Submissions received by the Committee

Inquiry into the Welfare of International Students

Submissions received by the Committee

Sub No.

1Name Withheld (PDF 70KB) 
2Mr harold jones (PDF 196KB) 
3Mr Anthony Reeder (PDF 68KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 48KB) 
5ANU College (PDF 167KB) 
6Ms Ines Prasidha (PDF 195KB) 
7Mr David Yuan (PDF 35KB) 
9Australian Immigration Law Services (PDF 1250KB) Attachment 1(PDF 190KB) Attachment 2(PDF 2660KB) Attachment 3(PDF 96KB) Attachment 4(PDF 118KB) Attachment 5(PDF 73KB) Attachment 6(PDF 60KB) Attachment 7(PDF 72KB) Attachment 8(PDF 82KB) Attachment 9(PDF 64KB) Attachment 10(PDF 57KB) Attachment 11(PDF 53KB) Attachment 12(PDF 58KB) Attachment 13(PDF 55KB) Attachment 14(PDF 46KB) Attachment 15(PDF 95KB) Attachment 16(PDF 52KB) Attachment 17(PDF 56KB) Attachment 18(PDF 74KB) Attachment 19(PDF 48KB) Attachment 20(PDF 810KB) Attachment 21(PDF 252KB) Attachment 22(PDF 50KB) Attachment 23(PDF 1594KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 542KB) 
10English Australia (PDF 1136KB) 
11Australian Technology Network (PDF 174KB) 
12International Students Online (PDF 108KB) 
13CQUniversity Australia (PDF 127KB) 
14Professor Paul Rodan (PDF 94KB) 
15Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner (PDF 234KB) 
16AFG Venture Group (PDF 49KB) 
17Southern Cross University (PDF 217KB) 
18International Education Association of Australia  (PDF 262KB) 
19Mr Blaise Wardle (PDF 71KB) 
20Mr Zach Turner (PDF 46KB) 
21ANU International Medical Students Society (PDF 94KB) 
22North American Medical Students' Association - University of Sydney (PDF 47KB) 
23AIEC Australian International Education Centre (PDF 129KB) 
24Australian Federation of International Students  (PDF 518KB) 
25Mr Satoshi Okawa (PDF 19KB) 
26Mrs Barbara Bradshaw (PDF 8KB) 
27Curtin University Student Guild (PDF 20KB) 
28National ELT Accreditation Scheme Limited (PDF 35KB) 
29National Union of Students (PDF 369KB) 
30The University of New South Wales (PDF 833KB) Attachment 1(PDF 611KB) 
31UWA Student Guild (PDF 66KB) 
32Australian Homestay Network (AHN) (PDF 644KB) Attachment 1(PDF 389KB) 
322Supplementary Submission 2(PDF 135KB) 
33Construction, Forestry, Mining & Energy Union of Australia (PDF 724KB) 
34Chinese Community Council of Australia (PDF 97KB) 
35Name Withheld (PDF 32KB) 
36OSHC Worldcare (PDF 204KB) 
38Group of Eight (PDF 439KB) 
39Navitas Limited (PDF 321KB) 
40Young Workers Legal Service (PDF 132KB) 
41Cabramatta Community Centre (PDF 891KB) 
42International Education Services Ltd (PDF 91KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 92KB) 
43ACTU (PDF 192KB) 
44University of Melbourne Graduate Student Association (PDF 44KB) 
45Australian Council for Private Education & Training (ACPET) (PDF 679KB) 
46Mr David Mawson (PDF 530KB) 
47University of South Australia (PDF 775KB) 
48Councillor Tim Laurence, City of Darebin, VIC (PDF 19KB) 
49Service Skills Australia (SSA) (PDF 250KB) 
51Danny Ong (PDF 262KB) 
52Ms Gail Baker  (PDF 26KB) 
53Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations (CAPA) (PDF 2646KB) 
54University of Technology Sydney Students Association  (PDF 56KB) 
55Our HR Company (PDF 192KB) 
56National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) (PDF 181KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 95KB) 
57ISANA: International Education Assoc. Inc. (PDF 120KB) 
58Australian Medical Students' Association (PDF 265KB) 
59Monash City Council (PDF 29KB) 
60National Liaison Committee for International Students (NLC) (PDF 549KB) 
