Public hearings

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Parliament House, Canberra


Social Determinants of Health Alliance

CALLAGHAN, Ms Liz, Director Strategic Policy
WALKER, Ms Melanie Jayne, Manager

Australian Health Promotion Association

HERRIOT, Ms Michele Ann, Vice President

Consumers Health Forum of Australia

MOORE, Mr Carter, Policy Officer
STANKEVICIUS, Mr Adam, Chief Executive Officer

Public Health Association of Australia

MOORE, Adjunct Professor Michael John, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Medical Association

CHURCHILL, Dr James, Chair, Australian Medical Association Council of Doctors in Training

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

LEEDER, Emeritus Professor Stephen, Public Health Fellow  

National Rural Health Alliance  

BADHAM, Ms Geri, Policy Officer
GREGORY, Mr Gordon, Executive Director
PHILLIPS, Mr Andrew, Policy Officer

Australian Dental Association Inc.

BONANNO, Dr Carmello, Federal Vice-President
IRVING, Mrs Eithne, Policy and Regulation Manager

Universities Australia Health Professions Education Standing Group

CROTTY, Professor Brendan, Member of the Executive Committee, Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand
GROTH, Mr Allan, Policy Director, Workforce Development, Universities Australia
WRONSKI, Professor Ian, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, James Cook University

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education

CRANE, Ms Meredythe, Senior Policy Officer
THORN, Mr Michael, Chief Executive Officer

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

BUTLER, Ms Annie, Assistant Federal Secretary
THOMAS, Ms Lee, Federal Secretary

HSU National

FARTHING, Mr Mark, National Project Officer

Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth)

RECHTER, Ms Jerril, Chief Executive Officer

Dietitians Association of Australia

BYRON, Ms Annette, Senior Policy Officer

Department of Finance

GRANT, Mr John, First Assistant Secretary, Governance and Public Management Group

Department of Health

HOLDEN, Ms Fay, Acting First Assistant Secretary, Best Practice Regulation and Deregulation Division
SHAKESPEARE, Ms Penny, First Assistant Secretary, Health Workforce Division
SMYTH, Mr Nathan, First Assistant Secretary, Population Health Division
STUART, Mr Andrew, Deputy Secretary

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