The job insecurity report

February 2022

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ISBN: 978-1-76093-350-0

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Terms of Reference

Chair's foreword

List of Recommendations

Chapter 1—Introduction

  Defining 'insecure and precarious work'
  Conduct of the inquiry
  Structure of this report

Part 1—The prevalence and effects of insecure work

Chapter 2—The growth in insecure work

  Insecure and precarious work are increasing
  Other indicators of insecurity
  The need for better data and statistics
  Committee view

Chapter 3—Health and wellbeing impacts

  Job insecurity has powerful negative impacts
  Reducing the impacts of insecure work
  Committee view

Part 2—Casual work in Australia

Chapter 4—Casual work definitions, demographics and regulations

  Reforms to the
  Key statistics and trends
  Extent of job insecurity for casual workers

Chapter 5—Key sectors: retail and hospitality

  Sector snapshot
  Why is casual work so widespread?
  Key concerns raised in the retail and hospitality sectors
  Concluding note

Chapter 6—Insecure work and COVID-19

  Key data and statistics
  The spread of COVID-19 and insecure work
  Government payments and supports
  Committee view—looking forward

Chapter 7—Casual work: proposals for reform

  The case for casual work
  Proposals for reform
  Committee view
  Committee view
  Committee view

Part 3—The future of work in Australia

Chapter 8—Challenging the Amazon effect and Uberisation

  The Amazon effect
  The committee's recommendations: regulating on-demand platform work
  Responses to these recommendations
  International developments
  Committee view
  Revised recommendations: regulation
  The committee's recommendations: Improving data collection and reporting
  Responses to Recommendations 1, 2 and 3
  Responses to Recommendation 8
  The committee's recommendations: protecting jobs in transport and distribution
  Committee view

Chapter 9—Restoring security in publicly-funded jobs

  Rebuilding the APS
  Recommendations relating to on-demand platforms in the care sector
  Responses and new evidence
  Committee view
  NDIS-specific recommendations
  Committee view
  Recommendation 15 on government procurement
  Responses and new evidence
  Committee view

Chapter 10—Reversing the trend towards insecure work: policy options

  Arguments against reform
  Committee view
  Options for reform
  Concluding note

Chapter 11—Conclusions and final recommendations

  Codifying job security
  Incentivising secure job creation
  Supporting disadvantaged workers
  Continuing the committee's work

Dissenting report by Liberal and National Senators

  Nothing more than a stunt
  Notes on recommendations from this report
  Employment truths expose Labor's lies
  Agricultural workforce issues
  The Labor lie of 'same job, same pay'

Additional comments from Senator Malcolm Roberts

  Discussion and Recommendations

Appendix 1—Combined list of Job Security's Recommendations

  Recommendations from:
  Recommendations from:
  Recommendations from: The job insecurity report

Appendix 2—Submissions and additional information

Appendix 3—Public Hearings

Committee Secretariat contact:

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Department of the Senate
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Parliament House
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