ms Georgina (NSW) [also see sub.232] 
No Submission 
10  Millar, Ms Lee (SA) 
11  Knight, Mr Ivor Alan (WA) 
12  Ziino, Mrs Clare (VIC) 
13  NSW Ombudsman (NSW)Supplementary information
14  Brown, Ms Catherine (SA) 
15  Miller, Mr Wayne (QLD) 
16  No Submission 
17  Keys, Ms Suzette (QLD) 
18  Golding, Mr Frank (VIC) 
19  Centre for Adolescent Health (VIC) 
20  Flett, Mr Ray (ACT) 
21  No Submission 
22  Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) (NSW)A detailed listing of additional information provided by CLAN including personal stories, historical information about and photos of institutions across Australia, and CLAN Newsletters is provided at the end of this Appendix. 
23  Seery, Mr Patrick (QLD) 
24  Devereaux-Dingwall, Ms Mavis (NSW) 
25  Pinnell, Mr Barry George (WA) 
26  Krol, Ms Teresa () 
27  Name withheldSupplementary information  
28  Kelly, Ms Cheryl (NSW) 
29  ChilOut – Children Out of Detention (NSW) 
30  United Protestant Association of NSW Limited (NSW) 
31  Relationships Australia (Qld) (QLD) 
32  Helem, Mr Bill (VIC) 
33  Sheedy, Ms Leonie (NSW)Supplementary information  
34  McGregor, Mr James Albert (TAS) 
35  NSW Commission for Children and Young People (NSW) 
36  King, Ms Catherine (VIC) 
37  Barnardos Australia (NSW)Supplementary information  
38  Cade, Mr Mark (NSW) 
39  McGuire, Ms Janette (NSW) 
40  Coldrey, Dr Barry (VIC)Supplementary information  
41  Walsh, Mr John (QLD)Supplementary information
42  Name withheld  
43  Name withheld 
44  Goddard, Professor Chris 
45  NSW Committee on Adoption and Permanent Care Inc (NSW) 
46  The Salvation Army – Australia Southern Territorial Headquarters (VIC)Supplementary information  
47  McIntosh, Mr Neil (VIC) 
48  Dethlefs, Reverend W A (QLD) 
49  Christian Brother Ex-Residents and Students Services (CBERSS) (WA) 
50  MacKillop Family Services (VIC)Supplementary information
51  Graycar, Professor Reg and Wangmann, Ms Jane (NSW)Supplementary information  
52  UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania (VIC)Supplementary information  
53  Post Adoption Resource Centre – The Benevolent Society (NSW) 
54  Australian Council for Children and Youth Organisations Inc (VIC) 
55  Department for Community Development (WA) (WA)Supplementary information  
56  Centacare Catholic Family Services (VIC) 
57  Brownlee, Mrs Mary (NSW)Supplementary information
58  Wilson-Szoredi, Ms Beth (QLD) 
59  UnitingCare Burnside (NSW)Supplementary information  
60  Family Advocacy (NSW)Supplementary information  
61  Mercy Community Services Inc (WA) 
62  Child Abuse and Adult Mental Health Action Group (WA) 
63  Penglase, Dr Joanna (NSW)Supplementary information  
64  Van Dyke, Ms Lauren (NSW) 
65  The Congregation of Christian Brothers (WA/SA) () 
66  McCluskey, Dr Una (USA) 
67  Australian Institute of Family Studies (VIC)Supplementary information  
68  Association of Childrens Welfare Agencies (NSW) 
69  CREATE Foundation (NSW)Supplementary information  
70  National Children’s and Youth Law Centre (NSW) 
71  Catholic Welfare Australia (ACT) (Related submission No.82) 
72  QLD Commission for Children and Young People (QLD) 
73  Brady, Mr Bernard (QLD) 
74  Western Young People’s Independent Network and Catholic Commission for Justice Development and Peace (VIC) 
75  Maslen, Mr Barry (QLD) 
76  Bowman, Ms Avis (NSW) 
77  Disability Council of NSW (NSW) 
78  Allaway, Mr Allan (QLD) 
79  Broken Rites (Australia) Collective Inc (VIC)Supplementary information  
80  Corrections Health Service (NSW) 
81  Youth Off The Streets (NSW) 
82  Centacare – Sydney (NSW) 
83  Turner, Mr Ray and Turner, Mr Joe (VIC) 
84  Disability Services Commission (WA) (WA) 
85  Bradshaw, Mr Paul (WA) 
86  Abraham, Ms Sandra (NSW) 
