Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2014

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All transcripts prior to 2008 can be found in the publication Papers on Parliament | Copyright Notice

Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia
5/12/14 Professor Ross Garnaut Global development: The long term context of Australian development (PDF) Parlview 
28/11/14 Colin Neave AM Exploring the role of the Commonwealth Ombudsman in relation to Parliament (PDF) Parlview
 24/10/14 Professor Helen Irving Pulling the trigger: The 1914 double dissolution election and its legacy (PDF 416KB) Parlview
12/09/14 The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson The role of the Australian Parliament when going to war (PDF 173KB) Parlview 
8/08/14 Professor Linda Trimble 'Abolition difficult, reform impossible, status quo unacceptable': can Canada fix its Senate? (PDF 118KB) Parlview
11/07/14 Professor Megan Davis Competing notions of constitutional 'recognition': truth and justice or living 'off the crumbs that fall off the White Australian tables' (PDF 100KB) Parlview
27/06/14 Judith Ireland and Greg Jericho The impact of social media on political journalism (PDF 120KB) (Q&A session transcript PDF 105KB) Parlview
30/05/14 Stephen Bartos There is no accountability until someone cares: The role of the Senate in public sector performance (PDF 134KB) Parlview
11/04/14 Professor Andrew Markus Trust in the Australian political system (PDF 268KB) Parlview
7/03/14 Alex Oliver Are Australians disenchanted with democracy? (PDF 335KB) Parlview
14/02/14    Antony Green Is it time for a fundamental review of the Senate's electoral system? (PDF 109KB) Parlview