Treasury portfolio

Budget Estimates 2007-08 (May 2007)

Treasury portfolio

Index to Questions on Notice (PDF 423KB)

Responses to questions taken on notice at the budget estimates hearings were due on Friday 27 July 2007 -
standing order 74(5) takes effect 30 days after this date.

Answers to Questions on Notice





BET-1 Sherry Treasury Tourist Refund Scheme (PDF 26KB)
BET-2 Joyce ACCC Phone tapping powers (PDF 13KB)
BET-3 Joyce ACCC Collective bargaining - waiving of fees (PDF 21KB)
BET-4 Joyce ACCC Geelong case (PDF 13KB)
BET-5 Evans Treasury Official Development Assistance [transferred to AusAid] N/A
BET-6 Evans Treasury Excise and excise-equivalent customs duty (PDF 42KB)
BET-7 Evans Treasury Appropriations framework  
BET-8 Evans ATO New Business Intensive Assistance Programme (PDF 44KB)
BET-9 Evans ABS Australian Bureau of Statistics - assets and liabilities / current solvency ratio (PDF 13KB)
BET-10 Sherry ATO Child care tax rebate (PDF 35KB)
BET-11 Stott Despoja Treasury Access card - costings [transferred from the Department of Human Services] (PDF 12KB)
BET-12 Sherry ATO New Business Intensive Assistance Programme (PDF 30KB)
BET-13 Sherry ATO Superannuation guarantee (relates to E68 - proof transcript 29 May 2007) (PDF 17KB)
BET-14 Sherry ATO Mortgage brokers - liaison with ASIC (relates to E96 - proof transcript 29 May 2007) (PDF 26KB)
BET-15 O'Brien Treasury Forestry managed investment schemes (PDF 13KB)
BET-16 O'Brien Treasury Forestry managed investment schemes - level of trading (PDF 13KB)
BET-17 O'Brien Treasury Non-forestry managed investment schemes - consultation (PDF 16KB)
BET-18 Carr Treasury Take-up rates of R&D tax concession (PDF 13KB)
BET-19 Carr Treasury R&D tax concession (PDF 13KB)
BET-20 Carr Treasury R&D investment (PDF 14KB)
BET-21 Carr Treasury Estimate of take-up in R&D spending (PDF 13KB)
BET-22 Carr Treasury Multinational enterprises increasing R&D (PDF 15KB)
BET-23 Joyce Treasury United States arrangements for capital gains tax on shares (PDF 14KB)
BET-24 Sherry Treasury Corporate profitability (PDF 13KB)
BET-25 Sherry Treasury Projection of superannuation fund estimates (PDF 13KB)
BET-26 Sherry Treasury Number of taxpayers (PDF 13KB)
BET-27 Sherry Treasury Taxpayers in each marginal tax bracket in 2007-08 (PDF 13KB)
BET-28 Sherry Treasury Department of Defence/ATO - revenue forgone for 2008-09 and 2009-10 (PDF 18KB)
BET-29 Sherry Treasury Return of excise on damaged products - legislation (PDF 19KB)
BET-30 Sherry Treasury Exemption of income earned by Australians working on approved overseas projects  
BET-31 Sherry Treasury Number of businesses leaving GST registration (PDF 16KB)
BET-32 Sherry Treasury Consultation on the Tax Laws Amendment (2006 Measures No. 7) Bill 2006 (PDF 16KB)
BET-33 Sherry Treasury Tax treatment of non-super additional income (PDF 14KB)
BET-34 Sherry Treasury Estimates for tax treatment of non-super additional income (PDF 14KB)
BET-35 Sherry APRA Strategic Capital Superannuation Fund (PDF 22KB)
BET-36 Sherry APRA Disqualification of an auditor (PDF 20KB)
BET-37 O'Brien ACCC Presentation of witness statements (PDF 27KB)
BET-38 Ronaldson ACCC Petrol prices - state and territory intervention (PDF 20KB)
BET-39 O'Brien ACCC Acts Interpretation Act - exemptions (PDF 65KB)
BET-40 Joyce ACCC Percentage of population living in 'rural and regional' areas (PDF 25KB)
BET-41 Conroy ACCC T3 prospectus (PDF 20KB)
BET-42 Conroy ACCC Telstra prospectus - G9 proposal (PDF 32KB)
BET-43 Fielding ACCC Retail tenant complaint enquiries (PDF 35KB)
BET-44 Murray ACCC Unconscionable conduct complaints (PDF 56KB)
BET-45 Murray ACCC Franchising and leasing/rental complaints (PDF 39KB)
BET-46 Joyce ACCC Section 51AC cases (PDF 27KB)
BET-47 Joyce ACCC Section 87B undertakings (PDF 11KB)
BET-48 Sherry ASIC Trustee in the case of Australian Capital Reserve (PDF 12KB)
BET-49 Sherry ASIC State entities (PDF 21KB)
BET-50 Sherry/Murray ASIC Unlisted and unrated entities (PDF 18KB)
BET-51 Sherry ASIC Letter to 20 trustees (Bridgecorp proceedings) (PDF 26KB)
BET-52 Parry ASIC Annual report - criminal and civil prosecutions / staffing figures (PDF 24KB)
BET-53 Parry ASIC Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (PDF 19KB)
BET-54 Wong ASIC Indemnity granted to James Hardie officers (PDF 22KB)
BET-55 Wong ASIC James Hardie - level of cover (PDF 24KB)
