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Reflections on the 10th anniversary of the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights (PJCHR)

Panel discussion moderated by Dr Jacqueline Mowbray featuring Mr Harry Jenkins AO, The Hon. Ken Wyatt AM and Mr Graham Perrett MP 

The PJCHR was established in 2012 to help enhance understanding of, and respect for, human rights in Australia. Its role has been to develop appropriate recognition of human rights issues in legislative and policy development. It has also established dialogue between the executive, Parliament, and public about human rights scrutiny concerns.

A decade on, it is timely to reflect on the committee’s work undertaking scrutiny of federal legislation, its impact on the Parliament’s consideration of legislation, and contribution to an awareness of human rights during legislative development.

Mr Harry Jenkins AO and The Hon. Ken Wyatt AM were the inaugural Chair and Deputy Chair of the PJCHR and worked together to establish the committee’s voice within the Parliament. Mr Perrett MP is a current member of the PJCHR and its longest serving member. This lecture provides an opportunity to hear their reflections on the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the committee. The event will be moderated by the PJCHR’s external legal adviser, Associate Professor Jacqueline Mowbray.

Mr Harry Jenkins AO was the Labor member for Scullin (Victoria) from 1986–2013. He served as the 26th Speaker of the House from 2008–2011 and as inaugural Chair of the PJCHR.

The Hon. Ken Wyatt AM was the Liberal member for Hasluck (WA) from 2010–2022. He was the first Indigenous MP and the inaugural Deputy Chair of the PJCJR.

Mr Graham Perrett MP has been the member for Moreton (Qld) since 2007. He is the longest serving member of the PJCHR and was Deputy Chair from 2016-2022.

Dr Jacqueline Mowbray is an Associate Professor at the University of Sydney and has been the PJCHR’s external legal adviser since 2018.


Friday 19 August 2022
12.15pm - 1.15pm
Main Committee Room
Free event
Procedure & Research Section
02 6277 3648

