Appendix 2

Public hearings

Monday, 12 April 2021
Transport Workers Union
Mr Michael Kaine, National Secretary
Mr Jack Boutros, Strategic Campaigner
Australian Services Union
Ms Natalie Lang, Branch Secretary, Australian Services Union
Ola Australia
Ms Ann Tan, Director and Head of Business Excellence and Legal
Mr Dominic Taylor, General Manager
Uber Eats
Mr Matthew Denman, General Manager
Mr Ed McManus, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Julia Duck, Head of Operations, Strategy and Performance
Mr Jordan O'Reilly, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
Ms Jessica Timmins, Senior Director of Service
Mr Peter Scutt, Chief Executive Officer
Professor Joellen Riley Munton, Professor of Law, University of Technology Sydney (Private capacity)
Dr Sandra Peter, Director of Sydney Business Insights, Business School, University of Sydney (Private capacity)
Mr Morten Belling, Managing Director
Mr Steven Teoh, Director of Delivery
Statements by delivery driver/rider workers
Mr Assad Manzoor, Private capacity
Mr Ashley Moorland, Private capacity
Mr Esteban Salazar, Private capacity
Tuesday, 13 April 2021
Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees’ Association
Mr Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary-Treasurer
Health Services Union
Mr Lloyd Williams, National Secretary
Australian Retailers Association
Mr Paul Zahra, Chief Executive Officer
Migrant Workers Centre
Mr Matt Kunkel, Director
Dr Hyeseon Jeong, Research and Policy Officer
National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU)
Dr Alison Barnes, National President
Dr Terri MacDonald, Director, Policy and Research
Casualised, Unemployed, and Precarious University Workers (CUPUW)
Dr Yaegan Doran, Member, CUPUW
Mx Morgan Jones, Member, CUPUW
Mx Dani Cotton, Member, University of Sydney Casuals Network
Ms Donna Tolhurst (Private capacity)

Shoalhaven City Council
Councillor Amanda Findley, Mayor
South Coast Labour Council
Mr Arthur Rorris, Secretary
Business Illawarra
Mr Evan Marginson, Policy Manager
Mr Adam Zarth, Executive Director
United Workers Union
Ms Jo Briskey, Official
Ms Tracy Cartan, Member
Mr Ken Brown, Member
Ms Kathy Dryden, Member
Statements by workers
Mr Rob Long, Tafe Organiser – New South Wales Teachers Federation
Mr Jim Scardanas, Private capacity
Mr Brad Cowie, Delegate – Public Service Association
Mr Mark Rogers, Member – National Tertiary Education Union
Statements by small business owners
Mr Gary McCarthy, Private capacity

Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
Ms Annie Butler, Federal Secretary
Ms Lori-Anne Sharp, Assistant Federal Secretary
Health Services Union (HSU)
Mr Raymond Collins, Industrial Organiser
United Workers Union – Aged Care
Ms Ffion Evans, Coordinator – Member Power
Ms Anu Singh, Member
Ms Tracy Colbert, Member
Per Capita
Ms Emma Dawson, Executive Director
Mr Matthew Lloyd-Cape, Research Economist
Distinguished Professor Sara Charlesworth, Work, Gender and Regulation, School of Management, and Director, Centre for people, Organisation and Work, College of Business – RMIT University(Private capacity)
Aged and Community Services Australia
Ms Patricia Sparrow, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Malcolm Larsen, Executive Director - Government and Public Affairs
Australian Health Services Research Institute
Professor Kathy M Eagar, Director
Professor Catherine Bennett, Chair in Epidemiology - Deakin University (Private capacity)
McKell Institute Victoria
Mr Ryan Batchelor, Executive Director