87  Dekker, Ms Muriel Valmai (QLD)Supplementary information  
88  Bateman, Ms Rosemary Irene (QLD) [also see sub.242]Supplementary information  
89  Brooks, Ms Denise (QLD)Supplementary information  
90  McLeod, Mr Wallace Douglas (QLD) 
91  Pryor, Mr John (NSW)Supplementary information  
92  No submission 
93  Pendergast, Ms Sandra (TAS) 
94  Forbes, Mr David (NSW) 
95  Corbett, Ms Pippa (NSW) 
96  Muller, Ms Samilya (QLD)Supplementary information  
97  Maison, Ms Barbara (VIC) 
98  McMellon, Ms Melissa (NSW) 
99  Carroll, Ms Ilana (NSW) 
100  Morwood, Mr Ian (NSW) 
101  Gesch, Ms Mary (QLD) 
102  William, Ms Katrina 
103  Rodgers, Ms Lorraine (QLD) 
104  Smith, Ms June (VIC)Supplementary information  
105  Copeland, Mr Peter (SA) 
106  Pritchard, Mr Ronald (NSW) 
107  Evans, Ms Pauline (QLD) 
108  Bissett, Ms Margaret (VIC) 
109  Stuart, Ms Ann (VIC) 
110  Francica, Ms Jane Veroncia (NSW) 
111  Turnbull, Ms Margaret (VIC) 
112  Snell, Ms Kerry  
113  Jones, Ms Rosanna (NSW) 
114  Hyde, Miss Lynette (NSW) 
115  Children’s Welfare Association of Victoria (VIC) 
116  Green, Mr R W (NSW)Supplementary information
117  Allen, Mr William (QLD) [also see sub.219] 
118  Broadening Horizons (WA) 
119  Sheedy, Ms Pat (NSW) 
120  Girle, Ms V D (QLD) 
121  Shortkids Downunder (VIC)  
122  Positive Justice Centre (NSW)Supplementary information  
123  Cope, Ms Miriam (QLD) 
124  Shardlow, Ms Kim (WA) 
125  Queensland Government (QLD)Supplementary information  
126  Klohs, Mrs Rosemary (ACT)Supplementary information  
127  West Heidelberg Community Legal Service (VIC) 
128  Hoyle, Mr Bob (NSW) 
129  Glanville, Mr Bryan Robert (QLD) 
130  Name withheld 
131  O’Kelly, Ms Irene; Micallef, Ms Margaret and Biggar, Ms Maureen  
132  Lane, Mr Anthony 
133  Davis, Mr Hector (VIC) 
134  Blayse, Mr Lewis (QLD) 
135  Millar, Mr Graham (NSW) 
136  Formosa, Ms Bette (NSW) 
137  Hewat, Mr Daniel (VIC)Supplementary information  
138  Wilson, Ms Jacqueline (VIC) 
139  Jarvis, Mr Gleann (NSW) 
140  Wittmann, Ms Monica (SA) 
141  Greenhalgh, Mr Mark (VIC) 
142  Grills, Mr Kevin (NSW) 
143  McLeary, Mr William (NSW) 
144  Uttinger, Mr Brian (NSW) 
145  Van Dyke, Ms Janice (NSW) 
146  Hogan, Ms Valda (VIC) 
147  Cunneen, Professor Chris and Grix, Ms Julia (NSW) 
148  Mason, Mr Lindsay (VIC) 
149  Millington, Ms Valadia (QLD) 
150  Walker, Mr Warren (NSW) 
151  Isaacs, Ms Pamela (NSW) 
152  Snell, Mr Michael (NSW) 
153  Brown, Mr John (VIC) 
154  McGee-Sippel, Ms Lorraine (NSW) 
155  Coughlan, Ms Brenda (VIC)Supplementary information  
156  Cook, Mr Barry (QLD) 
157  Cook, Mr David (VIC) 
158  Relationships Australia – New South Wales (NSW) 
159  Board of Advice of the Forde Foundation (QLD)Supplementary information  
160  Mofflyn (WA) 
161  Rotim, Mr Wal (NSW) 
162  Hancock, Mr Owen (TAS)Supplementary information  
163  Save Our Souls (TAS) 
164  Whistleblowers Action Group (QLD) 
165  People with Disability Australia Incorporated (NSW) 
166  Name withheld 
167  VANISH (VIC) 
168  Berry Street Victoria (VIC) 
169  Taylor, Mrs Anne (QLD) 
170  Whitfield, Ms Theresa (QLD) 
171  Bradley, Mr Kenneth (NSW) 
172  Peterson, Ms Margaret (WA) 
173  Victorian Government (VIC) 
174  Grundy, Mr Bruce (QLD) 
175  Families Australia (ACT) 
176  Bravehearts Inc (QLD) 
177  Western Australian Department of Justice (WA)Supplementary information  
178  Wesley Mission - Dalmar Child and Family Care (NSW)Supplementary information  
179  Glase, Mrs Ruby (NSW) 
180  Cook, Mrs Thelma (WA) 
181  Mann, Mr Douglas Ross (WA)Supplementary information  
182  Davis, Ms Lorraine (WA) 
183  Foster, Ms Jean (VIC) 
184  Manning, Ms Lorna (VIC) 
185  Hunter, Mrs Joyce (NSW) 
186  Nilsen, Mrs Delma (WA) 
187  Lohse, Ms Verneta (NSW) 
188  Shingles, Mr Stephen (VIC) 
