Papers on Parliament

71 Lectures in the Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 2.5MB)

70 Lectures in the Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 2MB)

  • Rosemary Laing: Richard Chaffey Baker and the Shaping of the Senate (PDF 578KB)
  • Joo-Cheong Tham: Democracy before Dollars—the Problems with Money in Australian Politics and How to Fix Them (PDF 478KB)
  • Andrew Murray: The Senate—the Struggle Continues (PDF 416KB)
  • Maureen Weeks: Enriching Democracy—Achievements of the Senate Crossbench and Backbench in the 45th Parliament (PDF 415KB)
  • Glenn Ryall: Wilkie v Commonwealth and Parliamentary Control of Appropriations (PDF 825KB)

69 Lectures in the Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 6MB)

  • His Excellency Mr Chris Seed: The Anzac Connection: Trans-tasman ties in the century since Beersheba (PDF 124KB)
  • Bret Walker SC: Justified Immunity or Unfinished Business? (PDF 124KB)
  • George Megalogenis: Restoring Respect (PDF 1MB)
  • Dr Ben Wellings: Taking back Control: Parliament, Sovereignty & Brexit (PDF 413KB)
  • Professor Kim Dovey: Architecture and power: How do Buildings Shape Politics? (PDF 4MB)
  • Professor Ariadne Vromen: Political engagement in the Australian Digital Context (PDF 230KB)

68 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 1MB)

  • Zareh Ghazarian, Small Parties, Big Changes: The Evolution of Minor Parties Elected to the Australian Senate (PDF 168KB)
  • David Fricker, Government-Citizen Engagement in the Digital Age (PDF 117KB)
  • Russell Taylor, Indigenous Constitutional Recognition: The 1967 Referendum and Today (PDF 210KB)
  • Denis Strangman, The Defeated 1967 Nexus Referendum (PDF 375KB)
  • Anthony Bergin, Parliament and National Security: Challenges and Opportunities (PDF 119KB)
  • Yee-Fui Ng, Between Law and Convention: Ministerial Advisers in the Australian System of Responsible Government (PDF 116KB)
  • Sarah Cameron and Ian McAllister, Trust, Parties and Leaders: Findings from the 1987-2016 Australian Election Study (PDF 238KB)

67 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 1MB)

  • Paul Strangio, The Australian Prime Ministership: Origins and Evolution (PDF 135KB)
  • Anika Gauja, Party Reform: Where are Australia’s Political Parties Headed in the Future? (PDF 168KB)
  • Tom Frame, Conscription, Conscience and Parliament (PDF 130KB)
  • Anne Twomey, Parliament, the Executive and Vice-Regal Reserve Powers: Heading Off Crises in a Closely Tied Parliament (PDF 145KB)
  • Simon Jackman, Populism and Discontent: Comparing the United States and Australia (PDF 355KB)
  • Ivan Powell, The Concept of ‘The Same in Substance’: What Does the Perrett Judgment Mean for Parliamentary Scrutiny? (PDF 141KB)
  • Glenn Ryall and Jessica Strout, Scrutiny Committees: A Vehicle for Safeguarding Federalism and the Constitutional Rights of Parliament (PDF 182KB)

66  Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 2MB)

  • Graeme Orr, Elections as Rituals: Private, Communal and Public (PDF 1MB)
  • Stephen Argument, Australian Democracy and Executive Law-making: Practice and Principle (Part I) (PDF 310KB)
  • Cheryl Saunders, Australian Democracy and Executive Law-making: Practice and Principle (Part II) (PDF 132KB)
  • Simon Tormey, The Contemporary Crisis of Representative Democracy (PDF 114KB)
  • Bede Harris, An Argument in Favour of Constitutional Reform (PDF 148KB)
  • Leah Armstrong, Reconciliation Action Plans—Creating Shared Value (PDF 128KB)
  • Paula Waring, The Pursuit of State Interests in the Senate (PDF 144KB)

65  Proceedings of a symposium held by the Department of the Senate and the Rule of Law Institute of Australia to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the sealing of Magna Carta (PDF 8917KB)