Dr Michael Reich (Private capacity)
Mr Rodney Stiles, Former Assistant Commissioner at NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission/Freelance Mobility and Labour Consultant (Private capacity)
Victorian Council of Social Services
Ms Emma King, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Deborah Fewster, Manager - Advocacy
Ms Charlotte Newbold, Policy Advisor
Hospo Voice
Mr Tim Petterson, Organiser
Mr Darcy Moran, Member
Young Workers Centre
Ms Mairead Lesman, Acting Director
Ms Jorja Hickey
Brotherhood of St Laurence
Ms Emma Cull, Senior Manager Service Development and Strategy
Dr Joseph Borlagdan, Principal Research Fellow
Australian Unemployed Workers Union
Mr Peter Littlejohn, National Operations Co-Coordinator
Ms Kristin O’Connell, Communications Coordinator
Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC)
Dr Carina Garland, Assistant Secretary
Australia Institute, Centre for Future Work
Dr James Stanford, Economics and Director
Mr Dan Nahum, Economist
United Workers Union
Mr Ben Redford, Director
Australian Services Union
Ms Lisa Darmanin, Branch Secretary - Victorian and Tasmanian Branch
Mr Leon Wiegard, Assistant Branch Secretary - Victorian and Tasmanian Branch
Mr Andy Sinclair, Member - Victorian and Tasmanian Branch
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers
Mr Kamal Farouque, Principal Lawyer
Australian Higher Education Industrial Association
Mr Stuart Andrews, Executive Director

Fair Work Ombudsman
Mr Jeremy O’Sullivan, Chief Counsel
Mr Steven Ronson, Executive Director – Enforcement
Aged Care Industry Association
Mr Luke Westenberg, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Mr Scott Barklamb, Director - Workplace Relations
Ms Tamsin Lawrence, Deputy Director - Workplace Relations
Australian Industry Group
Mr Stephen Smith, Head of National Workplace Relations Policy
Ms Julie Toth, Chief Economist

Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union
Mr Lawrence Ben, Political Coordinator
Professor Paula McDonald, Professor of Work and Organisation – Queensland University of Technology Business School (Private capacity)
Amazon Commercial Services Pty Ltd (Amazon Australia)
Mr Michael Cooley, Director - Public Policy Australia and New Zealand
Mr Ryan Smith, Manager - Public Policy
Transport Workers' Union of Australia
Mr Micheal Kaine, National Secretary
International Transport Federation
Mr Scott McDine, Head - Sydney ITF Office
Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association
Mr Bernie Smith, Branch Secretary-Treasurer
Safe Work Australia
Ms Rebecca Newton, Branch Manager - Chemicals, Occupational Hygiene Policy and High Risk Work Policy
Ms Meredith Bryant, Branch Manager
Ms Sarah Costelloe, Branch Manager

Dr Stephan Whelan, Private capacity
Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining & Energy Union (CFMEU)
Mr Stephen Smyth, District President, CFMMEU Mining & Energy Division Queensland District
Mr Chad Stokes, mine worker
Mr Wayne Goulevitch, mine worker
Queensland Council of Unions
Mr Michael Clifford, General Secretary
One Key Resources
Mr Ben Lewis, Managing Director
Chandler Macleod
Mr Peter Acheson, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Alan Hayes, Regional Manager, Mining
Mr Mark Graham, Chief People Officer & Head of Industrial Relations
Hays Recruitment
Mr Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
Mackay Regional Council
Councillor Greg Williamson, Mayor
Councillor Karen May, Deputy Mayor
Resource Industry Network (RIN)
Mr Tim Magoffin, Deputy Chairperson
Mr Dean Kirkwood, General Manager