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Past lectures

Date Presenter Topic Watch Listen Read
20/05/2022Professor Cheryl Saunders AOAccountability for cross-jurisdictional bodiesParlviewMP3PDF 232KB
25/02/2022Ben Oquist and Bill BrowneThe Senate’s new role in protecting our democracyParlviewMP3
12/02/2021Dr Sarah Cameron and Professor Ian McAllisterAustralian Political Opinion: From the 2019 election to COVID-19ParlviewMP3PDF 600KB
30/04/2021Dr Sarah MouldsCommittees of Influence: Evaluating the Role and Impact of Parliamentary CommitteesParlviewMP3PDF 532KB
18/06/2021Professor Megan Davis50th Anniversary of Neville Bonner entering the SenateParlviewMP3
12/11/2021Dr Stein HelgebyInsights into the Parliamentary Budget OfficeParlviewMP3PDF 5MB
03/12/2021Dr Ben GauntlettDisability Policy in Australia – Where to Next? Insights into the Parliamentary Budget OfficeParlviewMP3PDF 1.8MB
06/03/2020Nick MitzevichThe art of democracy—the power of the national art collection to nurture identityParlviewMP3
08/03/2019Professor Ken BenoitAnalysing the Brexit debate through social media: topics, arguments, and attitudesParlviewMP3
12/04/2019Professor Joo-Cheong and Kate GriffithsElectoral campaign financing-two perspectivesParlviewMP3PDF 178KB
07/06/2019Dr Cathy FoleyWhy do we fund government research labs? What have they done for us?ParlviewMP3
05/07/2019Associate Professor David KarpfLessons from the first 25 years of the digital revolution in politicsParlviewMP3
26/07/2019Professor Lisa Hill and Dr Jill SheppardCompulsory Voting: Effects, Public Acceptance and Democratic JustificationParlviewMP3
20/09/2019Andrew MurrayAnnual Harry Evans Lecture: The Senate - the struggle continuesParlviewMP3PDF 416KB
18/10/2019Dr Raymond KellyFirst Nations languages in ParliamentParlviewMP3
16/03/2018George MegalogenisRestoring respectParlviewMP3PDF 1.5MB
13/04/2018Dr Ben WellingsTaking Back Control: Parliament, Sovereignty & BrexitParlviewMP3PDF 407KB
11/05/2018Professor Kim DoveyArchitecture and Power: How Do Buildings Shape Politics?ParlviewMP3PDF 4MB
17/08/2018Professor Ariadne VromenPolitical engagement in the Australian Digital ContextParlviewMP3PDF 224KB
21/09/2018The Hon Ken Wyatt AM MP, Senator Malarndirri McCarthy and Senator Patrick DodsonParliamentary processes from an Indigenous perspectiveParlviewMP3PDF 87KB
19/10/2018Dr Rosemary LaingAnnual Harry Evans Lecture: Richard Chaffey Baker and the shaping of the Australian SenateParlviewMP3PDF 578KB
16/11/2018Amy Mullins75 years of women in political leadership in the Australian ParliamentParlviewMP3PDF 578KB
17/02/2017Professor Simon JackmanPopulism and Discontent: Comparing the United States and AustraliaParlviewMP3PDF 341KB
17/03/2017Dr Zareh GhazarianSmall parties, big changes: The evolution of minor parties elected to the Australian SenateParlviewMP3PDF 162KB
28/04/2017David FrickerGovernment-Citizen Engagement in the Digital AgeParlviewMP3PDF 112KB
26/05/2017Russell Taylor AMIndigenous Constitutional Recognition - 1967 Referendum and TodayParlviewMP3PDF 205KB
26/05/2017Denis Strangman AMThe defeated 1967 nexus referendumParlviewMP3PDF 369KB
30/06/2017Dr Anthony BerginParliament and national security: Challenges and opportunitiesParlviewMP3PDF 114KB
21/07/2017Dr Yee-Fui NgBetween Law and Convention: Ministerial Advisers in the Australian System of Responsible GovernmentParlviewMP3PDF 110KB
25/08/2017Professor Ian McAllister and Sarah CameronTrust, Parties and Leaders: Findings from the 1987-2016 Australian Election StudyParlviewMP3PDF 232KB
20/10/2017His Excellency Mr Chris SeedThe Anzac Connection: Trans-tasman ties in the century since BeershebaParlviewMP3PDF 119KB
01/12/2017Bret Walker SCAnnual Harry Evans lecture: Justified Immunity or Unfinished Business?ParlviewMP3PDF 121KB
05/02/2016Professor Graeme OrrElections as RitualsParlviewMP3PDF 1.3MB
11/03/2016Professor Cheryl SaundersAustralian Democracy and Executive Law-making: Practice and PrincipleParlviewMP3PDF 125KB
11/03/2016Mr Stephen ArgumentAustralian Democracy and Executive Law-making: Practice and PrincipleParlviewMP3PDF 308KB
13/05/2016Professor Simon TormeyAustralian Democracy and Executive Law-making: Practice and PrincipleParlviewMP3PDF 106KB
24/06/2016Dr Bede HarrisDoes our Constitution really give effect to the doctrines it purportedly embodies? An argument in favour of constitutional reformParlviewMP3PDF 143KB