  • Contributors (PDF 279KB)
  • Welcome (PDF 202KB)
  • Concetta Fierravanti-Wells 'Magna Carta: Enduring Values for Modern Australia' (PDF 185KB)
  • Martin Krygier 'Magna Carta and the Rule of Law Tradition' (PDF 267KB)
  • James Spigelman 'Magna Carta and the Executive' (PDF 216KB)
  • David Clark 'Magna Carta in Australia 1803–2015' (PDF 292KB)
  • Desmond Manderson 'The Other 1215' (PDF 1773KB)
  • Stephanie Trigg 'Magna Carta in Print and in English Translation' (PDF 2744KB)
  • Kathleen Neal, Andrew Lynch & David Headon 'Magna Carta: Personal Encounters, Popular Culture and Australian Links' (PDF 4331KB)

64 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 1MB)

  • Contributors (PDF 15KB)
  • Andrew Moore 'Fitzpatrick and Browne after 60 Years' (PDF 313KB)
  • Menna Rawlings '800th Anniversary of Magna Carta' (PDF 94KB)
  • Jane Halton 'Reforming the Public Sector' (PDF 105KB)
  • Michael Macklin 'Serving the Senate: The Legacy of Harry Evans' (PDF 108KB)
  • Phil Bowen 'The Parliamentary Budget Office: Supporting Australian Democracy' (PDF 99KB)
  • Chris Sarra 'High Expectations Realities through High Expectations Relationships: Delivering beyond the Indigenous Policy Rhetoric' (PDF 94KB)
  • Michael Sloane 'Representation of Commonwealth Territories in the Senate' (PDF 190KB)
  • Patrick Hodder 'The Williams Decisions and the Implications for the Senate and its Scrutiny Committees' (PDF 124KB)

63 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 2MB)

  • Contributors (PDF 36KB)
  • Brendan Nelson 'The Role of Government and Parliament in the Decision to Go to War' (PDF 126KB)
  • Helen Irving 'Pulling the Trigger: The 1914 Double Dissolution Election and Its Legacy (PDF 136KB)
  • Colin Neave 'Exploring the Role of the Commonwealth Ombudsman in Relation to Parliament' (PDF 95KB)
  • Ross Garnaut 'Global Development: The Long-term Context of Australian Development' (PDF 103KB)
  • Simon Longstaff 'Democracy, Trust and Legitimacy' (PDF 104KB)
  • Aaron Pegram 'Politicians at War: The Experiences of Australian Parliamentarians in the First World War' (PDF 1017KB)
  • Glenn Ryall 'Commonwealth Executive Power and Accountability Following Williams (No. 2) (PDF 187KB)

62 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 1084KB)

  • Contributors (PDF 34KB)
  • Antony Green 'Is It Time for a Fundamental Review of the Senate’s Electoral System?' (PDF 109KB)
  • Alex Oliver 'Are Australians Disenchanted with Democracy?' (PDF 335KB)
  • Andrew Markus 'Trust in the Australian Political System' (PDF 268KB)
  • Stephen Bartos 'The Senate and Public Sector Performance' (PDF 134KB)
  • Judith Ireland and Greg Jericho 'The Impact of Social Media on Political Journalism' (PDF 120KB)
  • Megan Davis 'Competing Notions of Constitutional ‘Recognition’: Truth and Justice or Living ‘off the Crumbs that Fall off the White Australian Tables’?' (PDF 100KB)
  • Linda Trimble '‘Abolition Difficult, Reform Impossible, Status Quo Unacceptable’: Can Canada Fix Its Senate?' (PDF 118KB)

61 ‘The Truest Patriotism’: Andrew Inglis Clark and the Building of an Australian Nation (PDF 6868KB)

Opening Remarks

  • The Hon. Rev. Prof. Michael Tate AO 'Andrew Inglis Clark, Moby Dick and the Australian Constitution' (PDF 451KB)

Political Thought and Practice

  • Dr Rosemary Laing 'Andrew Inglis Clark: A Dim View of Parliament?' (PDF 627KB)
  • The Hon. Dr John Bannon AO 'Shadow or Illumination? Kingston’s Rival Constitution' (PDF 425KB)
  • Professor Henry Reynolds 'Andrew Inglis Clark: From Colonial Patriot to Radical Nationalist' (PDF 207KB)

Intellectual Life and Capital Connections

  • Dr David Headon 'Four Degrees of Separation: Conway, the Clarks and Canberra' (PDF 2178KB)
  • Professor Marilyn Lake 'Oh, to Be in Boston Now That Federation’s Here' (PDF 213KB)
  • Dr James Warden 'Andrew Inglis Clark Deserves to Be Remembered Across the Great Divide' (PDF 2050KB)

