Recommendation 1

3.11    The committee recommends that Commonwealth and state and territory governments work with national disability peak organisations and the Australian Building Codes Board to examine updating the Building Code of Australia in regard to accessibility.  

Recommendation 2

3.21    The committee recommends that accommodation for people with disability be integral in the development of affordable and social housing policy proposals.

Recommendation 3

3.66    The committee recommends the Commonwealth government explore all possible proposals for disability accommodation, and the ways it can assist in bringing them to fruition. 

Recommendation 4

3.67    As part of the analysis of proposals, the committee recommends the Commonwealth should assess how financially accessible they are for people with disability and their families.

Recommendation 5

3.78       The committee recommends that the Department of Social Services clarify the status of the Supported Accommodation Innovation Fund, and if the fund is no longer available, whether it will be replaced with another initiative to assist in the development of innovative housing solutions for people with disability.   

Recommendation 6

3.102    The committee recommends the Commonwealth government explore capital sharing, securitisation, and joint ownership options to expand the provision of appropriate accommodation for people with disability.

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