Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2016

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All transcripts prior to 2008 can be found in the publication Papers on Parliament | Copyright Notice

Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia
05/02/16 Professor Graeme Orr Elections as Rituals (PDF) (Parlview) (MP3)
11/03/16 Professor Cheryl Saunders and Mr Stephen Argument Australian Democracy and Executive Law-making: Practice and Principle
Professor Saunders paper (PDF)
Mr Stephen Argument paper (PDF)
(Parlview) (MP3)
13/05/16 Professor Simon Tormey The End of Representative Politics?
The Contemporary Crisis of Representative Democracy (PDF)
(Parlview) (MP3)
24/06/16 Dr Bede Harris Does our Constitution really give effect to the doctrines it purportedly embodies? An argument in favour of constitutional reform (PDF)
(Parlview) (MP3)
22/07/16 Leah Armstrong Reconciliation Action Plans – “Creating Shared Value” (PDF)
(Parlview) (MP3)
02/09/16 Associate Professor Paul Strangio The Australian Prime Ministership: Origins and Evolution (PDF)
(Parlview) (MP3)
30/09/16 Associate Professor Anika Gauja Party Reform: Where are Australia’s Political Parties Headed in the Future? (PDF)
(Parlview) (MP3)
28/10/16 Professor Tom Frame 1916 Conscription Referendum – 100th Anniversary (PDF) (Parlview) (MP3)
4/11/16 Professor Anne Twomey
Annual Harry Evans lecture: Parliament, the Executive and Vice-Regal Reserve Powers: Heading off crises in a closely tied Parliament