Family Voices

In addition to written submissions, throughout the inquiry the committee heard verbal testimony from numerous families about the immense impact caused by the death of their loved one. A selection of these recordings are available as audio files below.

Brisbane - 17 July 2018

Mr Michael and Mrs Lee Garrels (MP3 80.5MB)
Mr Kevin and Mrs Christine Fuller (MP3 46.1MB)
Mr Daniel and Mrs Debra Kennedy (MP3 42.3MB)
Mrs Jennifer Newport (MP3 55.9MB)

Consultative Committee for Workplace Fatalities and Serious Incidents      
Mr Kevin Fuller
Mr Michael and Mrs Lee Garrels
Mr Daniel and Mrs Debra Kennedy
Mr David Miles
Mr Don Sager

(MP3 72.7MB)  

Canberra - 7 August 2018

Mrs Kay Catanzariti                                                                                              (MP3 41.4MB)   

Adelaide - 29 August 2018 

Voice of Industrial Death   
Mrs Susan Gallina
Ms Pam Gurner-Hall                                                                                            
Mrs Edith Logan
Mr Keith Logan
Ms Andrea Madeley
Mr Lee Salvemini                                                                                 

(MP3 155.5MB)  

Fremantle - 30 August 2018

Ms Regan Ballantine
Mr Jon-Paul Bradley  
Ms Ashlea Cunico
Mrs Debra Cunico
Mrs Patricia Kelsh
Mr Mark and Mrs Janice Murrie                                                                  

(MP3 84.3MB

Canberra - 19 September 2018

Ms Robyn Colson                                                                               (MP3 31.6MB)


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