BET-56 Wong ASIC Foreign ownership (PDF 14KB)
BET-57 Wong ASIC Financial Management and Accountability Act - ASIC preparation (PDF 23KB)
BET-58 Wong ASIC Financial Management and Accountability Act - changes for the ASIC Chief Executive (PDF 19KB)
BET-59 Wong ASIC ASX - staffing level targets (PDF 12KB)
BET-60 Wong ASIC ASX - matters referred to ASIC (PDF 51KB)
BET-61 Wong ASIC Financial services reform policy statements (PDF 15KB)
BET-62 Sherry ASIC AMP enforceable undertaking (PDF 21KB)
BET-63 Sherry ASIC Trustee corporations - uniform licensing and prudential supervision (PDF 13KB)
BET-64 Sherry ASIC Australian Capital Reserve - public advertising campaign (PDF 16KB)
BET-65 Sherry ASIC Financial institutions - dispute processes (PDF 28KB)
BET-66 Sherry ASIC ASIC investigations - extraditions (PDF 16KB)
BET-67 Sherry ASIC First Capital Financial Planning (PDF 41KB)
BET-68 Sherry ASIC Calculation of losses (PDF 12KB)
BET-69 Sherry ASIC Appointment of a liquidator to a transport logistics company (PDF 15KB)
BET-70 Sherry ASIC Fake investment website (PDF 22KB)
BET-71 Wong AASB Australian Accounting Standards Board work program (PDF 38KB)
BET-72 Wong AASB Tier three - numbers and the impact on companies (PDF 39KB)
BET-73 Wong AASB Companies applying for IFRS Lite (PDF 13KB)
BET-74 Sherry Treasury Fall in agricultural income (PDF 43KB)
BET-75 Sherry Treasury Intergenerational Report - assets test of age pension (PDF 15KB)
BET-76 Sherry Treasury Intergenerational Report - ABS and Defence (PDF 17KB)
BET-77 Sherry Treasury Intergenerational Report - Defence spending (PDF 15KB)
BET-78 Sherry Treasury Whole-of-government intergenerational amounts - aggregate expenses (PDF 13KB)
BET-79 Joyce Treasury Carbon trading schemes operating in other countries (PDF 15KB)
BET-80 Sherry Treasury Future Fund (PDF 14KB)
BET-81 Bernardi Treasury Future Fund - modelling (PDF 13KB)
BET-82 Bernardi Treasury Future Fund - impact on removal of funds (PDF 13KB)
BET-83 Sherry Treasury Real spending - growth (PDF 13KB)
BET-84 Sherry Treasury Asset sales (PDF 13KB)
BET-85 Sherry Treasury Intergenerational Report - productivity growth forecast (PDF 22KB)
BET-86 Carr ATO Portfolio Budget Statement – R&D refundable tax offset for small companies (PDF 34KB)
BET-87 Bernardi ATO Dr Parker retained by ATO as a consultant (PDF 34KB)
BET-88 Bernardi ATO Operation of the bonus system within the Australian Valuation Office (PDF 25KB)
BET-89 Bernardi ATO Australian Valuation Office - senior executive bonus system (PDF 21KB)
BET-90 Bernardi ATO Australian Valuation Office - remuneration system (PDF 20KB)
BET-91 Sherry ATO Australian Valuation Office - historical data on bonuses (PDF 24KB)
BET-92 Carol Brown ATO Hobart debt legal unit (PDF 26KB)
BET-93 Carol Brown ATO Perth debt legal unit - staff numbers (PDF 20KB)
BET-94 Carol Brown ATO Hobart debt legal unit - consultation process (PDF 35KB)
BET-95 Sherry ATO ATO general staffing levels (PDF 25KB)
BET-96 Sherry ATO Additional ATO resourcing since introduction of the GST (PDF 65KB)
BET-97 Watson ATO Rights issues (PDF 37KB)
BET-98 Watson ATO Payment of HECS debts (PDF 22KB)
BET-99 Sherry ATO Average HECS debt for persons aged 20-25 (PDF 17KB)
BET-100 Murray ATO Australian National Audit Office Report No. 16 of 2006-07 (PDF 49KB)
BET-101 Sherry ATO Self-managed superannuation booklet - compensation warning (PDF 22KB)
BET-102 Sherry ATO Self-managed superannuation funds - operational expenses (PDF 24KB)
BET-103 Sherry ATO Entrepreneurs tax offset and use of the simplified tax system (PDF 44KB)
BET-104 Sherry ATO Decline in ATO employees (PDF 20KB)
BET-105 Sherry ATO Identity fraud (PDF 31KB)
BET-106 Sherry ATO Business Activity Statement fraud (PDF 22KB)
BET-107 Sherry ATO Number of tax file numbers (PDF 21KB)
BET-108 Ronaldson/
ATO ATO staffing numbers in Tasmania (PDF 40KB)
BET-109 Sherry ATO ATO compliance program update (PDF 20KB)
BET-110 Sherry ATO High-wealth individuals - update on revenue (PDF 23KB)
BET-111 Sherry ATO High-wealth individuals booklet - cost of development (PDF 26KB)
BET-112 Sherry ATO Tax treatment of water rights (PDF 35KB)
BET-113 Sherry ATO Unspent funds against 2006-07 budget (PDF 26KB)
BET-114 Murray ATO Funding for states - asset purchases (PDF 25KB)
BET-115 Sherry ATO ATO advertising expenditure (PDF 24KB)

