Terms of Reference

The appropriateness and effectiveness of the objectives, design, implementation and evaluation of jobactive, with specific reference to:

  1. the nature and underlying causes of joblessness in Australia;
  2. the methods by which Australians gain employment and their relative effectiveness;
  3. the extent of consultation and engagement with unemployed workers in the design and implementation of jobactive;
  4. the ability of jobactive to provide long-term solutions to joblessness, and to achieve social, economic and cultural outcomes that meet the needs and aspirations of unemployed workers;
  5. the fairness of mutual obligation requirements, the jobactive Job Plan negotiation process and expenditure of the Employment Fund;
  6. the adequacy and appropriateness of activities undertaken within the Annual Activity Requirement phase, including Work for the Dole, training, studying and volunteering programs and their effect on employment outcomes;
  7. the impacts and consequences of the job seeker compliance framework;
  8. the appeals process, including the lack of an employment services ombudsman;
  9. the funding of jobactive, including the adequacy of the ‘outcome driven’ funding model, and the adequacy of this funding model to address barriers to employment;
  10. alternative approaches to addressing joblessness; and
  11. any other related matters.

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