189  Smith, Ms Marlene (VIC) 
190  Lovely, Ms Gloria (QLD) 
191  Graham, Ms Marie Renee (NSW) 
192  Neeson, Ms Karla 
193  Witchard, Ms Diana (NSW) 
194  Moffatt, Mr Michael (NSW) 
195  McNeill, Ms Julie (QLD) 
196  Tanner, Ms Terri (QLD) 
197  Worrall, Ms Hannelore Anna (QLD) 
198  Woods, Mr Brian Alfred (SA)Supplementary information  
199  Douglas, Mr Stephen (NSW) 
200  Collingburn, Mr Brian (VIC)Supplementary information  
201  Name withheld 
202  Beggs, Ms Rosemary (NSW) 
203  Vernon, Ms Pamella (NSW) 
204  Casement, Ms Jessie (VIC) 
205  Langham, Mr Terry (SA)Supplementary information  
206  Smith, Ms Debra Margaret (VIC) 
207  Gaffney, Ms Kate (VIC) 
208  Boulter, Ms Patricia (TAS) 
209  Simmons, Mr Hilton (QLD) 
210  Lloyd, Mr John (VIC) 
211  Mead, Mr David John (NSW) 
212  Coppleman, Mr Frederick (TAS) 
213  Harris, Mr Robert (QLD) 
214  Name withheld 
215  McMillan, Mr Don (NSW) 
216  Clough, Ms Juliet (NSW)Supplementary information  
217  Hartas, Mr Bryan (QLD) 
218  Carter, Ms Helen (QLD) 
219  Allen, Mr William (QLD) [also see sub.117] 
220  Cowell, Ms Barbara; Blackley, Ms Mona; Rollins, Ms Peggy (SA) 
221  Arthur, Ms Lily (NSW) 
222  Gordon, Ms Pamela (QLD) 
223  Lowe, Ms Janet (WA) 
224  Origins (VIC)Supplementary information  
225  Adams, Ms Mary (QLD)Supplementary information  
226  Anglicare Australia (VIC) 
227  Davis, Mr William (VIC) 
228  Treweek, Ms Sue (QLD)Supplementary information  
229  May, Ms Heather (NT) 
230  Ashdown, Ms Betsey (QLD) 
231  Hart, Mr Brian M (WA) 
232  Fraser, Ms Georgina (NSW) [also see sub.8] 
233  Howes, Mr William (NSW) 
234  Herman, Ms Elaine (NSW) 
235  Name withheld  
236  Pollard, Ms Teresa (NSW) 
237  Dam, Ms Helen Mary (VIC) 
238  O’Brien, Ms Sharyn (NSW)Supplementary information  
239  Behrendorff, Ms Elizabeth 
240  Bamfield, Mr Michael (NSW) 
241  Matterson, Ms Melissa (NSW) 
242  Bateman, Ms Rosemary Irene (QLD) [also see sub.88] 
243  Turnbull, Mr W F (QLD)Supplementary information  
244  McLauchlan, Ms Vicki 
245  Nicholls, Mr Shane (NSW) 
246  Vicha, Ms Elizabeth (NSW) 
247  Edwards, Ms Elizabeth (VIC) 
248  Walshe, Mr David Supplementary information  
249  Murphy, Ms Vicki (NSW) 
250  Wilson, Ms Marlene (NSW) 
251  Haenow, Mr Ted (WA)Supplementary information  
252  Child Migrants Trust (UK) 
253  The Law Society of New South Wales (NSW) 
254  The International Association of Former Child Migrants and Their Families (VIC) 
255  Health Consumers’ Council WA Inc (WA) 
256  Aftercare Resource Centre (ARC) (NSW) 
257  Wilder, Ms Chris  
258  Carroll, Ms Caroline (VIC) 
259  WINGS Inc (WA)Supplementary information  
260  Guthrie, Mr David  
261  Hughes, Ms Sophie 
262  Ashby, MsDorothy 
263  Hill, Ms Joy (TAS) 
264  Donnelly, Ms Joan (VIC) 
265  Klimo, Ms Lynn (VIC) 
266  McIntyre, Ms Joan Berenice (VIC) 
267  Cartledge, Mrs Julie (VIC) 
268  Horne, Mr John (QLD) 
269  Green, Mrs Beverley (NSW) 
270  Gouldthorp, Ms Gladys (NSW) 
271  Lin 
272  Hughes, Ms Dianne (NSW) 
273  King, Ms Michelle (SA) 
274  Anson, Mr William (NSW) 
275  Mandeno, Ms Melody (NSW)Supplementary information  
276  Cave, Ms Jan (NSW)Supplementary information  
277  Office of the Commissioner for Children (TAS) 
278  Name withheld 
279  Name withheld 
280  Robb, Ms WilmaSupplementary information  
281  Blayse, Ms Sylvia (QLD)Supplementary information  
282  Doughty, Mr Ralph (NSW)Supplementary information
283  Sheedy, Mr Anthony (VIC) 
284  Giles, Ms Maree (ENGLAND) 
285  Ottavi, Mr Dino (TAS) 
286  Luthy, Mr James (QLD)Supplementary information  
287  Carruthers, Mr Geoffrey (WA) 
288  Hudson, Ms Anne (NZ) 
289  Close, Mr Ian (VIC) 
290  Cronin, Mr Bryan (SA)Supplementary information  
291  Hill, Mr Christopher (SA) 
292  Freer, Mr Ken (NSW) 
