Public hearings and transcripts

Senate Select Committee on Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities

Public hearings and transcripts

Date Location Programs Transcripts
13/11/2008 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 5KB) (PDF 274KB)
14/11/2008 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 5KB) (PDF 254KB)
04/03/2009 Adelaide, SA (HTML format) (PDF 12KB) (PDF 690KB)
01/05/2009 Alice Springs, NT (HTML format) (PDF 5KB) (PDF 704KB)
20/05/2009 Katherine, NT (HTML format) (PDF 15KB) (PDF 753KB)
21/05/2009 Darwin, NT (HTML format) (PDF 13KB) (PDF 713KB)
22/05/2009 Darwin, NT (HTML format) (PDF 13KB) (PDF 419KB)
09/06/2009 Canberra, ACT (HTML format) (PDF 19KB) (PDF 604KB)
24/08/2009 Fitzroy Crossing, WA (HTML format) (PDF 47KB) (PDF 633KB)
25/08/2009 Halls Creek, WA (HTML format) (PDF 47KB) (PDF 617KB)
26/08/2009 Broome, WA (HTML format) (PDF 48KB) (PDF 647KB)
08/10/2009 Narrogin, WA (HTML format) (PDF 47KB) (PDF 598KB)
09/10/2009 Perth, WA (HTML format) (PDF 56KB) (PDF 838KB)
15/10/2009 Sydney, NSW (HTML format) (PDF 55KB) (PDF 691KB)
12/04/2010 Weipa, QLD Site Visit (HTML format) (PDF 62KB) (PDF 378KB)
13/04/2010 Bamaga, QLD Site Visit (HTML format) (PDF 64KB) (PDF 225KB)
14/04/2010 Cairns, QLD (HTML format) (PDF 47KB) (PDF 644KB)
15/04/2010 Brisbane, QLD (HTML format) (PDF 47KB) (PDF 770KB
16/04/2010 Cherbourg, QLD (HTML format) (PDF 56KB) (PDF 388KB)

Additional information received at hearings

Public Hearing 15 October 2009, Sydney NSW

Public Hearing 9 October 2009, Perth WA

Public Hearing 8 October 2009, Narrogin WA

Public Hearing 26 August 2009, Broome WA

Public Hearing 25 August 2009, Halls Creek WA

Public Hearing 9 June 2009, Canberra ACT

Australian Association of Social Workers

Public Hearing 21 & 22 May 2009, Darwin NT

Northern Territory Government

Mr John Greatorex

Batchelor Institute for Indigenous Tertiary Education.

Public Hearing 20 May 2009, Katherine NT

Rivers Region Youth Development Services Inc.

Kalano Community Association Inc.

Public Hearing 4 March 2009, Adelaide SA

Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc.

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