Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee at public hearings

Appendix 2 - Witnesses who appeared before the committee at public hearings

Tuesday, 11 November 2003

St James Court Conference and Function Centre, West Melbourne

Mr John Brown and Mrs Delyse Brown

Ms Geraldine Gandolfo

Mr Robert Golding

Mr Frank Golding

Ms Margaret Turnbull


Ms Wendy Gale, Coordinator

Ms Caroline Carroll

Mr Hector Davis

Mrs Elizabeth Doherty

Ms Joan Donnelly

Ms Tara Donnelly

Mr David Guthrie

Ms Jenny Kendall

Mr Frank Londrigan

Ms Kerrie Lowdon

Mrs Kathleen McInnes

Mr Ray Shingles


Mrs Clare Ziino



Wednesday, 12 November 2003

CMA Centre, Melbourne

Dr Barry Coldrey

Ms Kate Gaffney, University of Melbourne

Mr Neil McIntosh

MacKillop Family Services

Dr John Honner, Director, Policy & Practice

Ms Jenny Glare, Manager, Heritage & Information Services

Broken Rites (Australia) Collective Inc

Dr Wayne Chamley, Treasurer

UnitingCare Vic & Tas

Mr Charles Gibson, Social Policy Adviser

Australian Council for Children & Youth Organisations

Mr Anton Hermann, Chief Executive

Centacare Catholic Family Services

Mr Kevin Larkins, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Mary Rose Yuncken, Director, Counselling & Family Services

Ms Chris Kealy, Manager, Dandenong Centacare


Dr Ray Cleary, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Russell Rollason, Executive Officer

Children’s Welfare Association of Victoria

Ms Coleen Clare, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sunitha Raman, Policy Research Manager

Berry Street Victoria

Ms Jenny Cummings, Director, Gippsland and Southern Region

Ms Katrina Gorjanicyn, Manager, Social Policy

Mr David Guthrie



Thursday, 13 November 2003

Price Alfred Room, Adelaide Town Hall, Adelaide

Ms Pippa Corbett

Mr Terry Langham

Mr Brian Woods and Mrs Helen Woods

Ms Monica Whitman

Mr Mark Brindal, MLA



Monday, 8 December 2003

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Perth

Ms Lorraine Davis

Ms Delma Nilsen

Mr Brian Hart

Mr Doug Mann

Mr Barry Mann

Ms Margaret Peterson


Ms Mary Pritchett

Ms Julia Clarke

Ms Elizabeth Gill

Mr Steve Box

Mr Trevor Hooper

Mrs Janet Lowe

Ms Sue McGree

Ms Paula Noteboom


Ms Marie Stephen

Mrs Jenny Van Aalst

Mr Theo Van Aalst

Ms Janet Lowe

Mrs Pat Ryan

Ms Francess Day



Tuesday, 9 December 2003

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Perth

Department for Community Development

Ms Pauline Bagdonavicious, Executive Director, Program and Sector Development

Mr Lex McCulloch, Executive Director, Community Development and Statewide Services

Mr Roley Bayman, Manager

Ms Judi Anderson, Researcher

Mercy Community Services Inc

Mr Francis Lynch, General Manager, Family Support Services

Christian Brothers Ex-Residents and Students Services (CBERSS)

Dr Maria Harries, Chair

Dr Mark Sachmann, Clinical supervisor

The Congregation of Christian Brothers

Brother Kevin Ryan, Province Leader

Child Abuse and Adult Mental Health Action Group

Miss Denise Bayliss, Convenor

Ms Rose Parker, Member

Pauline, Member

Department of Justice WA

Mr Ross Priestman, Superintendent, Rangeview Remand Centre

Mr Ennio Cicchini, Manager, Juvenile Justice Teams, Community Justice Services



Tuesday, 3 February 2004

Pacific International Hotel, Parramatta NSW

Ms Wilma Robb

Ms Pamella Vernon

Ms Yvonne Vernon

Mr Lindsay Vernon

Ms Bette Formosa

Mr Stephen Douglas

Ms Diane Hughes

Ms Verneta Lohse

Ms Diana Witchard

Ms Georgina Fraser

Ms Cheryl Kelly

Ms Jan Cave

Mr William McLeary

Mr Ralph Doughty

Ms Elizabeth Vicha

Mr Ken Carter

Mr Peter Quinn

Ms Leonie Sheedy (on behalf of Mr Ron Pritchard)



Wednesday, 4 February 2004

Pacific International Hotel, Parramatta NSW

Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies

Mr Eric Scott, Manager, Policy and Membership


Mr Bill Hoyles, Senior Manager, Youth Services and Aftercare

Ms Shirley Ronge, Member Barnardos Board of Directors

UnitingCare Burnside

Ms Jane Woodruff, Chief Executive Officer

Centacare Sydney

Ms Maureen Eagles, Director, Children and Youth Services

Youth Off The Streets

Ms Jayne Power, Senior Services Manager

United Protestant Association of NSW

Mr Steve Walkerden, General Manager

Wesley Mission/Dalmar

Ms Sue Sarlos, State Manager, Out-of-Home Care Services

Positive Justice Centre

Mr John Murray

CLAN - Care Leavers of Australia Network

Ms Leonie Sheedy, Secretary

Dr Joanna Penglase, President

CREATE Foundation

Ms Michelle Townsend, National Coordinator




Relationships Australia

Ms Pam Lewis, Manager, Youth Services

Ms Vanessa Harnischmacher, Project Coordinator, Aftercare Resource Centre

People with Disability Australia

Mr Phillip French, Executive Director

Ms Therese Sands, Senior Policy Officer

Institute for Family Advocacy and Leadership Development

Ms Belinda Epstein-Frisch

University of Sydney, Faculty of Law

Professor Reg Graycar

Ms Jane Wangmann



Friday, 12 March 2004

Mercure/Ibis Hotel, Brisbane

Esther Centre and Historical Abuse Network and individual members

Ms Karyn Walsh, Coordinator, Esther Centre

Mr Wayne Bradwell, Esther Centre

Mr Leslie Von Senden, Esther Centre

Mr Allan Allaway, Committee Member, HAN

Mr David Bull, Member, HAN

Ms Muriel Dekker, Committee Member, HAN

Mrs Gloria Lovely, Member, HAN

Mrs Colleen Stevenson, Committee Member, HAN

Mrs Lana Syed-Waasdorp, HAN

Ms Diane Tronc, Member, HAN

Ms Beth Wilson-Szoredi, Peer Worker, HAN

Ms Mary Adams, Member, Jobe's Trust

Ms Jacinta Burr

Ms Denise Brooks

Mrs Mim McKew

Mr Louis Munt

Ms Hanna Worrell

Ms Denise Brooks

Ms Sue Treweek

Fr Wally Dethlefs

Mr Garnett Williams

Mrs Mim McKew

Mr Bernard Brady

Mr William Allen

Ms Rosemary Bateman


Ms Hetty Johnston

Forde Foundation

Ms Shirley Glennon, Executive Officer

Mr Mick Mallan, Board Member

Community Forum

Ms Mary Adams, Member, Jobe's Trust

Ms Diane Carpenter

Mrs Suzette Keys

Ms Sarah Lindenmayer

Dr Ben Matthews, Lecturer, Faculty of Law, QUT

Mrs Lana Syed-Waasdorp, HAN

Ms Diane Tronc, HAN

Ms Karyn Walsh, Coordinator, Esther Centre

Mr Barry Walton, Relationships Australia, Queensland

Mr Graham Wilson