Minerals Council of Australia
Mr Sid Marris, Deputy Chief Executive Officer – Strategy, State & Territory Relationships
Dr Matthew Steen, General Manager – Economic Policy
Mr Warwick Jones, Chair, MCA Workplace Relations Reform Taskforce
Anglo American Australia
Mr Warwick Jones, Head of Human Resources
Mr Matthew Furrer, Vice President – Operations Services
Rio Tinto
Mr Ben Mansour, General Manager Employee Relations and Human Resources
Australian Workers Union
Mr Daniel Walton, National Secretary
Health Services Union – NSW/ACT/QLD
Mr Gerard Hayes, Secretary
Ms Lauren Hutchins, Aged Care Division Secretary
Queensland Nurses and Midwives' Union
Ms Ashleigh Pawsey, Research and Policy Officer
Mr Kevin Crank, Industrial Officer
Ms Sherree Clarke, Growth and Campaigns Officer
Ms Virginia Mashford, Member
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland
Ms Luisa Baucia, Policy Advisor
Mr Corey Dyer, HR Services Operations Manager
Ms Cherie Miller, Principal Consultant and Master Trainer, Suicide Prevention Programs, Patria Consulting; and Chairperson, Moranbah Community Health Partnership
Isaac Regional Council
Councillor Anne Baker, Mayor
Councillor Kelly Vea Vea, Deputy Mayor, Councillor Division 5
Monday, 26 July 2021
Master Builders Australia
Mr Shaun Schmitke, Chief Executive Officer
Circle Green Community Legal
Mr Rowan Kelly, Legal Practice Manager
Dr Caleb Goods, Private capacity
Dr Tom Barratt, Private capacity
Western Australian Council of Social Service Inc.
Mr Chris Twomey, Leader Policy & Research
Ms Eva Perroni, Social Policy Officer
Mr Owen Whittle, Secretary
Mr Tim Dymond, Organising and Strategic Research Officer
Ms Jill Hugo, Assistant Branch Secretary
Mr Peter O'Keeffe, General Secretary
Construction & General Division of the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU)
Mr Dave Noonan, National Secretary
Mr Mick Buchan, State Secretary, Western Australia
Mr Stephen Catania, Co-ordinator, Political and Industrial
Ms Lucinda Weber, Senior National Legal Officer
Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
Mr Steve McCartney, State Secretary, Western Australia
Mr Chris Kirkby, Member
Electrical Trades Union of Australia
Mr Peter Carter, Secretary, Western Australia

Recruitment, Consulting and Staffing Association (RCSA)
Mr Charles Cameron, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Brooke Lord, Head of Advocacy and Policy
The WorkPac Group
Mr Cameron Hockaday, Chief Commercial and Risk Officer
Mr Duncan Fletcher, Private capacity
Programmed Skilled Workforce
Mr Nic Fairbank, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Kevin Cameron, Head of People
HR Nicholls Society
Mr Kyle Kutasi, President
Transport Workers' Union of Australia
Mr Tim Dawson, Branch Secretary, Western Australia
The National and State Youth Peaks
Mr Stefaan Bruce-Truglio, Senior Policy & Advocacy Officer, Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia
Mr Luke Rycken, Executive Officer, Australian Youth Affairs Coalition
Self Employed Australia
Mr Ken Phillips, Executive Director

Dr Fiona MacDonald, Private capacity
Dr Katherine Ravenswood, Private capacity
United Workers Union
Ms Carolyn Smith, Aged Care Director
Ms Melinda Vaz, Aged Care Member
Bolton Clarke
Ms Melissa Leahy, Chief People Officer
Ms Kerin McMahon, Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Care
Mr Gregory Reeve, Chief Executive Officer
Australian Resources and Energy Group AMMA
Mr Tom Reid, Head of Policy & Public Affairs

Australian Public Service Commission
Mr Patrick Hetherington Acting Deputy Commissioner
Mr Grant Lovelock, First Assistant Commissioner and Head of APS Academy
Mr Marco Spaccavento, Assistant Commissioner, Workplace Relations
Department of Finance
Mr Matt Yannopoulos, Deputy Secretary, Budget and Financial Reporting
Ms Amanda Lee, First Assistant Secretary, Budget Policy and Coordination Division, Budget and Financial Reporting
Ms Stacie Hall, Acting Deputy Secretary, Commercial and Government Services
Mr Gareth Sebar, Assistant Secretary, Significant Matters Taskforce, Procurement and Insurance Division, Commercial and Government Services
Mr Iain Scott, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Services Division, Business Enabling Services
Mr Grant Stevens, Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Services Division, Business Enabling Services
Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU)
Ms Melissa Donnelly, National Secretary
Mr Alistair Waters, National President
Ms Beth Vincent-Pietsch, Deputy Secretary
Mr Nicholas Thackray, Workplace Delegate
ManpowerGroup Australia
Mr David Bruch, Chief Financial Officer/Acting Managing Director
Ms Ellen Nelson, Head of Legal
Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA)
Ms Sachi Wimmer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Ms Cherie Enders, Chief Operating Officer
Services Australia
Ms Annette Musolino, Chief Operating Officer
Mr Michael Nelson, General Manager People
Hays Recruitment
Mr Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director
Australian Taxation Office
Ms Michelle Allen, Assistant Commissioner, Risk and Strategy - Employer Obligations
Ms Emma Rosenzweig, Deputy Commissioner, Strategy and Support
Tuesday, 14 September 2021
Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union of Australia (CEPU)
Mr Shane Murphy, National Divisional President
Mr Peter O’Connell, NSW Branch Vice President
Mr Amir Aghamohammadkhan, Member and NBN field technician sub-contractor
Mr Burak Sagol, Member and NBN field technician sub-contractor
Mr Mohammed Yehia, Member and NBN field technician sub-contractor
Mr Steve Nedelkovski, Member and NBN field technician sub-contractor
Mr Tim Harris, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Richard Bartley, Executive General Manager
Mr Stephen Rue, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Katherine Dyer, Chief Operating Officer
Ms Sally Kincaid, Chief People and Culture Officer
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
Mr Scott Gregson, Chief Operating Officer
Mr Rami Greiss, Executive General Manager Consumer and Fair Trading
Ms Sarah Proudfoot, Executive General Manager Infrastructure Regulation

