Coalition Senators' Additional Comments

1.1        Coalition Senators make the following additional comments on the interim report.

1.2        The Government is committed to ensuring effective aged care frameworks to protect vulnerable aged Australians, especially those with cognitive or mental health impairments.

1.3        In response to the service delivery failures at Oakden, the Coalition Government in May 2017 initiated a review into aged care quality regulatory processes.  The review's report, Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes (Carnell Paterson review) was published in October 2017 and made ten recommendations.

1.4        The Government took immediate action to adopt Recommendation 8, committing to implementing unannounced re-accreditation visits as soon as possible, to ensure continued safety and quality of residential aged care.

1.5        The Government has indicated its broad support for the other recommendations in the Carnell Paterson review and is currently considering these in detail.

1.6        Additionally, the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency (Quality Agency) also took action, commissioning a full review of Quality Agency accreditation and quality monitoring processes. The review (Nous Group report) released in July 2017 made four key recommendations, all of which the Quality Agency accepted and moved immediately to implement.

1.7        Noting that this is an interim report, Coalition Senators will provide further comments in the final report, if necessary.

Senator Slade Brockman                                      Senator Jonathon Duniam

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