Appendix 2

Public hearings

Tuesday, 8 October 2019
Undumbi Room
Queensland Parliament
2A George Street
Every Australian Counts
Ms Kirsten Deane, Campaign Director
Mr Peter Tully, Every Australian Counts Champion
AEIOU Foundation
Mr Alan Smith, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Sean Redmond, NDIS Co-ordinator
Mr Greg Johnson, General Manager
Assistive Technology Suppliers Australia (ASTA)
Mr David Sinclair, Executive Officer
Mr Ian Rothall, ATSA Director
Ms Tiffany Heddes, ATSA Member
Vision Australia
Ms Caitlin McMorrow, Operations Lead
Ms Karen Knight, General Manager QLD, NSW, NT, Government Relations and Advocacy
Deaf Services
Mr Brett Casey, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Michelle Crozier, NDIS Project Manager
AMPARO Advocacy
Ms Maureen Fordyce, Manager
Queensland Advocacy Incorporated
Ms Michelle O'Flynn, Director
Dr Nick Collyer, Systemic Advocacy
Dr Emma Phillips, Senior Lawyer - Law Reform & Systems Advocacy
Queenslanders with Disability Network
Ms Paige Armstrong, Chief Executive Officer
Disability Connect Queensland, Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors
Mr Max Wise, Assistant Director-General
Ms Alison Bennett-Roberts, Director of Inclusion, Engagement and Assurance
Town Hall session
Mr John Raine, Private capacity
Mr Chris McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, Hear and Say
Ms Michelle King, Private capacity
Wednesday, 9 October 2019
Portside Centre
Level 5, 207 Kent Street
Mr Drew Beswick, Chief Executive Officer, Oak Possability
Mr Stephen Doley, Director Disability and Aged Care NSW/ACT, Life Without Barriers
Ms Aleta Carpenter, General Manager Supported Living
Ms Rachel Parker, Claiming and Compliance Manager
Disability Council NSW
Mr Mark Tonga, Disability Council Chair
Ms Rachael Sowden, Disability Council member
Mr Jake Fing, Disability Council member
Mr Paul Zeller, Disability Council member
Public Interest Advocacy Centre
Mr Jonathon Hunyor, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Chadwick Wong, Senior Solicitor
DARE Disability Support
Mr Andrew Daly, Chief Executive Officer

Committee Room 1
Tasmanian Parliament
Cnr Salamanca Place & Murray Street
Ms Jane Wardlaw, Private capacity
Ms Alison Jacob, President
Ms Sue Hodgson, Vice President
Li-Ve Tasmania
Mr Paul Byrne, Chief Executive
Mrs Nicole Parkinson-Cumine, Operations Manager
Access2Choice Tasmania Pty Ltd
Ms Pauline Stanton, Director
Mr Phillip Drury, Consultant
Office of the Public Guardian
Ms Kim Barker, Public Guardian
Ms Maddy Russell, Senior Guardian
Tasmanian Government
Ms Ingrid Ganley, Director Disability and Community Services
Ms Carolan Hands, Policy Analyst Department of Premier and Cabinet
Town Hall session
Ms Rebecca Copeland, Private capacity
Ms Lisa Denny, Private capacity
Ms Elise Jeffery, Private capacity
Mr Warren Lewis, Private capacity
Ms Kate Polglase, Private capacity
Mr Peter Rubenach, Private capacity
Ms Beverley Rubenach, Private capacity
Ms Amanda Jane Smith, Private capacity

