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11 to 13 May 2021

24 May to 4 June 2021

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A new website was launched on 2 December 2020 which explores the work of committees from 1901 to the present.



A number of new inquiries were established during the March sitting week, including the Special Rate of Disability Pension, and Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits. Senate committees currently have 53 inquiries, with several still accepting submissions.

Public hearings

With the Senate in recess until May, committees will take the opportunity to travel to Melbourne and Sydney to take evidence for a number of inquiries including the management of the Inland Rail project, and the importance of a viable, safe, sustainable and efficient road transport industry.


Senate committees have presented over 40 reports so far in 2021. Among the reports tabled in the March sitting week were the final report of the Administration of Sports Grants Select Committee, and a report by the Community Affairs References Committee into Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.


The 2020-21 additional estimates hearings were held from 22 to 26 March 2021.

You can browse through Parlview to find replays of previous hearings, and the estimates transcript schedule allows you to access all the available Hansards.

Each committee publishes a full list of questions taken on notice and progressively publishes the answers they receive.

For more information, see Senate Brief No. 5 – Consideration of estimates by the Senate's legislation committees.


The Senate returns at midday on 11 May for the budget sittings. The week ahead will be published on 10 May and will contain the Government's proposed legislative program, as well as details of other matters likely to be discussed. The Dynamic Red, which will be available approximately 15 minutes before the commencement of each sitting day, is not only a useful resource for keeping track of business, but now also provides full details of divisions - including how each senator voted - in real time. 

Senate Occasional Lecture series

The first lecture for 2021, “Australian Political Opinion: From the 2019 election to COVID-19” was delivered by Dr Sarah Cameron and Professor Ian McAllister on Friday 12 February in the Main Committee Room. Details of the next lecture will be advised when available.