Jobactive: failing those it is intended to serve

February 2019

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ISBN: 978-1-76010-910-3

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Support Services



Chapter 1—Introduction

  Inquiry terms of reference
  Conduct of the inquiry
  Structure of the report
  Notes on references

Chapter 2—Participant voices

  Participant voices

Chapter 3—Background

  Australia's labour market
  Nature and causes of joblessness in Australia
  Methods by which Australians gain employment
  Employment services in Australia: an outsourced model
  Consultation with unemployed workers

Chapter 4—Assessment and streaming

  Overview of assessment and streaming
  Effectiveness of the assessment process

Chapter 5—Services and support for participants

  Overview of service requirements
  Meeting the needs of diverse participants
  Spending on employment services
  Changing providers
  The Employment Fund
  Wage subsidies
  Work experience
  Place-based and local approaches
  Restoration of public service delivery of employment services

Chapter 6—Employment services consultants

  High turnover
  Large caseloads
  Mistreatment of participants
  Engagement with employers

Chapter 7—Mutual obligation requirements

  Overview of mutual obligation requirements
  The Job Plan
  Job search requirements
  Provider appointments
  Overview of Work for the Dole and other annual activity requirements
  Work for the Dole
  Training and courses
  Approved volunteering
  Drug or alcohol treatment

Chapter 8—Targeted Compliance Framework

  Overview of the Targeted Compliance Framework
  An overemphasis on compliance
  Negative impacts of the compliance framework
  Complexity of the compliance framework
  Impacts of compliance on work readiness
  The proper role of providers
  Reasonable excuse rules
  The future of compliance

Chapter 9—Complaints and appeals

  Appropriateness of the complaints and appeals processes
  Employment services ombudsman

Chapter 10—Outcome driven funding

  Overview of funding model
  Precarious employment and churn
  Creaming and parking
  Fees for training and other programs
  Outcome payments and payslips
  Other impacts on service delivery

Coalition Senators' Dissenting Report

  Labour Market
  Work for the Dole

Australian Greens Senators' Additional Comments

  Urgent increase to Newstart and Youth Allowance
  Drug and alcohol addiction
  Mutual Obligations
  Targeted Compliance Framework
  Incorrect streaming
  Job Plans and job search requirements
  Employment services consultants
  Public service delivery of employment services
  Young unemployed workers
  Older unemployed workers
  Humanitarian entrants and migrants
  Independent surveys
  Work for the Dole
  Online compliance

Appendix 1—Submissions and Additional Information

Appendix 2—Public Hearings and Witnesses

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