22/07/2016Leah ArmstrongReconciliation Action Plans – “Creating Shared Value”ParlviewMP3PDF 119KB
02/09/2016Associate Professor Paul StrangioThe Australian Prime Ministership: Origins and EvolutionParlviewMP3PDF 133KB
30/09/2016Associate Professor Anika GaujaParty Reform: Where are Australia’s Political Parties Headed in the Future?ParlviewMP3PDF 165KB
28/10/2016Professor Tom Frame1916 Conscription Referendum – 100th AnniversaryParlviewMP3PDF 128KB
04/11/2016Professor Anne TwomeyAnnual Harry Evans lecture: Parliament, the Executive and Vice-Regal Reserve Powers: Heading off crises in a closely tied ParliamentParlviewMP3PDF 294KB
20/02/2015Dr Simon Longstaff AODemocracy, Trust and LegitimacyParlviewMP3PDF 104KB
10/04/2015Aaron PegramPoliticians At War: The Experiences of Australian Senators and Members in the First World WarParlviewMP3PDF 1MB
29/05/2015Dr Andrew MooreFitzpatrick and Browne after 60 yearsParlviewMP3PDF 313KB
19/06/2015Her Excellency Mrs Menna Rawlings CMG800th Anniversary of Magna CartaParlviewMP3PDF 94KB
14/08/2015Jane Halton AO PSMReforming the Public SectorParlviewMP3PDF 104KB
08/09/2015Dr Michael MacklinAnnual Harry Evans lecture: Serving the Senate: The Legacy of Harry EvansParlviewPDF 190KB
25/09/2015Phil Bowen PSM FCPAThe Parliamentary Budget Office: supporting Australian democracyParlviewMP3PDF 98KB
13/11/2015Dr Chris SarraHigh Expectations Realities through High Expectations Relationships: Delivering beyond the Indigenous Policy RhetoricParlviewMP3PDF 93KB
14/02/2014Antony GreenIs it time for a fundamental review of the Senate's electoral system?ParlviewPDF 109KB
07/03/2014Alex OliverAre Australians disenchanted with democracy?ParlviewPDF 335KB
11/04/2014Professor Andrew MarkusTrust in the Australian political systemParlviewPDF 268KB
30/05/2014Stephen BartosThere is no accountability until someone cares: The role of the Senate in public sector performanceParlviewPDF 134KB
27/06/2014Judith Ireland and Greg JerichoThe impact of social media on political journalismParlviewPDF 120KB
11/07/2014Professor Megan DavisCompeting notions of constitutional 'recognition': truth and justice or living 'off the crumbs that fall off the White Australian tables'ParlviewPDF 100KB
08/08/2014Professor Linda Trimble'Abolition difficult, reform impossible, status quo unacceptable': can Canada fix its Senate?ParlviewPDF 118KB
12/09/2014The Hon Dr Brendan NelsonThe role of the Australian Parliament when going to war ParlviewPDF 173KB
24/10/2014Professor Helen IrvingPulling the trigger: The 1914 double dissolution election and its legacyParlviewPDF 416KB
28/11/2014Colin Neave AMExploring the role of the Commonwealth Ombudsman in relation to ParliamentParlviewPDF 94KB
05/12/2014Professor Ross GarnautGlobal development: The long term context of Australian developmentParlviewPDF 103KB
15/02/2013David Headon'But once in a history': Canberra's foundation stones and naming ceremonies, 12 March 1913MP3PDF 163KB
22/03/2013Christopher KamPaying politicians: do we get what we pay for? Lessons from CanadaMP3PDF 505KB
24/05/2013Jack WaterfordCanberra and the Parliament: an increasingly uncomfortable marriageMP3PDF 100KB
19/07/2013James P. PfiffnerDysfunctional politics in the United States: origins and consequencesMP3PDF 154KB
20/09/2013Aaron MartinPolitical engagement among the young in AustraliaParlviewMP3PDF 120KB
18/10/2013Rosemary Crowley, Amanda Vanstone and Laura TingleWomen in Federal ParliamentParlviewMP3PDF 153KB
15/11/2013Robyn ArcherRe-imagining the CapitalParlviewMP3PDF 133KB
06/12/2013Michael MaleyInternational election observations: coming ready or not?ParlviewMP3PDF 188KB
24/02/2012Anne HendersonFrom Labor to Conservative: Joseph Lyons and the Great DepressionWMV 136MBMP3 38MBPDF 297KB
16/03/2012Dr Andrew BanfieldMinority Report: Lessons from Canada's Minority ParliamentsWMV 118MBMP3 34MBPDF 928KB
13/04/2012Professor William BussIntersecting Australian and American Constitutional Law: The Strange Case of Privileges and ImmunitiesWMV 130MBMP3 10MBPDF 272KB
25/05/2012Professor Kenneth R. MayerForecasting Presidential Elections: Obama, Romney, or What?WMV 153MBMP3 25MBPDF 562KB
29/06/2012Dr Sally YoungMedia Reporting of the Next Federal Election: What Can We Expect?WMV 130MBMP3 21MBPDF 252KB
31/08/2012Margaret FitzherbertLiberal Women in Parliament: What do the numbers tell us and where to from here?WMV 157MBMP3 38MBPDF 153KB
28/09/2012Cheryl SaundersThe scope of executive powerWMV 145MBMP3 41MBPDF 153KB