 Tabled documents and letter of correction

Tabled documents nos. 1-4:  see Industry, Tourism and Resources portfolio  
Tabled document no. 5:  Draft Tax Office Remuneration Policy
(tabled by Mr Michael D'Ascenzo, Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation Office on 29 May 2007)
(PDF 343KB)
Tabled document no. 6:  Non SES Australian Workplace Agreements (AWAs) – Draft Guidelines for National Program Managers on the application of non SES AWAs in the Tax Office
(tabled by Mr Michael D'Ascenzo, Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation Office on 29 May 2007)
(PDF 1344KB)
Tabled document no. 7:  Full-time equivalent staffing numbers and Tax Office appropriation and GST administration figures
(tabled by Mr Michael D'Ascenzo, Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation Office on 29 May 2007)
(PDF 99KB)
Tabled document no. 8:  ATO staff numbers in Hobart, Tasmania and overall (head count)
(tabled by Mr Michael D'Ascenzo, Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation Office on 29 May 2007)
(PDF 16KB)
Tabled document no. 9:  Opening statement on ASIC's priorities for the next 12 months
(tabled by Mr Tony D'Aloisio, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 30 May 2007)
(PDF 342KB)
Tabled document no. 10:  Statement on Westpoint
(tabled by Mr Tony D'Aloisio, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 30 May 2007)
(PDF 121KB)
Tabled document no. 11:  Statement on Fincorp
(tabled by Mr Tony D'Aloisio, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 30 May 2007)
(PDF 595KB)
Tabled document no. 12:  Statement on Australian Capital Reserve
(tabled by Mr Tony D'Aloisio, Chairman, Australian Securities and Investments Commission on 30 May 2007)
(PDF 251KB)
Letter of correction no. 1:  From the ATO clarifying evidence given at estimates on Tuesday 29 May 2007
(dated 6 September 2007)
(PDF 101KB)

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