Submissions received

Inquiry into the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment (Feed-in-Tariff) Bill 2008

Submissions received

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Sub No.  
1 Professor Andrew Blakers (PDF 34KB)
2 Springers Low Voltage Specialists (PDF 12KB)
3 Pyramid Power Company (PDF 115KB)
4 Ms Jennifer Fordyce (PDF 8KB)
5 Mr Mark Rickards (PDF 8KB)
6 EcoTasmania Inc (PDF 61KB)
7 Mr David Bond (PDF 8KB)
8 Ms Sarah Moles (PDF 9KB)
9 Mr Peter Meloy (PDF 5KB)
10 Mr Gary Holt (PDF 5KB)
11 Mr John Cooke, Independent Power Systems Pty Ltd (PDF 6KB)
12 Mr Angelo Artuso, Solar Inception Pty Ltd (PDF 7KB)
13 Mr Rod Menzies, Renewable Resources Workshop (PDF 26KB)
14 Mr Phil Gower, Remote Area Power Pumping & Solar Systems (PDF 12KB)
15 Mr David Bartley, Soma Power Pty Ltd t/as Sunrise Solar (PDF 4KB)
16 Mr Laurence Port, Residential Solar Systems Pty Ltd (PDF 8KB)
17 St Vincent de Paul Society (PDF 153KB)
18 Mr Brian Jones, Switched-On Electrical/Solar (PDF 6KB)
19 Mr Gavin Street (PDF 6KB)
20 Mr Austin Vaughan, Laser Electrical - Moorabbin (PDF 6KB)
21 Mr Peter Bone, Bone Electrical Pty Ltd (PDF 10KB)
22 Mr Paul Cole, PBC SolarPower (PDF 4KB)
23 Mr Nick Lake, Nickel Pty Ltd (PDF 13KB)
24 Ergon Energy (PDF 19KB)
25 Mr Zelko Persic (PDF 8KB)
26 Mr Philip Wong (PDF 230KB)
27 Mr Russell French, Sun Empire Solar Systems (PDF 8KB)
28 Mr Mike and Ms Cathy Gorman, Kangaroo Valley Solar (PDF 13KB)
29 Mr Jeffrey Michel (PDF 5KB); Attachment 1 - The Case for Renewable Feed-In Tariffs (PDF 1105KB); Attachment 2 - The Case for Renewable Feed-In Tariffs, EUEC Energy & Environment Conference, Tucson, Arizona, January 28, 2008 (Powerpoint 3471KB)
30 World Future Council (PDF 5KB); Attachment 1 - Feed-In Tariffs - Boosting Energy for our Future (PDF 3469KB); Attachment 2 - Power to the People (PDF 100KB); Attachment 3 - EEG - The Renewable Energy Sources Act (PDF 2699KB); Attachment 4 - Feed-in Tariffs - Accelerating the Deployment of Renewable Energy by Miguel Mendonca (HTML)
31 Professor Peter Droege (PDF 8KB); Attachment - Supporting Solar Photovoltaic Electricity - An Argument for Feed-in Tariffs (PDF 2192KB)
32 Mr Mark Landmann (PDF 5KB)
33 Mr Kelvin T Jones (PDF 14KB); Mr Kelvin T Jones (updated) (PDF 11KB)
34 Environmental Defender's Office (ACT) Inc (PDF 143KB)
35 Mr Glen Holland, Sun Wise Electrics (PDF 164KB)
36 Mr Christopher Sanderson, Transocean Investments Pty Ltd (PDF 41KB)
37 Mr Ian J Dawson, ECS Perth (PDF 17KB)
38 Dr Bill Parker, Proteomics International Pty Ltd (PDF 75KB)
39 Mr Geoff Bragg, New England Solar Power (PDF 6KB)
40 Mr Robbert Veerman (PDF 41KB)
41 Mr Hans-Josef Fell MdB, Member of German Parliament (PDF 4KB); Attachment 1 - Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources: What does it
cost us? (PDF 6019KB); Attachment 2 - 2009 EEG Payment Provisions (PDF 2287KB); Attachment 3 - Economic Analysis and Evaluation of Effects of the