19/10/2012Ross McMullinWill Dyson: Australia's radical geniusWMV 148MBMP3 41MBPDF 1.6MB
23/11/2012Ken CoghillHow should elected members learn parliamentary skills?WMV 185MBMP3 44MBPDF 347KB
25/02/2011Geoff Gallop ACHow Healthy Is Australian Federalism?WMV 151MBMP3 25MBPDF 74KB
11/03/2011Dr John BarryAfter the Party, the Hangover: An Analysis of ‘Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland’ in the Light of the February 2011 ElectionWMV 152MBMP3 24MBPDF 190KB
01/04/2011Waleed AlyMulticulturalism, Assimilation and the Politics of TerrorismWMV 158MBMP3 13MBPDF 84KB
13/05/2011Patrick Weller AOLearning to be a MinisterWMV 154MBMP3 12MBPDF 99KB
10/06/2011Andrew MurrayBudgets and Finance: Sunlight and the Dark ArtsWMV 154MBPDF 141KB
08/07/2011Don AitkinThe Problem of Planned Cities: Canberra in ContextWMV 161MBMP3 26MBPDF 150KB
05/08/2011Mick DodsonConstitutional Recognition of Indigenous AustraliansWMV 149MBMP3 24MBPDF 156KB
23/09/2011Peter MaresTemporary Migration and its Implications for AustraliaWMV 150MBMP3 42MBPDF 787KB
14/10/2011Ian McPheeThe Evolving Role and Mandate of the ANAO Since FederationWMV 159MBMP3 26MBPDF 369KB
18/11/2011Kylie Scroope‘Faithful Representations’ 100 years of the Historic Memorials CollectionWMV 135MBMP3 11MBPDF 816KB
07/12/2011Jon StanhopeWho’s Afraid of Human Rights?WMV 151MBMP3 24MBPDF 334KB
12/03/2010David DayAndrew Fisher, Triumph and TragedyWMV 159MBMP3 27MBHTML
23/04/2010Professor Yvonne GalliganThinking About Gender and DemocracyWMV 150MBMP3 28MBHTML
21/05/2010Professor Diana DwyreElections, Money and Free Speech in the United StatesWMV 150MBMP3 25MBHTML
23/07/2010Dr David BurchellHow Not to Do It: Lessons for Australia From the 2010 UK ElectionsWMV 150MBMP3 21MB
13/08/2010Kathleen M. BurnsThe Pryor Perspective: Sharply to the PointMP3 12MBHTML
27/08/2010The Hon Dr John BannonThe Disillusionment of Sir John DownerWMV 138MBMP3 11MBHTML
17/09/2010Andrew HutsonSquare Peg in a Square Hole? Australia’s Parliament HouseMP3 21MBHTML
15/10/2010Dr Scott BrentonMinority Government: Is the House of Representatives Finally Catching up with the Senate?WMV 148MBMP3 55MBHTML
05/11/2010Dr Meg RussellStrengthening the British House of Commons: The Unexpected Reforms of 2010WMV 153MBMP3 28MBHTML
03/12/2010Dr David HeadonDevotion, Daring and Sense of Destiny - Surveyors of the Early CommonwealthWMV 149MBMP3 24MBHTML
06/03/2009John WarhurstThe Trajectory of the Australian Republic DebateMP3 43MBHTML
03/04/2009Dr Anne TwomeyCutting the Gordian Knot: Limiting Rather than Codifying the Powers of a Republican Head of StateMP3 43MBHTML
24/04/2009Professor John DryzekThe Australian Citizens' Parliament: a World FirstMP3 58MBHTML
22/05/2009Professor George WilliamsThe Role of Parliament under and Australian Charter of Human RightsMP3 25MBHTML
19/06/2009Professor Margaret ReynoldsIs There Life After Parliament? Reflections of a Former SenatorMP3 18MBHTML
24/07/2009Harry EvansTime, Chance and Parliament Lessons from Forty YearsWMV 164MBMP3 15MBHTML
14/08/2009Jonathan PincusCommonwealth-State Financial Relations The Case For Competitive FederalismMP3 14MBHTML
28/08/2009John KeaneMedia Decadence and DemocracyWMV 159MBMP3 59MBHTML
13/11/2009Charles SampfordParliament, Political Ethics and National Integrity SystemsWMV 159MBMP3 28MBHTML
15/02/2008Sir Bernard CrickConstitutional Politics: Is it the 'Scottish Question' or the 'English Question?'MP3 11MBHTML
07/03/2008Patricia SykesWomen Leaders and Executive Politics - Engendering Change in Anglo-American NationsMP3 12MBHTML
04/04/2008Professor James AllanSiren Songs and Myths in the Bill of Rights DebateMP3 12MBHTML
09/05/2008Dr Clement MacintyreParliamentary Architecture and Political CultureMP3 22MBHTML
30/05/2008Dr Anne TiernanThe Rudd Transition: Continuity and change in the structures of advice and support to Australian Prime MinistersMP3 15MBHTML
20/06/2008Kenneth FeinbergCompensating Victims of Disasters - the United States ExperienceMP3 14MBHTML
11/07/2008Dr Sally YoungPolitics and the Media in Australia TodayMP3 14MBHTML
08/08/2008Dr Peter BrainGoverning the Market: Threats to Australia's stability and securityMP3 14MBHTML
12/09/2008Professor Geoffrey GarrettMcCain v Obama: What the 2008 US election means for AustraliaMP3 14MBHTML
17/10/2008Dr David HeadonWanted: Treasure House of a Nation's Heart - The search for an Australian capital city, 1891 - 1908MP3 15MBHTML