A Few of Clark’s Hidden Stories

  • Professor Henry Reynolds, Professor John Williams, Dr David Headon, Dr Rosemary Laing, Professor Paul Pickering (PDF 1114KB)

The Law and the Constitution

  • Professor Helen Irving 'The Over-rated Mr Clark?: Putting Andrew Inglis Clark’s Contribution to the Constitution into Perspective' (PDF 429KB)
  • Professor John Williams 'Andrew Inglis Clark: Our Constitution and His Influence' (PDF 318KB)
  • Panel Discussion (PDF 625KB)
  • The Hon. Robert French AC 'Inglis Clark: A Living Force' (PDF 212KB)

60 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 838KB)

  • Contributors (PDF 30KB)
  • Jack Waterford 'Canberra and the Parliament: An Increasingly Uncomfortable Marriage' (PDF 100KB)
  • James P. Pfiffner 'Dysfunctional Politics in the United States: Origins and Consequences' (PDF 154KB)
  • Aaron Martin 'Political Engagement among the Young in Australia' (PDF 120KB)
  • Rosemary Crowley, Amanda Vanstone and Laura Tingle 'Women in Federal Parliament: Past, Present and Future' (PDF 153KB)
  • Robyn Archer 'Re-imagining the Capital' (PDF 133KB)
  • Michael Maley 'International Election Observation: Coming Ready or Not' (PDF 188KB)
  • Glenn Ryall 'Williams v. Commonwealth—A Turning Point for Parliamentary Accountability and Federalism in Australia?' (PDF 138KB)

59 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 2888KB)

58 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 1720KB)

57 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 2030KB)

56 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 624KB)

55 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 4721KB)

54 Senate Committees and Government Accountability, December 2010 (PDF 873KB)

53 Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, and other papers (PDF 717KB)

52 Harry Evans: Selected Writings (PDF 1351KB)

51 Republics, Citizenship and Parliament (PDF 782KB)

50 Politics and Power. Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series 2008, and other papers (PDF 952KB)

49 Constitutional Politics and other lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, 2008 (PDF 582KB)

48 The Senate and Accountability January 2008 (PDF 708KB)

47 National Parliament, National Symbols: Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series 2006-2007 (PDF 3653KB)

46 Images, Colours and Reflections: Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series 2005-2006 (PDF 1948KB)

45 A Light of Reason: Transcript and supporting papers of a seminar on The Work of the Senate Select Committee on Superannuation (PDF 581KB)

44 Democratic Experiments: Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series 2004-2005 (PDF 1073KB)

43 Reference of Bills to Australian Senate Committees, With particular reference to the role of the
Selection of Bills Committee
(PDF 4008KB)

42 The Distinctive Foundations of Australian Democracy: Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series 2003-2004 (PDF 1189KB)

41 One Hundred Years of Women’s Suffrage in Australia, Centenary Issue (PDF 500KB)

40 Bicameralism and Accountablity: Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, 2002-2003 (PDF 706KB)

39 Senate Envy and Other Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, 2001–2002 (PDF 1092KB)

38 Parliament and Public Opinion. Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series 2000–2001, April 2002 (PDF 1043KB)

37 For Peace, Order and Good Government: the Centenary of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, November 2001

36 Parliament and the Public Interest. Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, 2000, June 2001

35 Australia and Parliamentary Orthodoxy, and Other Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, 1999, June 2000 (PDF 1054KB)

34 Representation and Institutional Change: 50 Years of Proportional Representation in the Senate, December 1999 (PDF 4436KB)

33 The Senate and Good Government, and Other Lectures in the Senate Occasional Lecture Series, 1998, May 1999 (PDF 929KB)