Renewable Energy Act (PDF 7954KB); Attachment 4 - EEG - The Renewable Energy Sources Act: The success story of sustainable policies for
Germany (PDF 2699KB)
42 Mr Rob Lee Tet, SolarCo Canberra (PDF 35KB)
43 Mr Michael N Nugent (PDF 6KB)
44 Ms Melva Truchanas (PDF 5KB)
45 Ms Patricia Scott (PDF 5KB)
46 Mr Mark England, Electric Biz Pty Ltd (PDF 4KB)
47 Mr Wayne Kaufline (PDF 4KB)
48 Dr Gideon Polya (PDF 55KB)
49 SunPower Corporation Australia (PDF 74KB)
50 Ms Helen Nicholls (PDF 4KB)
51 Australsun Pty Ltd (PDF 38KB)
52 Ms Sandra Hunter (PDF 3KB
53 Professor Michael Christie (PDF 48KB
54 Ms Jackie Graham and Mr Steve Lord (PDF 4KB)
55 Dr Peter Burchett and Mr Andrew Sumner (PDF 11KB)
56 WWF-Australia (PDF 48KB); Attachment - Industrial Constraints and Dislocations to Significant Emissions Reductions by 2050 (PDF 3094KB)
57 Ms Margery Street (PDF 190KB)
58 Mr David Sydney-Smith, EarthRise Renewables Pty Ltd (PDF 25KB)
59 Ms Naomi Aitchison, Ms Jackie Hartnell, Ms Stephanie and Mr David Mann, Ms Juliette Rennie and Mr Mark Farnell, Ms Samantha
Rennie and Ms Kate Ansett and Mr Steve Fisher (PDF 13KB)
60 Ms Wendy Suiter (PDF 4KB
61 Mr Ian Hall, SolarXpress (PDF 64KB)
62 European Photovoltaic Industry Association (PDF 9KB)
63 Ms Judith Bailey (PDF 13KB)
64 Locals Into Victoria's Environment (LIVE) (PDF 75KB)
65 Lighter Footprints (PDF 24KB)
66 Storm Sustainability Ltd (PDF 70KB)
67 Ms Rebecca Horridge (PDF 6KB)
68 Department of Premier and Cabinet, Government of South Australia (PDF 1144KB)
69 Mr Kevin Hicks (PDF 13KB)
70 Mr Michael Croft (PDF 15KB)
71 Mount Alexander Sustainability Group, Tarrangower Branch (PDF 19KB)
72 Solartec Renewables Pty Ltd (PDF 23KB)
73 Mr Nigel and Ms Nikki Waters (PDF 13KB)
74 Mr Geoff Thomas, Advanced Wind Technologies (PDF 88KB)
75 Mr John Sheehan (PDF 25KB); Attachment 1 - The Design of a Feed-in Tariff for Australia (PDF 122KB); Attachment 2 - The Case for a Feed-in
Tariff for Solar Micro-Generation (PDF 116KB)
76 Mr Steve Gates, Sustainable Energy Now Inc (PDF 12KB)
77 Ms Prue Acton (PDF 6KB
78 Dr Muriel Watt, Australian PV Association (PDF 161KB)
79 c4 Healesville (PDF 55KB)
80 Nature Conservation Council of NSW (PDF 203KB)
81 Mr Steve Burns (PDF 12KB)
82 Friends of the Earth Australia (PDF 109KB)
84 Mr Michael Tibbs, Rock Innovations (PDF 36KB)
85 Mr Robert A Redmond (PDF 8KB)
86 Mr Peter and Ms Kerry Davies (PDF 391KB)
86A Mr Peter and Ms Kerry Davies (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 84KB): Attachment - 'Stored Solar' Energy for the Carbon Constrained Economy (PDF 724KB)
87 The Australian Climate Justice Program (PDF 163KB)
87A The Australian Climate Justice Program (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 1315KB)
88 Australian Conservation Foundation (PDF 293KB)
89 City of Greater Bendigo (PDF 846KB)
90 Mr David Phillips, Ethical Energy (PDF 29KB)
91 The Conservation Council (PDF 516KB)
92 Mr Trevor Robotham, Sun Wind and Power (SWAP) (PDF 37KB)