Stamford Plaza Melbourne
Edinburgh Room
111 Little Collins Street
Women with Disabilities Victoria
Ms Leah van Poppel, Chief Executive Officer
Uniting Vic. Tas.
Mrs Tracey Gibson, General Manager, Disability and Mental Health Services
Ms Sue Gannon, Senior Manager – Disability Residential and Community Services
National Disability Services
Mr David Moody, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Philippa Angley, Head of Policy
Summer Housing
Mr Daniel McLennan, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Queenie Tran, Chief Operating Officer
Summer Foundation
Cathy Bucolo, Clinical Practice Lead
Allied Health Professions Australia
Ms Gail Mulcair, Chair
Mr Phillip Hermann, Manager – Policy and Communications
Australian Psychological Society
Dr Tony McHugh, Senior Policy Advisor
Australian Music Therapy Association
Ms Bridgit Hogan, Executive Officer
Ms Michelle Fisher, Disability Advisor
Dr Melissa Murphy, NDIS Representative
Occupational Therapy Australia
Ms Andrea Douglas, NDIS Advisor
Ms Anita Volkert, National Manager, Professional Practice and Development
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Mr Tom Ballantyne, Principal Lawyer
Town Hall session
Mr George Taleporos, Private capacity
Ms Karen Clifford, Private capacity
Ms Linda Bone, Private capacity
Ms Bianca Brant, Private capacity
Ms Karen Dimmock, Chief Executive Officer, Children with a Disability
Ms Marie Sheahan, Private capacity
Ms Lyn McHugh, Private capacity
Tuesday, 19 November 2019
Diamond Room
Mayfair Hotel
45 King William Street
Mr Matt Law, Chief Financial Officer
Mr Jeremy Brown, Chief Operating Officer
JFA Purple Orange
Mr Robbi Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Geoff Barber, Chief Operating Officer
Mr David Elston, Policy and Research Leader
Ms Mikaila Crotty, Policy and Research Leader
First Voice
Dr Jim Hungerford, Deputy Chair
Ms Heidi Limareff, Director
Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia Ltd
Ms Polly Paerata, CQI and Health Policy Coordinator
South Australia Child and Adolescent Health Community of Practice
Ms Maeve Downes, Deputy Chair
Ms Natalie Hood, Executive Director (Allied Health) - Women and Children's Health Network
Dr Liberty Gallus, Member
Darwin Community Legal Service
Mr David McGinlay, Manager - Seniors and Disability Rights Service

Mr Sudharsan Raghunathan, Branch Manager - Participant Pathway Design
Ms Melissa Flanagan, Director - South Australia Service Delivery
Ms Jamie Lowe, Group Manager - Communications, Media and Marketing
Town Hall session
Mr Bertato, Private capacity
Ms Jane Gersch, Private capacity
Ms Mikaila Taylor, Private capacity
Ms Kate White, Private capacity
Thursday, 21 November 2019
Main Committee Room
Parliament House
National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO)
Ms Patricia Turner, Chief Executive Officer
Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health (SARRAH)
Dr Kim Bulkeley, Board Director
Mr Allan Groth, Director, Policy and Advocacy
National Rural Health Allience
Dr Gabrielle O'Kane, Chief Executive Officer
Australian National Audit Office (ANAO)
Mr David Brunoro, Executive Director, Performance Audit Services Group
Ms Rebecca Reilly, Executive Director, Assurance Audi Services Group
Commonwealth Ombudsman
Mr Michael Manthorpe, Commonwealth Ombudsman
Ms Jaala Hinchcliffe, Deputy Commonwealth Ombudsman
Ms Fiona Sawyers, Senior Assistant Ombudsman
Ms Julia Taylor, Director of Disability and Business Intelligence
National Legal Aid
Ms Jackie Finlay, Senior Solicitor Civil Law Division Legal Aid NSW
Ms Lindsay Ash, Senior Solicitor NDIS, Legal Aid NSW
National Mental Health Commission
Ms Sandra Ofei-Ferri, A/g Director, Mental Health Reform
Mr Marcus Nicol, Director, Monitoring and Reporting