293   Smith, Ms Rachel Anne (NSW) 
294  Mulholland, Mr David (NSW) 
295  Sdrinis, Ms Angela (VIC) 
296  Carter, Mr Ken (VIC)Supplementary information  
297  Cremen, Mr Bill (NSW) 
298  Dravine, Ms Denise (NSW) 
299  Snell, Ms Gayle (NSW) 
300  Mathews, Dr Ben (QLD)Supplementary information
301  Hegarty, Mr David (NSW) 
302  Foran, Mr George (NSW)Supplementary information  
303  Mick (NSW) 
304  Name withheld 
305  Abused Child Trust (QLD) 
306  Randall, Mr Murray (NSW) 
307  Kemp, Ms Donna (NSW) 
308  Cameron, Mr Leslie (NSW) 
309  Campbell, Ms Margaret (QLD) 
310  Banks, Ms Shirley (NSW) 
311  Geldard, Ms Kerry 
312  Sanderson, Mr John (ACT) 
313  Liddell, Dr Max (VIC)Supplementary information  
314  Stratti, Ms Regina (NSW) 
315  Clissold, Ms Colleen (NSW) 
316  Goodall, Ms Gaye 
317  Walshe, Ms Thelma (NSW) 
318  Isles, Mr Wayne (NSW) 
319  Name withheld 
320  Hampton, Mr G (NSW) 
321  Brownbill, Mr Peter Walter 
322  Goldsworthy, Ms Elaine (QLD) 
323  Cox, Miss Sheila (NSW) 
324  Haley, Ms Pauline (NSW) 
325  Capes, Ms Carol 
326  Walshe, Mr Frederick James (NSW) 
327  Jarman, Mr Jim (QLD) 
328  McIlraith, Mrs Enid (NSW) 
329  Rees, Ms Kerry (QLD) 
330  Name withheld 
331  Horin, Ms Leonie (VIC)Supplementary information  
332  Read, Mrs Trish (QLD) 
333  Warren, Mr Randolph (NSW) 
334  Meekings, Mr Barry Stanley (NSW) 
335  Quinn, Mr Peter (NSW)Supplementary information  
336  Hepton, Mr John (NSW) 
337  Ambery, Dr Deborah (NSW) 
338  Shew, Ms Margaret 
339  Shew, Mr Nigel 
340  Bennett, Mr Matthew (NSW) 
341  Burton, Ms Joan (NSW) 
342  Rowlands, Mr Tom (VIC) 
343  Name withheld 
344  Adams, Ms Carol (NSW) 
345  Crawford, Ms Beryle (ACT) 
346  Owen, Mr Gibson McM (NSW) 
347  Foster, Mr Darren (WA) 
348  Green, Ms Maureen (NSW) 
349  Spencer, Ms Geraldine (ACT) 
350  Pimm, Mr Patrick John (NSW) 
351  Bridgland, Ms Rosalie (NSW) 
352  Pearce, Ms Gwen (NSW) 
353  Anonymous 
354  Anonymous 
355  Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust (NZ) 
356  Donnelly, K G (NSW) 
357  McCrae, Mr David (VIC) 
358  Pisani, Mr John (NSW) 
359  Name withheld 
360  Sheridan, Mr Alan Vincent (NSW) 
361  Richards, Ms Colleen (QLD) 
362  Trafford, Mr Geoff (NSW) 
363  Name withheldSupplementary information  
364  Johnson, Mr Les (NSW) 
365  Bent, Mr Peter (WA) 
366  Robinson, Mr Denis (NSW) 
367  Rebecca 
368  Edwards, Mr and Mrs Donald (NSW) 
369  Caron (NSW) [also see sub.475] 
370  Symes, Ms Margaret (VIC) 
371  Dromi, Mr Vincent (VIC) 
372  Dromi, Ms Katherine (VIC) 
373  Henderson, Ms Robin Ruth (QLD) 
374  St Claire, Miss Sonia (QLD) 
375  Tombleson, Mr MacAllister John (STH AFRICA) 
376  Smith, Mrs Hazel (VIC)Supplementary information  
377  Getchell, Ms Ivy May (NSW)Supplementary information  
378  Kerry (NSW) 
379  Cook, Mr Barry (QLD) 
380  Hayes, Ms Faye (VIC) 
381  McCabe, Mr Brendan (VIC) 
382  Allison, Mr John (NSW) 
383  Name withheld 
384  Anonymous 
385  Hardy, Mr Doug (VIC) 
386  Ewens, Ms Alison (NSW) 
387  Kinghorn, Ms Lyn (VIC) 
388  Elise 
389  Bates, Ms Dianne (NSW) 
390  Kemsley, Mr Robert 
391  Williams, Mr Max (NSW) 
392  San Remo Neighbourhood Centre (NSW) 
393  Heather (VIC)Supplementary information  
394  Name withheldSupplementary information  
395  Michell, Ms Deidre (SA) 
396  Van Boeyen, Ms Ananda (NSW) 
397  Graham, Ms Dianne Joan (SA) 
398  Burgess, Mr Denzil (VIC) 
399  Hale, Mr Jim (VIC) 
400  Bellwood, Mr James 
401  Harrison, Mr Stephen (NSW) 
402  Norris, Ms Elizabeth (NSW) 
403  Heycox, Ms Karen (NSW) 
404  Lackey, Ms Lois 
405  Canden, Mr Charles (QLD) 
406  Bray, Ms Maggie (SA) 
407  McDonald, Ms Carol (NSW) 
408  Stevenson, Ms Pauline (VIC) 
409  Name withheld 
410  Thompson, Ms Ann 
411  Healy, Mr Jack (NSW) 
412  Mary T 