Mr Neil Barnes, General Manager
Mr David Black, General Manager People and Capability – Telecommunications Sector
Mr Tim Harwood, Group Executive, Telecommunications
Service Stream
Mr Leigh Mackender, Managing Director
Downer Group
Mr Damien North, Group Manager Industrial Relations
Mr Steve Schofield, Group Head of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Fulton Hogan Utilities
Mr Lee Revell, Chief Executive Officer, Utilities
Mr Peter Andreopoulos, General Manager Communications
Mr Toby Matthews, Managing Director, Services

Mr Tony LaMontagne, Private capacity
Australian Women Against Violence Alliance
Ms Terese Edwards, Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Single Mothers & their Children
COTA Australia
Mr Ian Yates, Chief Executive
MATES in Construction
Mr Chris Lockwood, National Chief Executive Officer
Ms Kate Jenkins, Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Australian Human Rights Commission, Private capacity
National Foundation for Australian Women
Professor Helen Hodgson, Chair, Social Policy Committee
Dr Kathleen MacDermott, Member
Suicide Prevention Australia
Ms Nieves Murray, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Matthew McLean, Director of Policy and Government Relations
Australian Medical Association
Dr Antonio Di Dio, AMA Public Health Committee Member

National Farmers’ Federation (NFF)
Mr Tony Mahar, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Ben Rogers, General Manager, Workplace Relations and Legal Affairs
Unions NSW
Mr Mark Morey, Secretary
Mr Thomas Costa, Assistant Secretary
Ms Sophia Nasser, Legal and Industrial Officer
Ms Kate Hsu
Mr Decheng Sun
Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility
Dr Katie Hepworth, Director of Workers’ Rights
Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association
Mr Gerard Dwyer, National Secretary-Treasurer
Mr Bernie Smith, NSW Branch Secretary
Dr Joanna Howe, Private capacity
Australian Meat Industry Employees Union
Mr Matt Journeaux, Queensland Branch Secretary and, Acting Federal Secretary
Teys Australia
Mr John Langbridge, General Manager Industry and Corporate Affairs
Woolworths Group
Carmel Pelunsky, Director, Talent and Future of Work
Tom Windeyer, General Manager, Last Mile with WooliesX
Craig Adams, General Manager, National Operations, Primary Connect
Jessica Digby, Workplace Relations Partner;
Laura McManus, Human Rights Manager
Maggie Lloyd, Senior Manager, Government Relations and Industry Affairs
Department of Home Affairs
Mr Pablo Carpay, First Assistant Secretary, People and Culture
Ms Lee-anne Monterosso, First Assistant Secretary, Procurement, Property and Contracts, Chief Procurement Officer
Mr Radi Kovacevic, Deputy Group Manager, Chief Information Officer, ICT
Mr Michael Willard, First Assistant Secretary, Immigration Programs
Ms Tara Cavanagh, First Assistant Secretary, Immigration Integrity, Assurance and Policy
Mr Robert Ewing, Economic and Deregulation Chief Economist
Ms Sharon Huey, Assistant Commissioner, ABF Workforce Command
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ms Danielle Heinecke, First Assistant Secretary, Land and Connectivity Division, Office of the Pacific
Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Rosemary Deininger, Deputy Secretary, Agriculture Policy, Research and Portfolio Strategy