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia
Mr Tony Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer
Department of Social Services
Mr Michael Lye, Deputy Secretary, Disability and Carers
Mr Peter Broadhead, Group Manager, Participants and Performance
Mr Andrew Whitecross, Group Manager, Participants and Performance
National Disability Insurance Agency
Ms Vicki Rundle, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Participant and Planning Experience
Mr Scott McNaughton, A/g Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Government, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
Mr Hamish Aikman, Head of People and Culture
Ms Liz Neville, A/g Head of Markets, Provider Sector Development
Town Hall session
Mr Bill Aldcroft, Private capacity
Ms Shaun Cahill, Private capacity
Mr James Collins, Private capacity
Ms Michelle Hansen, Private capacity
Mr Dougie Herd, Private capacity
Ms Karna O'Dea, Private capacity
Ms Sarah Mamalai, Private capacity
Mr Mark Newman, Private capacity
Thursday, 13 February 2020
Committee room 2S1
Paraliament House
Department of Social Services
Mr Matt Flavel, Group Manager - Market Capability
National Disability Insurance Agency
Ms Vicki Rundle, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Government, Communications and Stakeholder Engagement
Mr Oliver Bladek, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Strategy Development and Chief Risk Officer
Mr Scott McNaughton, General Manager - Service Delivery and Performance, Participant and Planning Experience
Tuesday, 23 June 2020
via teleconference
Western Australian Association for Mental Health
Ms Taryn Harvey, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Chelsea McKinney, Manager - Advocacy and Sector Development
Mental Illness Fellowship of Western Australia
Ms Monique Williamson, Chief Executive Officer
NPY Women's Council
Ms Liza Balmer, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Kim McRae, Team Manager - Tjungu (Disability & Aged Care)
Mrs Margaret Smith, Vice-Chairperson and Director of NPY Women's Council
Ethnic Disability Advocacy Centre
Mrs Christine Grace, Manager - Advocacy Services
Mr Wayne Press, NDIS Appeals Leader
Tuesday, 30 June 2020
via teleconference
Individual Disability Advocacy Service WA
Ms Jane Timmermanis, General Manager/Principal Solicitor
Ms Shabnum Rashid, Solicitor
Ms Isobelle Wikitera, Disability Advocate
Carers WA
Mr Paul Coates, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Felicity Mitchell, Systemic Policy Officer
People with Disabilities WA
Ms Samantha Jenkinson, Executive Director
Ms Lana Thompson
Sexuality Education Counselling and Consultancy Agency (SECCA)
Ms Juana Terpou, Manager; Senior Psychotherapist; Forensic Sexologist
Ms Sue Crock, Consultant

Tuesday, 14 July 2020
via teleconference
Western Australian Department of Communities
Ms Marion Hailes-MacDonald, Assistant Director-General
Ms Simone Bastin, Director
National Disability Services
Mr David Moody, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Philippa Angley, Head of Policy
Allied Health Professions Australia
Ms Claire Hewat, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Philipp Herrmann, Manager - Policy and Communications
Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health
Ms Catherine Maloney, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Allan Groth, Director - Policy and Advocacy
Indigenous Allied Health Australia
Ms Donna Murray, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Paul Gibson, Executive Officer
Tuesday, 28 July 2020
via teleconference
Children and Young People with Disability Australia
Ms Mary Sayers, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Maeve Kennedy, Policy and Programs Manager
Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability
Mr Anthony Gartner, President
Ms Meredith Jackson, Committee Member
Mr David Swayne, Committee Member
Cara Inc
Mr Tim Wilson, Executive Manager - Workforce Development
Professor Christine Bigby, Private capacity
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Mr Thomas Ballantyne, Principal Lawyer

Tuesday, 18 August 2020
via teleconference
Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria)
Dr John Chesterman, Deputy Public Advocate
Northern Territory Office of the Public Guardian
Ms Beth Walker, Public Guardian
ACT Council of Social Services
Dr Emma Campbell, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Ryan Joseph, Capability Officer
Disability Council NSW
Mr Mark Tonga, Chair
Dr Jill Duncan, Member
Ms Casey Gray, Member
Queensland Advocacy Incorporated
Ms Courtney Wolf, NDIS Appeals Advocate/NDIS Systems Advocate
Ms Caitlin De Cocq Van Delwijnen, NDIS Appeals Advocate/Social Worker
Tuesday, 8 September 2020
via teleconference
Mental Health Australia
Mr Harry Lovelock, Director - Policy and Research
Community Mental Health Australia
Mr Bill Gye, Chief Executive Officer
Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia
Mr Tony Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer
People with Disability Australia
Ms Romola Hollywood, Director - Policy and Advocacy
Australian Federation of Disability Organisations
Mr Ross Joyce, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Natasha Cortis, Private capacity
Dr Georgia Van Toorn, Private capacity
Australian Services Union
Ms Emeline Gaske, National Campaign and Communications Coordinator
Health Services Union
Mr Lloyd Williams, National Secretary
United Workers Union
Ms Melissa Coad, Executive Projects Coordinator
Monday, 12 October 2020
via teleconference
National Disability Insurance Agency
Mr Martin Hoffman, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Lisa Studdert, Deputy CEO - Markets, Government and Engagement
Mr Scott McNaughton, General Manager - National Delivery
Mr Brett Bennett, General Manager - Participant Experience Design
Department of Social Services
Mr Matt Flavel, Acting Deputy Secretary, Disability and Carers
Mr Peter Broadhead, Group Manager, Participants and Performance

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