413  Price, Ms Sylvia (VIC) 
414  Davis, Mr Syd (NSW)Supplementary information
415  Doe, Ms Jane [also see sub.486] 
416  Bryne, Ms Irene (NZ) 
417  Carmine-White, Mr Peter (NZ) 
418  Blake, Ms Kerry (NSW) 
419  Davidson, Ms Margaret (QLD) 
420  O'Rourke, Ms Maris and Holton, Ms Evelyn (NZ) 
421  Evelyn 
422  Johnny 
423  Campbell, Ms Sandra 
424  Hart, Mr Norman John (WA) 
425  Findlay, Ms Phyllis (NSW) 
426  Anthes, Mr David William (NSW) 
427  Irving, Ms Sonya 
428  Fisher, Ms Lorraine (NSW) 
429  Pearce, Ms Esther (VIC) 
430  Links, Ms Liz (QLD) 
431  Dunne, Mr J T (NSW) 
432  Dean, Mr R M (QLD) 
433  Fischer, Mr Steve (SA) 
434  Gascoyne, Mr Geoff (QLD) 
435  Wardman, Ms Rhonda (NSW) 
436  Armstrong, Mrs Gwen 
437  Bate, Mrs Terrencia Darlene (QLD) 
438  Rowe, Mr William (WA) 
439  Green, Mr Dave 
440  Name withheld 
441  Matheson, Mr Max (WA) 
442  Buller, Ms Elizabeth (VIC) 
443  Curtis, Mrs Janice (VIC) 
444  Ellis, Mr Thomas Lindsay (VIC) 
445  Geddes, Ms Barbara (NSW) 
446  Name withheld 
447  Griechen, Ms Rhonda (WA) 
448  Name withheld 
449  Findlay, Mrs Deborah (VIC) 
450  Mayne, Ms Daphne (WA) 
451  Haywood, Mr Robert (WA) 
452  Warn, Ms Beverley (NSW) 
453  Beauchamp, Mr Carl (NSW) 
454  Couch, Mr Kevin Francis (VIC)Supplementary information
455  McLennan, Ms Christine (VIC) 
456  Forster, Mr Geoffrey (WA) 
457  The Eros Association (ACT) 
458  Thompson, Mr Richard (VIC) 
459  Rimmer, Ms AnneSupplementary information
460  Ungurs, Mrs R (NSW) 
461  Dobson, Ms Kim (QLD) 
462  Hadway, Mr Robert (WA) 
463  Johnson, Mr Edgar (VIC) 
464  Street, Ms Ella (NSW) 
465  Name withheld 
466  Name withheld 
467  Dean, Mr Terry 
468  Tonkin, Ms Karen 
469  de Bretton, Ms Kathleen (NT) 
470  Eldridge, Ms Linda (QLD) 
471  Coleman, Mr Alan (NSW) 
472  Lambert, Ms June Margaret (NSW) 
473  Connolly, Ms Susan 
474  Parnell, Ms Jo 
475  Caron (NSW) [also see sub.369] 
476  Name withheld 
477  Moore, Ms Kimm (VIC) 
478  Savari, Mr Oswald (VIC) 
479  Farrar, Mr Lindsay (VIC) 
480  Jenkins, Mr Tom 
481  Byrnes, Ms Julie (VIC) 
482  Graham, Mr James (QLD) 
483  Thomas, Ms Ivy (WA) 
484  Olde, Ms Irie 
485  Looby, Mr John James (NSW) 
486  Cole, Ms Chris (NSW) [also see sub.415] 
487  Curtis, Mr Barry 
488  Jennifer 
489  Sumners, Ms Nareen (NSW) 
490  Name withheld
491  Davies, Ms Kate (Norfolk Island) 
492  Kitson, Ms Janice (ACT) 
493  Adams, Ms Christine (NSW) 
494  Ayrton, Ms Tracy (NSW)Supplementary information  
495  Maher, Ms Mary and Brown, Ms Patricia (TAS) 
496  Tulloh, Mr Ernie (WA) 
497  Meerman-Vander-Horst, Mrs Cheryl (WA) 
498  O'Hare, Ms Kay (NSW) 
499  Gibson, Ms Margaret (VIC) 
500  Crofts, Ms Maureen (NSW) 
501  Hill, Mr Gordon (WA) 
502  Carter, Ms Mary Lou (NSW) 
503  Moloney, Ms Bernadette (NSW) 
504  Smith, Ms Jody (NZ) 
505  Seabrook, Mrs Rona (NSW) 
506  Steele, Mr Geoffery (NSW) 
507  Aitken, Mrs Lynette (NSW) 
508  Smith, Mr David Robert (NZ) 
509  Carpenter, Mr Bob (QLD) 
510  Templeman, Mr Steve 
511  Name withheld 
512  Name withheld 
513  Hodge, Ms Brenda (WA) 
514  Petrie, Ms Janice (NSW) 
515  Radcliffe, Mr Allen William (VIC) 
516  Young, Ms Beverley Dawn (NSW) 
517  Jeffrey, Ms Valerie (NSW) 
518  Undy, Mr Terence Henry (VIC) 
519  Head, Ms Sandra (NSW) 
520  Turner, Mr Arthur (NSW) 
521  Wood, Mrs Shirley (NSW) 
522  Robertson, Ms Ethel (VIC) 
523  Debra (NSW) 
524  Looby, Mrs Jean (NSW) 
525  Kelly, Mr Keith (QLD) 
526  Middletent, Ms Carmel (USA) 
527  Smith, Mr Peter John 
528  Name withheld 
529  Smith, Ms Yvonne (NSW) 
530  Finley, Ms Teresa (NSW) 
531  Brown, Ms Lyn (NSW) 
532  Crawford, Ms Mavis (SA) 
533  Longly, Ms Jeanette (VIC) 
534  Roset, Ms Cheryl (QLD) 
535  Woods, Ms Annie (VIC) 
536  Gilbert, Ms Varina (NSW) 
537  McKenna, Mr and Mrs John (QLD) 

