Inquiry into Competition in Broadband Services Submission List (current as at 07 July 2004)

Inquiry into Competition in Broadband Services
Submission List (current as at 07 July 2004)

If there is no link to the submission a copy can be obtained by contacting the committee secretariat on (02) 6277 3526.

1 Mr Michael Orford
2 Mr Grahame Leake
3 Mr James Nichols
4 Mr Steve Judd
5 Alice Springs Film and Television Australia
6 Paul Budde Communications Pty Ltd (Word 184KB)
7 ACIL Tasman
7a ACIL Tasman
8 Mr Steve Ireland
9 Mr Stanley J. Tonkins (Word 52KB)
10 Gulf Savannah Development Inc. (Word 58KB)
11 Personal Broadband Australia Pty Ltd (Word 182KB)
12 Australian Communications Exchange (Word 142KB)
13 Blacktown City Council (Word 86KB)
14 ACT Government (Word 52KB) Attachment 1 (Word 17KB)
15 Townsville City Council (PDF 152KB) Attachment 1 (Word 22KB)
16 Townsville Catholic Education Office (Word 151KB)
17 Mr/s Kaon Li
18 Mr Duncan Raymont (Word 69KB)
19 Mr Malcolm Moore (PDF 240KB)
19a Mr Malcolm Moore
20 Country Women's Association of NSW (Word 50KB)
21 Telstra Corporation Limited (PDF 528KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 196KB)
21a Telstra Corporation Limited (Word 22KB)
22 Australian Association for the Deaf Inc. (Word 402KB)
23 Bits on Light Pty Ltd (Word 54KB)
24 Norlink Communications Ltd (Word 177KB)
25 Engineers Australia (Word 91KB)
26 Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
26a Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman
27 Cabonne Council
28 Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia (IEAA)
29 Small Enterprise Telecommunications Centre Limited (SETEL) (Word 261KB)
30 Communications Expert Group Pty Ltd (CEG) (Word 105KB)
30a Communications Expert Group Pty Ltd (CEG)
31 Comindico (Word 136KB)
31a Comindico (Word 56KB)
31c Comindico (Word 36KB)
32 Primus Telecom (Word 121KB)
33 Australian Telecommunications Users Group Limited (ATUG) (Word 116KB) Attachment 1 (Word 1048KB) Attachment 2 (Word 81KB) Attachment 3 (Powerpoint 359KB) Attachment 4 (Powerpoint 151KB)
33a Australian Telecommunications Users Group Limited (ATUG)
33b Australian Telecommunications Users Group Limited (ATUG)
34 Australian Industry Group (AIG) (Word 288KB) Attachment 1 (Word 32KB)
35 Mr Paul Johnson
36 Optus (Word 1236KB)
37 Vertical Telecoms Pty Limited (Vertel) (Word 62KB)
38 Mr Tom Worthington (Word 37KB)
38a Mr Tom Worthington
39 Queensland Government (Word 96KB)
40 Mr Danny Trestian
41 Gold Coast City Council (PDF 50KB) Attachment 1 (PDF 12KB) Attachment 2 (PDF 220KB) Attachment 3 (PDF 493KB)
42 Uecomm Limited (PDF 279KB)
43 University of Ballarat (Word 52KB)
44 Bond Wireless
45 SilverConnecting Communities Pty Ltd
46 Telecommunications and Disability Consumer Representation (TEDICORE) (Word 49KB)
47 Neighborhood Cable Limited (PDF 53KB)
48 City of Ballarat (Word 102KB)
49 cBallarat Ltd
50 Competitive Carriers' Coalition (Word 52KB)
51 Confidential
52 Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (PDF 290KB)
52a Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
53 National Office for the Information Economy (PDF 96KB)
54 Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts
55 PowerTel Limited (PDF 25KB)