Annual reports (No. 1 of 2017)

22 March 2017

© Commonwealth of Australia 2017
ISBN 978-1-76010-516-7

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Membership of the Committee (PDF 9KB)
Abbreviations (PDF 13KB)
Chapter 1 - Overview (PDF 52KB)

Terms of Reference
Allocated portfolios and changes to portfolios
Purpose of annual reports
Annual reporting requirements
Reports examined 2015–16

Chapter 2 - Annual reports of Commonwealth Departments (PDF 77KB)

Department of Health
Department of Social Services
Department of Human Services

Chapter 3 - Annual Reports of Commonwealth Entities and Companies (PDF 84KB)

Health Portfolio

Appendix 1 - List of departments, executive agencies and other non-corporate Commonwealth entities required to present annual reports to the Senate (PDF 60KB)

Health portfolio
Social Services Portfolio (including Human Services)
Annual reports from non-portfolio Agencies

Appendix 2 - List of additional documents presented to the Senate and referred to the committee that are not required to be examined under Senate Standing Order 25(20) (PDF 21KB)