Additional Information

Altobelli, Dr Tom
Comments on Towards Healing protocol received 4.6.04

Anglican Church of Australia
Information on complaints handling received 6.5.04

Anglican Diocese of Tasmania
Information on pastoral support and assistance scheme received 28.6.04

Bacon, Mr Jim MHA, Premier of Tasmania
Correspondence relating to the Tasmanian Government’s review into the abuse of children in care dated 11.11.03

Bayman, Mr Peter
Information received following the Perth hearing 8.12.03

Beyondblue – the national depression initiative
Information on Maturityblues program

Brough, Mr Mal MP, Federal Member for Longman
Copy of letter to Crime and Misconduct Commission Qld dated 15.12.03

Cashmore, Dr Judy and Dr Frank Ainsworth
Audit of Australian Out-of-Home Care Research, for CAFWAA and ACWA, October 2004

Cunningham, Ms Heather
Information on charitable institutions, dated 20.2.05

Department of Family and Community Services
Information on early intervention and out of home care, dated 4.1.05
Information relating to the 'Every Child is Important' campaign, dated 23.2.05

Department of Veterans' Affairs
Response to questions concerning the Commonwealth running orphanages for the orphans of deceased members of the Australian Defence Forces dated 13 July 2004

Esther Centre, Qld
General information on Centre received at Brisbane hearing 12.3.04

Gandolfo, Ms Geraldine
Background and synopsis to documentary film Unholy Orders

Historical Abuse Network
Copy of presentation at Brisbane hearing 12.3.04

Marlee Family Centre
Copy of Victoria's Children received 25.10.04

Marlow, Mr Joseph
One Hundred Brothers, Joseph Marlow, 2004

Peake, Mr Andrew G
Records relating to Institutional Care in South Australia

Quinn, Mr Peter
Summary of evidence at hearing 3.2.04 and unpublished article on NSW juvenile correction system

South Australian Department for Familes and Communities
Information relating to Screening and Criminal History Check policy dated 1.1.05

Sydney Legacy
Information on Legacy children received 23.9.04
Historical Detail of Legacy Melbourne Hostels received 10.1.05

Tasmanian Department of Justice
Statistics on Tasmanian redress scheme received 30.6.04

Uniting Church New South Wales
Draft policy on complaints handling received 5.7.04

Woodrow, Ms Marjorie
Long Time Coming Home, Marjorie Woodrow, 2001 and information on stolen generation and recovering wages through access to Aboriginal Trust Funds, 2.9.03

Proforma letter

The Committee received a proforma letter from 13 individuals who had spent time as children in different institutions. The text read:

'My experience of this institutional life was terrible and I was subjected to extreme cruelty, deprivation and abuse. Also I was not provided with the appropriate care, protection and education that I should have been entitled to.'

Letters were received from:

Mr Adrian Karl Asher

Mr Victor Camenzuli

Mr Edward P Delaney

Mr Mark Fabbro

Mr Geoff Fitzpatrick

Mr Sean Anthony Flynn

Ms Marie Therese Gould

Ms Aileen Margaret Murray

Mr David Randell

Mr Frank Reddington

Ms Victoria Alice Schultz

Mr Noel Tweedie

Mr Walter M Wojcik

Ms Susan Richmiller

Details of CLAN Submission no.22



Care Leavers of Australia Network (CLAN) (NSW)

Submission dated 8 August 2003

Additional information received (em means received by Email):

21.3.03 em – Article on the Sisters of Nazareth from The Guardian 10.4.03

28.4.03 em - Extract from letter by ex-pupil of the Masonic School Baulkham Hills

‘Reform or Repression? Industrial and Reformatory Schools for Girls in New South Wales, 1866 to 1910’, Noeline Williamson, unpublished thesis, November 1979

1.6.03 The Unbroken Spirit Margaret Shields; extract Like Mother, Like Daughter Vicki Griffin; articles The Hidden Parent Jolowicz AR et al and We ask for bread and are given stone: The Girls Industrial School, Parramatta, 1941-1961 Quinn P; brochures on aftercare services; and assorted news clippings and articles

20.6.03 - Owen's story; Newspaper articles and and other CLAN member stories

27.6.03 em - Adrian Thatcher’s story

7.7.03 - Personal stories which have appeared in CLAN newsletters

10.7.03 – Ron and Nancy Casey’s story

14.7.03 - Submissions from Carolann Higley and Wayne Findlay – CLAN members

11.7.03 - Copies of letters to CLAN from 103 people telling their stories

11.8.03 em – Notes from phone responses to newspaper ad

13.8.03 em – Info on Camp Pell, Vic

14.8.03 – Personal stories from Michael Hughes and Des Donley; newspaper articles; and info on aftercare services

5.9.03 – Copy of submission to NSW inquiry from Venetta (O’Hehir) Lohse (see also sub 187) and newspaper reports and channel 9 video of the O’Hehir sisters

2.10.03 – Copy of NSW Legislative Assembly 1904 Report on Roman Catholic Orphanage Manly, and news items

5.11.03 – CLAN Newsletter No.17, October 2003

27.11.03 em – Speech by Dr Penglase at opening of Child Protection Unit, Sydney Children's Hospital, 19.11.03

22.12.03 em – Extract from a Board minute from the Perth Children’s Hospital May 1932 concerning tonsillectomies performed on Parkerville Home children

11.1.04 em –Paper by Rosemary Kerr ‘Potential inefficients at best, criminal at worst’: The girl problem and juvenile delinquency in Western Australia 1907-1933 and article 'Silky Oaks:another Neerkol?'

