Senate Occasional Lecture Series transcripts and audio recordings - 2012

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All transcripts prior to 2008 can be found in the publication Papers on Parliament | Copyright Notice

Date Presenter Transcript Multimedia
23/11/12     Ken Coghill  How should elected members learn parliamentary skills? (PDF 347KB (MP3 44MB)
(WMV 185MB)
19/10/12    Ross McMullin Will Dyson: Australia's radical genius (PDF 1645KB) (MP3 41MB)
(WMV 148MB)
28/09/12   Cheryl Saunders The scope of executive power (PDF 153KB) (MP3 41MB)
(WMV 145MB)
31/08/12 Margaret Fitzherbert           Liberal Women in Parliament: What do the numbers tell us and where to from here? (PDF 153KB) (MP3 38MB)
(WMV 157MB)
29/06/12 Dr Sally Young        Media Reporting of the Next Federal Election: What Can We Expect? (PDF 252KB) (MP3 21MB)
(WMV 130MB)
25/05/12 Professor Kenneth R. Mayer Forecasting Presidential Elections: Obama, Romney, or What? (PDF 562KB) (MP3 25MB)
(WMV 153MB)
13/04/12 Professor William Buss Intersecting Australian and American Constitutional Law: The Strange Case of Privileges and Immunities (PDF 272KB) (MP3 10.6MB)
(WMV 130MB)
16/03/12 Dr Andrew Banfield Minority Report: Lessons from Canada's Minority Parliaments (PDF 928KB) (MP3 34MB)
(WMV 118MB)
24/02/12 Anne Henderson From Labor to Conservative: Joseph Lyons and the Great Depression (PDF 297KB) (MP3 38MB)
(WMV 136MB)