General issues

December 2020

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Committee Membership

List of Recommendations

Executive summary

  Independent assessments
  The COVID-19 pandemic
  Other key issues

Chapter 1—Introduction and background

  Purpose of this report
  Structure of this report
  Committee activities
  Inquiries by other bodies
  Update on the National Disability Insurance Scheme rollout
  Note on terminology and references

Chapter 2—Independent assessments

  Independent assessments—overview
  Concerns raised in relation to independent assessments
  Committee view

Chapter 3—The COVID-19 pandemic

  Planning and preparation
  Effect on people with disability and their families
  Effect on disability support providers and the workforce
  Access to personal protective equipment
  Government response in the disability sector
  Committee view

Chapter 4—Financial sustainability, pricing and funding issues

  Financial sustainability considerations
  Pricing of services
  Funding for transport
  Funding for support coordination
  Paying family members for supports

Chapter 5—Issues affecting particular cohorts

  Psychosocial disability
  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with disability
  Culturally and linguistically diverse people with disability
  People with disability in school settings
  People with disability in criminal justice settings
  People with disability experiencing homelessness
  The Early Childhood Early Education (ECEI) pathway
  Hearing services in the ECEI pathway
  Younger people in residential aged care

Chapter 6—Other key issues

  Access issues
  Thin markets
  Portal issues
  NDIA communication with participants and providers
  Recovering payments for services
  Privacy and the use of personal information
  End of life issues
  Other issues

Appendix 1—Australian Government response to the committee's report into Supported Independent Living

Appendix 2—Australian Government response to the committee's interim report on NDIS Planning

Appendix 3—Submissions

Appendix 4—Public hearings

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