16.1.04 – Copy of correspondence to Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission dated 12.1.04, 30.1.04 and response from HREOC dated 22.1.04

21.1.04 em – Photographs – Parramatta Girls Home and Wesley Dalmar Home;
Article: Limitation periods and child sexual abuse cases: law psychology, time and justice by Dr Ben Mathews (see also sub 300)

28.1.04 – Background material and historical information on Burnside, Dalmar, Dalwood, Winlaton, Albury Homes, Parramatta Homes, St Vincent's Westmead and Melbourne Orphange Asylum

2.2.04 em – Fred Seer’s story

2.2.04 em - Background information relating to Aboriginal Children's Home Singleton, Randwick Asylum for Destitute People and Ormond House

4.2.04 –List of books/reports found in the State Library of Victoria; Letter relating to access to personal records; Advertisments of people in search of relatives; KRT article – Trauma victims ‘need different treatment for depression than others’

4.2.04 – CLAN website development 2004 (provided at Sydney hearing 4.2.04)

12.2.04 em – Maggie's personal story

20.2.04 em – Robert's personal story

22.2.04 em – Tina Rickard personal story

23.2.04 em – Debra Harris personal story

23.2.04 - Historical information and newspaper articles relating to orphanages in:

Goulburn; Winlaton; Geelong - St Augustine's, Ryrie Street Orphanage, Bethany Babies' Home and Geelong Protestant Orphan Asylum; St Catherine's Orphanage and Dalwood Home.

Copy of correspondence relating to a complaint about the care received while living in an orphanage and foster care managed by the Catholic Church

Copy of Melbourne Orphanage Act 1940

Extract from Social Evils The Army Has Challenged by S. Carvosso Gauntlett

Copy of the list of papers by J H Litten held in National Library of Australia

2.3.04 em – Personal story 'Scars that never heal'

3.3.04 em – Personal story Jim - 'Nobody's Child'

3.3.04 & 16.3.04 em – Glastonbury Orphanage, Article in Geelong Advertiser; and letters to the editor - Robert Moore and Mavis Kosseck and comments by Dr J Penglase

6.3.04 – Spech by Senator Murray at opening of CLAN office, 6 March 2004

12.3.04 – Qld institutions: historical info and photos; Anderson Dawson; State Library of NSW holdings; Bidura, Glebe; St Josephs and St Johns, Goulburn; Children's homes in the Blue Mountains (provided at Brisbane hearing)

22.3.04 em – Info on Dr Dill Macky Homes; Info on Randwick Destitute Children's Asylum; Photo of football team from St John's Orphanage; Personal story from Carol

24.3.04 – Historical information relating to various Sydney orphanages, including Dill Macky, SA Arncliffe, Bexley, Dee Why, Ardill House, St Anne's, Dalwood

1.4.04 – CLAN correspondence with Qld government and DOCS re records; and info and 1963-64 annual reports from St Catherine's Childrens Home Geelong

2.4.04 em – Sisters of Nazareth and Nazareth Houses

6.4.04 – CLAN Newsletter No.20, March 2004

9.4.04 em – List of Institutions and Homes in which CLAN members grew up

14.4.04 – Information and articles on orphanages, including Society for Providing Homes for Neglected Children, Melbourne Orphanage Asylum, Orphanage Education; Cervini E Alice Henry investigates (Brookside, Vic 1899); Origin and Identity, Report on the provision of search services for people separated by adoption and other circumstances (NSW 1996); correspondence relating to services and records; copies of MacKillop News; press clippings; State Library of NSW holdings

16.4.04 em – Personal stories – anonymous and seeking information on Burnside; accessing DOCS records

16.4.04 em – Armidale/New England Orphanages

28.4.04 For Their Own Good, A history of the Children's Court and Boys' Shelter at Albion St, Surry Hills, C Ludlow; Set Free, Jan Jones; Our Boys, St Vincents – Westmead; State Wards and Children in Care Support Services; extract from 1962 NSW Parl Debates re Hay; info on institutions including Ormond, Havilah House, St Vincents westmead, Homes in Newcastle and Geelong districts; press articles

4.5.04 em – Access to family information (2)

7.5.04 & 10.5.05 em Photos of Homes in Qld and SA

9.5.04 em – Apology by Irish Sisters of Mercy

10.5.04 em – Children in institutional care and Hay – corres with Channel 9;

11.5.04 em – ADHD and behavioural problems relating to children in care; Photos of homes in SA

12.5.04 em – Photo Victoria Street Orphanage Ballarat

13.5.04 em – Photos and info on Good Samaritan Homes in NSW

14.5.04 em – Info held at Dept of Human Services Library, Vic

16.5.04 em – Info on Burwood Children's Home, NSW; Clarendon Children and Family Services, Tas; Article on St Agnes, Glenroy; extract from diary James Goold February 1866; ABC PM story 3.2.04

17.5.04 – Info and background history on Various Homes: St Aidan's, Bendigo; Ballarat Homes; Methodist Home, Cheltenham; Yarra Bay House; Brougham; Ashfield Infants Home; St Brigid's, Ryde and St Michael's, Baulkham Hills, Armidale; Parramatta; Melbourne Orphanage, Brighton; The Graduate of Nudgee Orphanage Fred Newton, Bruce MacGregor; St Vincent's Westmead AR 1968; Towards Healing; personal stories in letters

20.5.04 em – Records available from the State Library of SA relating to SA orphanages

20.5.04 em – Photos of Dalmar, NSW

23.5.04 em – Photos of Dalwood, NSW

24.5.04 em – Vietnam Veterans' Counselling Service: sessions for veterans' children

3.6.04 em – Provision of legal advice by WA Dept; SA parliamentary debate and media articles

8.6.04 em – South Australian orphanage records: State holdings

9.6.04 & 19.6.04 em – Project to improve support and information for children in care who have parents living with a dual diagnosis (NIDS MISA Project)

11.6.04 em – State care of children in Tasmania and Mercury articles

13.6.04 em – Article: The Limits of Talk Mary Sykes Wylie, Psychotherapy Networker 2003, Issue No.13; various media articles

19.6.04 em – South Australian gov support for State wards

20.6.04 – Background and history of Homes:Church of England Homes in NSW; Mittagong Homes; Historic Hopewood; Menzies, Vic; Goodwood oral histories; Improving outcomes for young people leaving care in Victoria, Sue Green and Amanda Jones, 1999; Your guide for kids in care, YACS, 1984; The Wards Project Draft Implementation Plan, DoCS and DJJ, March 1999; extracts from The Boy Adeodatus, Bernard Smith; assorted articles.