93 Rainbow Power Company (PDF 24KB)
94 Environment Victoria (PDF 370KB)
95 GetUp (PDF 199KB)
96 Mr Bill Scott (PDF 5KB)
97 Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (PDF 75KB); Attachment - Capitalising on the building sector's potential to lessen
the costs of a broad based GHG emissions cut (PDF 304KB)
98 Greenpeace Australia Pacific (PDF 96KB); Attachment - Energy [r]evolution: a sustainable Australia energy outlook (PDF 1446KB)
99 Moreland Energy Foundation Limited (PDF 278KB)
100 ATA - Alternative Technology Association (PDF 67KB)
101 Environment Tasmania (PDF 25KB)
102 Mr Clement Clarke (PDF 18KB)
103 Beyond Zero Emissions (PDF 69KB)
104 Solar Shop Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 381KB)
105 Ms Liz Denborough (PDF 6KB)
106 Ms Miwa Tominaga (PDF 11KB)
107 Beyond Building Energy (PDF 95KB)
108 Ms Maria Romiti (PDF 5KB)
109 Healesville Environment Watch Inc (PDF 31KB)
110 Local Power (PDF 85KB); Attachment 1 - 12 reasons why the proposed 'Solar Bonus Scheme' using an import-export Feed in Tariff (PDF 85KB)
is not the best outcome for Queensland nor the climate; Attachment 2 - model showing savings due to various FiT arrangements
with a 1kW PV system (Excel 28KB)
110A Local Power (Supplementary Submission) (PDF 68KB)
111 Phoenix Solar Pty Ltd (PDF 2707KB)
112 Mrs Louise Broadbent and Ms Susan Plowright (PDF 6KB)
113 W-Can - Wollongong Climate Action Network (PDF 18KB)
114 Electrical Trades Union of Australia - Southern States Branch (PDF 431KB)
115 Sustainable Energy Policy Queensland (PDF 291KB); Attachment - Integrated Utility-Driven Solar PV (PDF 280KB)
116 BP Solar (PDF 1164KB)
117 Energy Australia (PDF 549KB)
118 Hush Wind Power Limited (PDF 1123KB)
119 Mr Martin Hogan (PDF 4KB)
120 Dr Max Whisson (PDF 10KB); Attachment (PDF 713KB)
121 Woolworths Limited (PDF 56KB)
122 Ausra Pty Limited (PDF 77KB)
123 Dr James Prest (PDF 753KB)
124 Department of Climate Change (PDF 956KB)
125 Clean Energy Council (PDF 82KB)
126 Conergy (PDF 273KB)
127 Suntech Power Australia (PDF 720KB)
128 Mr Dieter Liebrich - Solectrics (PDF 8KB)
129 Dr Christina Kirsch - Northern Beaches Greens (PDF 19KB)


Additional Information Received

Sustainable energy is the solution to global warming, builds nations and prevents inflation: Opinion by Dr Ray Wills,
Chief Executive Officer, WA Sustainable Energy Association (PDF 63KB)

WA SEA policy initiatives to transform Western Australia's economy and encourage businesses that are a part of the
solution to climate change (PDF 243KB)

WA SEA members are the business part of the solution to climate change. Join us and make a difference. (PDF 223KB)

Information on the relative costs of different energy sources in the US, received from Mr Wayne Smith, Ausra Pty Ltd (PDF 13KB)

Letter from Australian Climate Justice Program dated 19 September 2008 (PDF 59KB)


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