Public Hearings

Canberra, Tuesday, 23 September 2014

CRAVEN, Professor Gregory, Vice-Chancellor, Australian Catholic University

Brisbane, Tuesday, 07 October 2014

HARDING, Professor Sandra, Vice-Chancellor and President, James Cook University

QUIGGIN, Prof. John, Private capacity

TERRY, Prof. Deborah Jane, Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University

THOMSON, Ms Vicki, Executive Director, Australian Technology Network of Universities

PARKER, Professor Stephen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Canberra

LEE, Prof. Peter, Chair, Regional Universities Network; Vice-Chancellor, Southern Cross University

PERKINS, Dr Caroline, Executive Director, Regional Universities Network

JACOBSON, Mr Warren, Managing Director, Study Group Australia P/L (incorporating ACPE Limited)

ZIMMERMAN, Ms Helen, Group General Manager, Government and Stakeholder Relations, Navitas Limited

ARCH, Mrs Katrina, Student, Endeavour College of Natural Health

BLESSINGTON, Miss Teale, Student, Australian College of Physical Education

DONALD, Mr Anthony, Student, Christian Heritage College

ELSWORTH, Miss Emily, Student, Academy of Design Australia

MCCOMB, Mr Adrian, Chief Executive Officer, Council of Private Higher Education

MOAD, Miss Sara, Student, Wesley Institute

OWERS, Dr Donald, AM, Chair, Council of Private Higher Education

SAUNDERS, Professor Nicholas, Acting Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

SHERGOLD, Professor Peter, Chair, Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency Advisory Council

Canberra, Wednesday, 8 October 2014

BUTLER, Ms Annie, Assistant Federal Secretary, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

BYRNE, Professor Aidan, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Research Council

DEWAR, Professor John, Chair, Legislation and Financing Working Group

FORWARD, Ms Patricia, Deputy Federal Secretary and Federal TAFE Secretary,

Australian Education Union

GAVRIELATOS, Mr Angelo, Federal President, Australian Education Union

HONEYWOOD, The Hon. Phillip, National Executive Director, International Education Association of Australia

KNIEST, Mr Paul, Policy and Research Coordinator, National Tertiary Education Union

LAMBERT, Ms Jenny, Director of Employment, Education and Training, Australian

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

NEUTZE, Dr Debbie, National Strategy Manager, Australian Veterinary Association

PHILLIPS, Mr Ben, Principal Research Fellow, National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling, University of Canberra

REA, Ms Jeannie, National Tertiary Education Union

RIORDAN, Mr Martin, Chief Executive Officer, TAFE Directors Australia

THOMAS, Ms Lee, Federal Secretary, Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation

VANN, Professor Andrew, Vice Chancellor, Charles Sturt University

WATERS, Ms Melinda, Director Technical and Tertiary, TAFE Directors Australia

WELLINGS, Professor Paul, CBE, Vice Chancellor, University of Wollongong

Canberra, Thursday, 09 October 2014

BOWMAN, Professor Scott, Vice Chancellor and President, Central Queensland University

BRACK, Dr Charlotte, Acting Deputy Director Programs—Higher Education, Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

BRAILSFORD, Professor Timothy, Vice-Chancellor, Bond University

BROWN, Dr George, Board Director, Australian Council for Private Education and Training

CHAPMAN, Professor Bruce, Private capacity

DAVIES, Mr Larry, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Australian Council for Private Education and Training

DESCHEPPER, Ms Anne, Manager, Education Development and Partnerships, Chisholm Institute

ERGAS, Professor Henry, Private Capacity

FARAONE, Ms Mary, Chief Executive, Holmesglen Institute

GALLAGHER, Mr Michael, Executive Director, Group of Eight Australia

HARDING, Professor Sandra, Chair, Universities Australia

HIGGINS, Dr Timothy, Private capacity

NORTON, Mr Andrew, Private capacity

PARNIS, Dr Stephen, Vice President, Australian Medical Association

PETERS, Ms Maria, Chief Executive Officer, Chisholm Institute

ROBINSON, Ms Belinda, Chief Executive, Universities Australia

TEECE, Mr Michael, Deputy Executive General, Group of Eight Australia

YOUNG, Professor Ian AO, Vice-Chancellor and President of the Australian National University and Chair of the board of Group of Eight Australia

Melbourne, Friday, 10 October 2014

BARBER, Professor Michael, Vice Chancellor, Flinders University

BATTERSBY, Professor David, Vice Chancellor, Federation University of Australia

BROWN, Ms Cathie, Executive Director, Business Development and Regions, TAFE SA

DEMPSTER, Mr Andrew, Head, Corporate and Government Affairs, Swinburne University of Technology

GUSCOTT, Ms Sharon, Principal Consultant, Higher Education, Business Development and Regions, TAFE SA

DEAN, Ms Jessica, President, Australian Medical Students Association

FOSTER, Mr Isaac, President, Tasmania University Union

LUTHRA, Mr Kunal, Vice President, External, Australian Medical Students Association

TAYLOR, Ms Deanna, President, National Union of Students

WILSON, Mr Cameron, President, Australian National University Students Association

LESH, Mr Matthew, Secretary, Australian Liberal Students Federation

HOPPER, Ms Meghan, National President, Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations

LEROY-DYER, Ms Sharlene, Liaison Officer, National Indigenous Postgraduate Association Aboriginal Corporation

SMITH, Mr James, President, University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association

SPEECHLEY-GOLDEN, Ms Vicki-Ann, Co-President, National Indigenous Postgraduate Association Aboriginal Corporation

WAPPETT, Mr Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Open Universities Australia

MADDOCKS, Professor Simon, Vice Chancellor, Charles Darwin University

PARFITT, Professor Andrew, Acting Vice Chancellor, University of Newcastle

DEWAR, Professor John, Chair, Innovative Research Universities

KING, Mr Conor, Executive Director, Innovative Research Universities

BIRMINGHAM, Ms Julie, Acting Branch Manager, Finance and Implementation,

Department of Education

BORTHWICK, Ms Jessie, Acting Deputy Secretary, Higher Education Reform and Support, Department of Education

GRIEW, Mr Robert, Associate Secretary, Higher Education, Research and International, Department of Education

HART, Ms Virginia, Acting Group Manager, Research Funding and Policy, Department of Education

REARDON, Ms Melissa, Acting Branch Manager, Higher Education Reform Taskforce, Department of Education

TAYLOR, Mr Andrew, Branch Manager, Data and Analysis, Department of Education

WARBURTON, Mr Mark, Acting Group Manager, Higher Education Funding and

Implementation, Department of Education

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