21.6.04 em – Former residents access to study at QUT – alternative entry pathway

22.6.04 Stale bread and stiff cheese, Reg Mounsey; Reflections of My Youth: My time at Dill Mackie 1940-47, Barry Jacka; Children in Need: Child Welfare in NSW, Donald McLean, 1955; Info on Homes: Milleewa, Wilson, Margate and Sandgate, St Canice Sandy Bay, memories of methodist homes Cheltenham, St Vincent's Westmead AR 1969; SMH Article on 1960 drowning .

23.6.04 em – CLAN and the Salvation Army

24.6.04 em – DOCS files and personal access

25.6.04 em – Copy of letter to Today show re Salvation Army

1.7.04 em – Info on Rupertswood, Providence and Lutheran homes in Vic

1.7.04 em – List of books on orphanages in Australian libraries

2.7.04 em – finding family file in Tas

4.7.04 em – Tasmania and research work; Margaret's story

5.7.04 em – Limitations of SA inquiry leading to class action and 5AA transcripts of abuse and death in orphanages

8 & 9.7.04 em – CLAN funding and operation

9.7.04 em – Info on Irish Residential Institutions Redress Board

9.7.04 em – Info on Legacy wards

13.7.04 em - Destruction of South Australian wards files

19.7.04 em – State wards and access to files by siblings and direct family

20.7.04 em – Info on Sandgate Home, Brisbane

21.7.04 – Current and historical info on different Homes: Rupertswood, Sunbury Industrial School, Petersham Girls Industrial, Silky Oaks, Menzies Homes, St Joseph's Lane Cove, Pallister Girls Homes, Ballarat Orphanage, Melbourne Orphanage, Lutheran Homes Surrey Hills and Kew, Abbotsford Convent (St Heliers); Growing Up in Richmond, Morag Loh; extracts from A History of Australian Childhood; Childrens Registers 1864-1965, DHS Vic

23.7.04 em –DOCS and a CLAN member

23.7.04 em – Numbers of children in care

25.7.04 em – 'Airing the dirty linen', article from The West Australian, 24.7.04

29.7.04 em – QUT: former residents access to study – Q-Step Program

31.7.04 em – Correspondence with State departments

1.8.04 em – Info on WR Black Home

5.8.04 em – Personal comments on Salvation Army's conduct of Homes

6.8.04 em – Info on Ballarat Orphanage; Families Australia Child Abuse and Neglect Summit – Update

9.8.04 – Info on St Vincent's, Nudgee, including Centenary; Monte Pio, Maitland; assorted articles.

11.8.04 – Info on Yawarra Boys Training School, Kurri Kurri

15.8.04 em – Update on Australian based applicants for Irish RIRB compensation

17.8.04 em – Responses received by CLAN to article in Herald Sun on 15.8.04

17.8.04 em – Photo of Murray Dwyer Home, Mayfield; info on Monte Pio

21.8.04 em – Children in care by type of placement, Qld 1896-1996

23.8.04 em – Brief info on Myee and Corelli

4.9.04 em – Info on Ballarat Orphanage and Children's Home

12.9.04 em – Letter to Salvation Army Special Search Service

15.9.04 em – Comments re Irish Redress Board

22.9.04 – Personal stories; articles and info on homes; Anglican pastoral care and assistance information; CLAN Newsletter

30.9.04 em – Comments from daughter of NSW Dept house parents

16.10.04 em – Info from London Careleavers group

19.10.04 – Personal stories from Robert, Gwenda, Janice and Mavis; historical info on St Andrews and Dorcas Homes Manly, Ohio Boys Home Walcha, Croagh Patrick Orange Jubilee; Sydney Anglican information on pastoral care and assistance for victims of child abuse dated August 2004; St Vincent's Adolescent Care Westmead 2003; DoCS glossary of terms used on old files; misc press articles

12.11.04 – Info on Homes including Parkerville, WA; Castledare 1929-79; Berry Street, Vic; Kardinia House; Elizabeth Fry Retreat; Kildonan; Attachment and Separation, Vera Fahlberg

15.11.04 em – Letter supporting Positive Justice Centre sup submission No 122A

4.12.04 em – Apology re Scotland from Scottish First Minister (BBC news item)

17.12.04 – Magill Methodist Home (Lentara), Adelaide; Presbyterian Boys Home, Manly; Lists of Homes and orphanages; articles and media clippings

22.12.04 em – Working at Winlaton 1968-69

13.1.05 – The Haven: Coventry Home News 1950, articles and media clippings

23.1.05 em – Child welfare graves; Photos of Allambie, Vic

24.1.05 em – St Nicholas Boys Home, Glenroy personal comments

28.1.05 emEducation and 'looked after children', experiences of a UK careleaver

31.1.05 – Various newspaper articles; anonymous poem and comments by a careworker

3.2.05 em – Photos of Sutherland Homes, Berry St Babies Home, St Cuthberts and Ohio Boys Home, NSW