Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2010

To listen to recordings you will need a computer with a sound card, speakers and Microsoft Windows Media Player (Version 6.4 or later) and the Adobe Flash Player.

All transcripts prior to 2008 can be found in the publication Papers on Parliament | Copyright Notice

Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia
03/12/2010 Dr David Headon Devotion, Daring and Sense of Destiny - Surveyors of the Early Commonwealth (MP3 24MB)
(WMV 149MB)
05/11/2010 Dr Meg Russell Strengthening the British House of Commons: The Unexpected Reforms of 2010 (MP3 28MB)
(WMV 153MB)
15/10/2010 Dr Scott Brenton Minority Government: Is the House of Representatives Finally Catching up with the Senate? (MP3 55MB)
(WMV 148MB)
17/09/2010 Andrew Hutson Square Peg in a Square Hole? Australia’s Parliament House
(MP3 21MB)
27/08/2010 The Hon Dr John Bannon The Disillusionment of Sir John Downer (MP3 11MB)
(WMV 138MB)
13/08/2010 Kathleen M. Burns The Pryor Perspective: Sharply to the Point (MP3 12MB)
23/07/2010 Dr David Burchell How Not to Do It: Lessons for Australia From the 2010 UK Elections (MP3 21MB)
(WMV 150MB)
21/05/2010 Professor Diana Dwyre
Elections, Money and Free Speech in the United States (MP3 24491KB)
(WMV 150MB)
23/04/2010 Professor Yvonne Galligan Thinking About Gender and Democracy (MP3 28251KB)
(WMV 150MB)
12/03/2010 David Day Andrew Fisher, Triumph and Tragedy (MP3 26776KB)
(WMV 159MB)