Recommendation 1

2.55    The committee recommends the NDIA start the national rollout of the new pathways and make publically available a clear schedule of the changes to be introduced along with implementation dates.

Recommendation 2

2.58    The committee recommends the NDIA review all documents, including guidelines, forms and policies, prior to their upload onto the new website to ensure that they are current, clearly dated, fit-for-purpose and written in clear language.

Recommendation 3

2.62    The committee recommends the NDIA:

Recommendation 4

2.64    The committee recommends the NDIA urgently recommence work on the development and implementation of its knowledge-management system to ensure consistent decision-making processes and accurate provision of advice across the agency.

Recommendation 5

2.107  The committee recommends the NDIA publish on the participant and provider portals the launch dates of future portal changes along with training materials.

Recommendation 6

2.110  The committee recommends the NDIA work with service providers and participants to co-design future enhancements to the portals and 'Provider Finder' tool.

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