32 The People’s Conventions: Corowa (1893) and Bathurst (1896), December 1998 (PDF 735KB)



31 Papers on Parliament No. 31, June 1998 (PDF 504KB)

30 The Constitution Makers, November 1997 (PDF 550KB)

29 Parliaments in Evolution: Constitutional Reform in the 1990s, March 1997 (PDF 273KB)

28 Poets, Presidents, People and Parliament: Republicanism and other issues, November 1996 (PDF 472KB)

27 Reinventing Political Institutions, March 1996 (PDF 454KB)

26 Republicanism, Responsible Government and Human Rights, August 1995 (PDF 497KB)

25 Constitutions, Rights and Democracy: Past, Present and Future, June 1995 (PDF 307KB)

24 Essays on Republicanism: small r republicanism, by Harry Evans, September 1994 (PDF 146KB)

23 Parliaments and Constitutions Under Scrutiny, September 1994 (PDF 483KB)

22 Views of Parliamentary Democracy, February 1994 (PDF 305KB)

21 Parliament and the Constitution: Some Issues of Interest, December 1993 (PDF 624KB)

20 The Future of Parliaments and Their Libraries: A Review Article By Russell Cope, October 1993 (PDF 407KB)

19 Constitution, Section 53: Financial Legislation and the Houses of Commonwealth Parliament, May 1993 (PDF 142KB)

18 Parliaments: Achievements and Challenges, December 1992 (PDF 533KB)

17 Trust the Women: Women in Parliament, September 1992 (PDF 301KB)

16 Two Historical Views of Parliaments: Ireland and Russia, June 1992 (PDF 109KB)

15 Stephen Argument, Parliamentary Scrutiny of Quasi-legislation, May 1992 (PDF 262KB)

14 Parliamentary Perspectives 1991, February 1992 (PDF 357KB)

13 One People, One Destiny—Papers given at a series of Senate Occasional Lectures to commemorate the centenary of the National Australasian Convention 1891, November 1991 (PDF 367KB)

12 Senate Committees and Responsible Government: Proceedings of the Conference to mark the twentieth anniversary of Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing Committees and Senate Estimates Committees, 3 October 1990, September 1991

Introductory pages (PDF 26KB)

  • Session 1—‘The revolutionary proposals’ of 1970 (PDF 156KB)
    Opening Address by the President of the Senate, Senator the Hon. Kerry W. Sibraa
    —Keynote address by Mr Peter Rae
    —Panel of speakers: Mr Gordon Davidson, Professor Geoffrey Sawer, Mr Alan Cumming Thom and Mr Chris Puplick
    —Speech by Senator John Wheeldon when opening the exhibition, The World of Senate Committees
  • Session 2—Senate Committees - keeping Parliament responsible (PDF 109KB)
    Keynote address by Mr David Hamer
    —Panel of speakers: Senator the Hon. Peter Durack, Mr John Black, Professor Dennis Pearce and Professor Dianne Yerbury
  • Session 3—Senate Estimates Committees—do these watchdogs bite or only bark? (PDF 106KB)
    —Keynote address by Senator the Hon. Peter Baume
    —Panel of speakers: Senator Bruce Childs, Dr Michael Keating, Dr John Uhr and Ms Michelle Grattan
  • Session 4—Senate Committees—can they halt the decline of Parliament? (PDF 152KB)
    Keynote address by Dr Brian Galligan
    —Panel of speakers: Senators Rod Kemp, Nick Sherry, Vicki Bourne, William OChee and Mr Peter Bayne
  • Speech by the Governor-General, His Excellency the Hon. Bill Hayden, AC, made at the Conference Dinner, 3 October 1990 (PDF 35KB)

11 Ian Marsh, The Committee System of the UK House of Commons: Recent Developments and their Implications for Australia, March 1991 (PDF 195KB)

10 Peter Bayne, Tribunals in the System of Government, July 1990 (PDF 114KB)

9 A.W. Martin, Parkes and the 1890 Conference, July 1990 (PDF 156KB)

8 Chandran Kukathas, Democracy, Parliament and Responsible Government, with additional observations by David Lovell and William Maley, June 1990 (PDF 91KB)

7 Unchaining the Watch-Dogs, Parliament House, Canberra, March 1990 (PDF 348KB)

6 Senate Estimates Scrutiny of Government Finance and Expenditure. What’s it for, does it work and at what cost? Papers presented at a Parliamentary Workshop, October 1989, March 1990

 Introductory pages (PDF 33KB)

5 Jenny Hutchison, The Big Picture on the Small Screen, November 1989 (PDF 86KB)

4 Brian Galligan, No Bill of Rights for Australia, July 1989 (PDF 202KB)

3 Peter OKeeffe, Deregulation, Merits Review and the Withering of Parliamentary Sovereignty, December 1988 (PDF 119KB)

2 Anne Lynch, Legislation by Proclamation - Parliamentary Nightmare, Bureaucratic Dream;and John Vander Wyk, The Discharge of Senators from Attendance on the Senate upon a Dissolution of the House of Representatives, July 1988 (PDF 100KB)

1 Peter O’Keeffe, Spoilt for a Ha’p’worth of Tar. How Bureaucratic Law-making can Undermine the Ideals of Civil Liberty, April 1988 (PDF 129KB)

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