Appendix 1

Submissions and additional information


1.                Bus Association Victoria

2.                Child and Family Health Nurses Association NSW Inc

3.                Siblings Australia

4.                Name Withheld

5.                Name Withheld

6.                Name Withheld

7.                Early Childhood Intervention Australia Victoria/Tasmania

8.                Tasmanian Bus Association

9.                Name Withheld

10.              Early Childhood Intervention Australia (National)

11.              Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT)

12.              Carers NSW

13.              Connect and Relate for Autism Inc    

14.              National Disability Services

15.              The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists

16.              Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia

17.              Scope Australia

18.              Autism Aspergers Advocacy Australia

19.              Deaf Services Queensland

20.              Royal Children's Hospital

21.              Commonwealth Ombudsman 

22.              Vision Australia 

23.              AMAZE 

24.              Mental Health of Young People with Developmental Disabilities

25.              Firstchance Inc, Early Links Inclusion Support, Hunter Prelude, RIDBC     

26.              Australian Association Developmental Disability Medicine     

27.              RDI Consultants Australia

28.              Carers Australia 

29.              Autism Association of Western Australia 

30.              NSW Government 

31.              Confidential  

32.              Confidential  

33.              Speech Pathology Australia 

34.              Can:Do Group 

35.              SDN Children's Services 

36.              Dietitians Association of Australia

37.              KU Children's Services

38.              Autism CRC 

39.              Lapstone Preschool Early Childhood Intervention Service 

40.              Royal Institute for Deaf & Blind Children     

41.              Blind Citizens Australia

42.              National Disability Insurance Agency 

43.              Victorian Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre 

44.              Hear and Say 

45.              Muddy Puddles 

46.              Making Connections Together

47.             KU Children's Services for NSW/ACT & Qld Inclusion Agencies & National   Inclusion Development Fund  

48.              The Shepherd Centre 

49.              Autism Connections Inc

50.              Confidential  

51.              Lifestart Co-operative Ltd 

52.              Kids Plus Foundation 

53.              Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN) Australia 

54.              Neurodevelopmental and Behavioural Paediatric Society of Australasia     

55.              Name Withheld     

56.              Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance of the NT  (AMSANT)

57.              Royal Australian College of General Practitioners 

58.              Early Childhood Intervention Australia NSW/ACT 

58.1          Supplementary to Submission 58 

59.              Noah's Ark Inc 

60.              Early Education Inc     

61.              Family Advocacy 

62.              Occupational Therapy Australia 

63.              JFA Purple Orange 

64.              First Voice 

65.              Australasian Newborn Hearing Screening Committee     

66.              ACT Government 

67.              Independent Advisory Council

68.              Royal Australasian College of Physicians

69.              Confidential  

70.              Australian Psychological Society  

71.              Department of Education and Training Victorian Government 

72.              Central Australian Aboriginal Congress 

73.              Kalparrin 

74.              Children and Young People with Disability Australia     

75.              Queensland Government 

76.              Tasmanian Government

Additional information

1.               Scope Australia, Engaging 'Hard to Reach' Cohorts, additional information received 28 September 2017.

2.               Scope Australia, An exploration of different models of multi-agency partnerships in key worker services for disabled children: effectiveness and costs, additional information received 28 September 2017.

3.               Scope Australia, Complex Disability (with complex support needs): engagement, reasonable and necessary supports, and cost drivers, additional information received 28 September 2017.

4.               Scope Australia, Early Childhood Intervention analysis of situations in Europe key aspects and recommendations, additional information received 28 September 2017.

5.               Scope Australia, Better systems, Better chances a review of research and practice for prevention and early intervention, additional information received 28 September 2017.

6.               My Horizon, EI Recommendation, additional information received 27 September 2017.

7.               Australian Psychological Society, related to Auditory Integration Training, additional information, received 27 September 2017.

8.               Hear and Say, additional information, received 16 October 2017.

9.               Hear and Say, First Voice report on education, employment and social outcomes of first voice member centre graduates (18-28 years), additional information, received 16 October 2017.

10.             Hear and Say, cost-benefit analysis of First Voice's early intervention program, additional information, received 16 October 2017.

Answers to questions on notice

1.                  Occupational Therapy Australia, answers to questions on notice, arising from the public hearing on 19 September 2017.

2.                  Victorian Department of Education and Training, answers to questions on notice, arising from the public hearing on 19 September 2017.

3.                  First Voice, answers to questions on notice, arising from the public hearing on 27 September 2017.

4.                  Lifestart, answers to questions on notice, arising from the public hearing on 3 October 2017.

5.                  NDIA, answers to questions on notice, arising from the public hearing on 8 November 2017.

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