Terms of Reference

The  framework  surrounding  the  prevention,  investigation  and  prosecution  of industrial deaths in Australia, with particular reference to:

  1. the  effectiveness  and  extent  of  the  harmonisation  of  workplace  safety legislation between the states, territories and Commonwealth;
  2. jurisdictional issues surrounding workplace investigations which cross state and territory boundaries;
  3. issues relating to reporting, monitoring and chains of responsibility between states, territories and the Commonwealth;
  4. safety  implications  relating  to  the  increased  use  of  temporary  and  labour hire workers;
  5. the role of employers and unions in creating a safe-work culture;
  6. the  effectiveness  of  penalties  in  situations  where  an  employer  has  been convicted of an offence relating to a serious accident or death; and
  7. any other related matters.

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