Professor Michael Quinlan & Professor Elsa Underhill, Private capacity
Australian Workers' Union
Mr Stephen Crawford, Assistant National Secretary
Mr Shane Roulstone, National Organiser
Mr Ron Cowdrey, AWU NSW Vice President and Organiser
Mr Decheng Sun, NSW Assistant Industrial Officer
Mr Xuelaing Wang, Member
Mr Feng Wang, Member
Transport Workers' Union of Australia
Mr Michael Kaine, National Secretary
Mr Matthew Spring, Vice President, SA/NT Branch
Mr Theo Seremetidis
Mr Donald Dixon
Mr Andrew McGinnes, Group Executive Corporate Affairs
Mr Andrew Finch, General Counsel and Group Executive, Office of the CEO
Ms Michelle Skehan, Spokesperson
Mr Nick Macdonald, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Mr Wayne Josh, Operations General Manager
Toll Group
Ms Elizabeth Ferrier, Group Head, Employee and Industrial Relations
Mr Peter Stokes, President, Global Logistics
Australian Road Transport Industrial Organisation
Mr Peter Anderson, Federal Secretary/Treasurer and, Chief Executive Officer - Victoria Transportation Association
Mr Paul Ryan, National Industrial Officer
Ms Vittoria Bon, Government and Industry Relations Manager
FedEx Express Australia Pty Limited
Mr Peter Gutsche, Managing Director, Operations
Wednesday, 3 November 2021
Australian Education Union Federal Office
Ms Susan Hopgood, Federal Secretary
NSW Teachers Federation
Mr Angelo Gavrielatos, President
Independent Education Union of Australia
Mr Anthony Odgers, Assistant Federal Secretary
Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union
Mr Steve Murphy, National Secretary
Mr Aaron Malone, Organiser
Mr Chris Cleave, Union Delegate
Mondelez International
Mr Darren O’Brien, President Australia, New Zealand, and Japan
Young Workers Centre, Unions ACT
Ms Arian McVeigh, Manager
Ms Sabrina Clarke, Young worker, Volunteer
Mr Lorenzo McMiken, Young worker, Volunteer
Australian Hotels Association
Mr Stephen Ferguson, National Chief Executive Officer
Mr Sean D’Almada-Remedios, Senior Lawyer
Restaurant & Catering Industry Association of Australia
Mr Wes Lambert, Chief Executive Officer
Centre for International Corporate Tax Accountability and Research (CICTAR)
Mr Jason Ward, Principal Analyst
Unions Tasmania
Mrs Jessica Munday, Secretary
Ms Thirza White, General Secretary – Community and Public Sector Union
Mr John Short, Tasmanian State Secretary – Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Mr Michael Wickham, State Organiser – Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
Mr Kerry Goodwin
Ms Natalie Barkoczy
Thursday, 4 November 2021
Ms Lorna Berry, Private capacity
Uber Driver X, Private capacity
Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU)
Ms Michele O'Neil, President
Ms Antonia Aitken, private capacity
Mr Dominic Taylor, General Manager Mobility
Mr Matthew Denman, General Manager Delivery
Amazon Australia
Mr Craig Fuller, Director, Amazon Australia Operations
Mr Michael Cooley, Director, Public Policy, Amazon Australia and New Zealand
Emeritus Professor David Peetz, Private capacity
United Workers Union (UWU)
Ms Lyndal Ryan, Director Property Services
Ms Christine Wagland, private capacity
Mr Leonardo Barajas, private capacity
Ms Karma Dema, private capacity
Oz Group
Mr James Kellaway, Chief Executive Officer
Ms Kylie Hoschke, Seasonal Worker Project Manager
Australian Bureau of Statistics
Mr Bjorn Jarvis, Program Manager, Labour Statistics Branch
Ms Gemma Van Halderen, General Manager, Population, Labour and Location Statistics Division
Mr Ron Heinrich, Chairman – Assetlink Group
Ms Allison Freeman, National Human Resources Manager

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