Appendix 2

Public hearings and witnesses

Tuesday 19 September 2017–Melbourne


Ms Fiona Sharkie, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Braedan Hogan, Manager, Public Affairs and National Disability Insurance Scheme Transition

Children and Young People with Disability Australia

Ms Stephanie Gotlib, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Fleur Beaupert, Policy Officer

Department of Education and Training Victoria

Ms Catherine Haire, Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood and School Education Group

Ms Kim Little, Assistant Deputy Secretary, Early Childhood Portfolio

Ms Simone Gardner, Senior Business Analyst, NDIS Reform Branch

Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania Ltd

Mrs Heidi De Paoli, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sarah Riches, Manager

Kalparrin Early Childhood Intervention Program Inc.

Mr Mark Baigent, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Teigan Leonard, Team Manager/Psychologist

Noah's Ark Inc

Dr Kerry Bull, Senior Manager, Services

Occupational Therapy Australia

Ms Anne Sunners, Occupational Therapist, and Industry Adviser

Ms Lisa Vale, Occupational Therapist, and Industry Adviser

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Dr James Best, Member, Specific Interests Child and Young Person’s Health Network

Royal Children's Hospital

Ms Rosemary Aisbett, Chief Nursing Officer, and Executive Director, Nursing and Allied Health

Ms Bernadette O'Connor, Director, Allied Health

Scope Australia

Dr Jennifer Fitzgerald, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Robert Moore, Government Relations Manager

Speech Pathology Australia

Ms Gail Mulcair, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Catherine Olsson, National Disability Adviser

Victorian Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre, La Trobe University

Ms Carolyne Jones, Psychologist

Ms Katherine Pye, Senior Coordinator

Ms Kristy Capes, Early Start Denver Model Trainer

Vision Australia

Mr Scott Jacobs, National Disability Insurance Scheme Lead

Occupational Therapy Australia

Ms Anne Sunners, Occupational Therapist, and Industry Adviser

Ms Lisa Vale, Occupational Therapist, and Industry Adviser


Tuesday 26 September 2017- Brisbane

Australian Psychological Society

Dr Jessica Paynter, Member

Autism CRC

Professor Andrew Whitehouse, Chief Research Officer

Connect and Relate for Autism Inc

Ms Prudence Watson, President

Deaf Services Queensland

Mr Brett Casey, Chief Executive Officer

Hear and Say

Mrs Amanda Mather, Director of Sustainability and Strategic Relations
Mrs Emma Rushbrooke, Clinical Director

University of Queensland

Professor Matthew Sanders, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director, Parenting and Family Support Centre

Associate Professor Kate Sofronoff, Researcher, Parenting and Family Support Centre


Wednesday 27 September 2017–Adelaide

Can:Do Group

Ms Heidi Limareff, Deputy Chief Executive

Ms Jena Mayne, General Manager, Group Service Development

First Voice

Mr Michael Forwood, Chair

Dr Jim Hungerford

JFA Purple Orange

Mr Robbi Williams, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Jackie Hayes, Leader, Social Policy and Initiatives

Ms Maria Vnuk, Project Officer

Siblings Australia

Ms Kate Strohm, Founder and Director

Ms Ruby Gates, Chair


Tuesday 3 October 2017–Sydney

ASPECT Therapy

Ms Rachel Kerslake, National Manager

Mrs Maryanne Pease, Southern Regional Manager

Australian Association Developmental Disability Medicine

Dr Jaqueline Small, President

Early Childhood Intervention Australia Inc.

Ms Margie O'Tarpey, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Trish Hanna, President

Early Links Inclusion Support Service

Mrs Sue French, General Manager,


Ms Suzanne Becker, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Vanessa Robinson, Executive Project Manager

Ms Jennifer Kemp, General Manager, Client Services

Private Capacity

Mrs Tina Skapetis

Royal Australasian College of Physicians

Dr Jacqueline Small, Chair, Paediatric Policy and Advocacy Committee

Dr Robert Leitner, Member, NDIS Working Group

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

Professor Greg Leigh, Director, Renwick Centre

Mr Bart Cavalletto, Director, Services

SDN Children's Services

Ms Kay Turner, Chief Executive Officer

The Shepherd Centre

Dr Jim Hungerford, Chief Executive Officer


Friday 20 October 2017–Canberra

Carers Australia

Ms Ara Cresswell, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Sue Elderton, National Policy Officer

National Disability Services

Dr Ken Baker, Chief Executive

Ms Philippa Angley, Executive Officer to the Chief Executive


Wednesday 8 November 2017– Melbourne

Department of Social Services

Mr John Riley, Branch Manager, Market Oversight and Program Transition

National Disability Insurance Agency  

Ms Stephanie Gunn, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Mrs Christine McClelland, Director, ECEI National Office Team

Mr Peter de Natris, Special Adviser, Early Childhood Early Intervention

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