Appendix 2

Public hearing and witnesses

Tuesday, 12 November 2019
Committee Room 2S1
Parliament House
Independent Tertiary Education Council of Australia
Mr Troy Williams, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Felix Pirie, Director, Policy and Research
Independent Higher Education Australia
Mr Simon Finn, Chief Executive Officer
Dr Sally Burt, Policy and Research Manager
TAFE Directors Australia
Mr Craig Robertson, Chief Executive Officer
Mr Ronald Jackson, Director Strategy and Tertiary Financing
National Union of Students
Ms Desiree Cai, National President
Mr Lachlan Barker, National Education Officer
Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business
Ms Nadine Williams, Deputy Secretary, Skills and Training
Mr George Thiveos, First Assistant Secretary, VSL, VET Compliance and TRA Division
Mrs Belinda Campbell, Assistant Secretary, Tuition Assurance Taskforce and TRA Branch
Mr Chris Alach, Assistant Secretary, Skills Programs Compliance Branch
Ms Amanda Cock, Director, Tuition Assurance Strategy Team
Department of Education
Ms Karen Sandercock, Group Manager, International
Mr Travis Power, Branch Manager, Quality Frameworks Branch
Mr Damian Coburn, Branch Manager, HELP and Provider Integrity Branch

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