Appendix 2

Public hearings

Melbourne VIC, 28 April 2017


Dr Isabelle Meyer, Director, Operations Support

Ms Sylvia Grant, New South Wales Operations Manager

Australians for Disability Justice

Mr Patrick McGee, Co-Convenor

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

Dr Emma Phillips, Member, Disability Rights Sub-Committee

Carers Australia

Ms Ara Cresswell, Chief Executive Officer

Community Mental Health Australia

Ms Amanda Bresnan, Executive Director

Ms Elizabeth Crowther, President

Community Restorative Centre

Ms Alison Churchill, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Mindy Sotiri, Program Director

Deaf Indigenous Community Consultancy

Ms Jody Barney, Consultant

Developmental Disability WA

Ms Taryn Harvey, Chief Executive Officer

Endeavour Foundation Queensland

Mr Simon Wardale, Manager, Specialist Behaviour Service


Dr Matthew Frize, Private capacity

Intellectual Disability Rights Service Inc., New South Wales

Ms Janene Cootes, Executive Officer

La Trobe University

Professor Patrick Keyzer, Chair of Law and Public Policy, La Trobe Law School

Mental Health Australia

Mr Frank Quinlan, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Joshua Fear, Director, Policy and Projects

Mental Health Carers Australia

Ms Jenny Branton, Executive Officer

Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia

Mr Tony Stevenson, Chief Executive Officer

Neami National

Mr Arthur Papakotsias, Chief Executive Officer

Mr David Peters, Consumer, Service user

New South Wales Council for Intellectual Disability

Mr Jim Simpson

Office of the Public Advocate

Ms Colleen Pearce, Public Advocate


Professor Patrick McGorry, Executive Director

Queensland Advocacy Inc.

Mr Nick Collyer, Systems Advocacy

Supreme Court of Victoria

Ms Miranda Bain, Director Strategy, Government and Community Relations, Funds in Court

University of Melbourne

Ms Rikki Mawad, Assistant Director, Tasmanian Law Reform Institute; Coordinator, Melbourne University Disability Justice Consortium, Melbourne Law School

Dr Piers Gooding, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Melbourne Social Equity Institute, Melbourne Law School

Mr Jesse Young, Research Fellow, School of Population and Global Health

University of New South Wales

Associate Professor Leanne Dowse, Chair in Intellectual Disability, School of Social Sciences

Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council

Ms Ella Kingsley, NDIS Lead

Mr Neil Turton-Lane, Consumer Liaison Manager

VICSERV Psychiatric Disability Services of Victoria

Ms Larissa Taylor, NDIS Engagement Manager


Canberra ACT, 12 May 2017


ACT Disability, Aged and Carer Advocacy Service

Mrs Fiona May, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Lauren O'Brien, Advocate

Bus Association Victoria

Mr Peter Kavanagh, Government Relations Manager

Bus Industry Confederation

Mr Michael Apps, Executive Director

Flourish Australia

Ms Pamela Rutledge, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Joanna Quilty, General Manager, NDIS Transition

Mental Health Commission of NSW

Mr John Feneley, Commissioner

Mind Australia Ltd

Dr Gerry Naughtin, Chief Executive Officer

Dr Sarah Pollock, Executive Director, Research and Advocacy

National Rural Health Alliance

Mr David Butt, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Fiona Brooke, Senior Policy Adviser

New England Partners in Recovery

Mr Jarrad Smith, NDIS Transition Manager

Office of the Public Advocate, Queensland

Ms Mary Burgess, Public Advocate

Office of the Public Advocate, Victoria

Ms Colleen Pearce, Public Advocate

Sunshine Coast and Gympie Partners in Recovery

Miss Candice Lee Thomson, Coordinator

Tasmanian Bus Association

Mr Geoff Lewis, Executive Director

Wide Bay Partners in Recovery

Ms Sarah James, Coordinator, Lead Agency—Central Queensland, Wide Bay, Sunshine Coast Primary Health Network

Woden Community Service

Mr Chris Redmond, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Pamela Boyer, Director, Mental Health and Housing


Penrith NSW, 17 May 2017


Australian Services Union

Ms Linda White, Assistant National Secretary

Mr Angus McFarland, Assistant Secretary, ASU NSW and ACT (Services) Branch

Mr Bernard Davey, Member

Ms Harriette Farrance, Member

Mr Philip Jones, Member

Mr Jon Mills, Member

Ms Janine Saligari, Member

Mrs Jodi Stuart, Member

Ms Bianca Villella, Member

Being - Mental Health and Wellbeing Consumer Advisory Group

Ms Jaime Comber, Policy Officer

Department of Family and Community Services, New South Wales

Ms Samantha Taylor, Executive Director NDIS Implementation

Department of Premier and Cabinet, New South Wales

Ms Janet Schorer, Executive Director NDIS Reform Group

Disability Council NSW

Mr Jake Fing, Council Member

First Peoples Disability Network

Mr Scott Avery, Policy and Research Director

Mental Health and NDIS Facebook Support Group

Mr Greg Franklin, Administrator

People with Disability Australia

Mrs Kate Finch, Manager, Systemic Advocacy


Canberra ACT, 16 June 2016


Department of Health

Ms Natasha Cole, First Assistant Secretary, Health Services Division

Dr Anthony Millgate, Assistant Secretary, Mental Health Services Branch, Health Services Division

Department of Social Services

Mr John Riley, Acting Group Manager, National Disability Insurance Scheme Market Reform Group

Ms Anne-Louise Dawes, Branch Manager, Program Transition Branch

Ms Joanne Llewellyn, Director, Carer and Mental Health Transition

National Disability Insurance Agency

Ms Stephanie Gunn, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Participants and Planning

Ms Deborah Roberts, Director, Mental Health

Mr Eddie Bartnik, Expert Advisory Mental Health

National Disability Insurance Agency Independent Advisory Council

Professor Rhonda Galbally, Principal Member

Ms Janet Meagher AM, Member

Dr Gerry Naughtin, Council member

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