61Mr Andrew Bartlett, Australian National University (PDF 32KB) 
62Independent Education Union of Australia (IEUA) (PDF 92KB) 
63Victoria University (PDF 30KB) 
64University of Ballarat  (PDF 67KB) 
65Council of Private Higher Education Inc. (PDF 150KB) 
66City of Darebin & Darebin Overseas Student Advisory Council (PDF 157KB) 
67Service Skills Victoria  (PDF 24KB) 
68Overseas Students' Support Network Australia (OSSNA)  (PDF 102KB) 
69Federation of Indian Students of Australia (PDF 119KB) Attachment 1(PDF 411KB) Attachment 2(PDF 40KB) Attachment 3(PDF 64KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 66KB) 
70Universities Australia (PDF 141KB) Attachment 1(PDF 318KB) Attachment 2(PDF 777KB) 
71TAFE Directors Australia (PDF 669KB) 
72Independent Schools Council of Australia (PDF 262KB) 
73Australia India Business Council (PDF 216KB) 
74Kingsford Legal Centre (PDF 678KB) 
75Australian Nursing Federation (PDF 62KB) 
76International Student Legal Advice Clinic (PDF 352KB) 
77UNITE (PDF 702KB) 
78Restaurant & Catering Australia (PDF 338KB) 
79The University of Queensland (PDF 224KB) 
80Australia Network  (PDF 811KB) 
81Name Withheld (PDF 204KB) 
82International Centre,The University of Melbourne (PDF 172KB) 
83Graduate Programs Australia / (PDF 650KB) Attachment 1(PDF 456KB) Attachment 2(PDF 29KB) 
84John Nicholson (PDF 1200KB) 
85Sydney University Medical Society (PDF 1690KB) 
86Hairdressing and Beauty Industry Association (HBIA)  (PDF 743KB) 
87International Student Alliance (Guardian & Welfare Services) (PDF 355KB) 
88Name Withheld (PDF 18KB) 
89RMIT University (PDF 252KB) 
90Anti-Slavery Project, Faculty of Law, University of Technology, Sydney  (PDF 3857KB) 
91Study Vision (PDF 159KB) 
92Australian Education Union  (PDF 66KB) 
93Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association (PDF 7815KB) 
94National Education Providers Taskforce (NEPT)  (PDF 217KB) 
95IDP Education Pty Ltd (PDF 322KB) 
96Name Withheld (PDF 98KB) 
97Law Institute of Victoria (PDF 371KB) 
98Australian Institute of Technology & Education Pty Ltd (PDF 81KB) 
99Deakin University (PDF 321KB) Attachment 1(PDF 4914KB) 
100Canberra Multicultural Community Forum (CMCF) Inc.  (PDF 70KB) 
101Australian Hotels Association (PDF 157KB) 
102The Migration Institute of Australia Limited (PDF 532KB) 
103Dr Michael Spence , The University of Sydney  (PDF 42KB) Attachment 1(PDF 352KB) 
104Tenants Union of Victoria  (PDF 101KB) 
105Tasmanian Government (PDF 1799KB) 
106Commonwealth Ombudsman (PDF 145KB) Attachment 1(PDF 988KB) 
107NSW Department of Education & Training (PDF 217KB) 
108Monash University (PDF 104KB) 
109Education Adelaide (PDF 793KB) 
Supplementary Submission (PDF 698KB) 
110Mr Chris Gould , Child-Safe International Ltd, Avon and Somerset Constabulary  (PDF 27KB) Attachment 1(PDF 3301KB) Attachment 2(PDF 1443KB) 
111Department of Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 717KB) 
112Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (PDF 549KB) 
113Imperial Education Group Pty Ltd T/A Imperial College of Trades (PDF 170KB) Attachment 1(PDF 382KB) 
114Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (PDF 107KB) 
115Wellington Secondary College (PDF 272KB) 
116Mr Krishnan Raman (PDF 39KB) 
117N. K. Aggarwal (PDF 49KB) 
118Culinary Institute of Australia (PDF 2009KB) 
119French-Australian Preschool (PDF 192KB) 
120Department of Education Services (WA) (PDF 801KB) 
121Ms Michaela Rost (PDF 793KB) 
122Queensland Government (PDF 2340KB) 
123Metropolitan Fire and Emergency Services Board (MFB) (PDF 41KB) Attachment 1(PDF 4355KB) Attachment 2(PDF 604KB) 
124Auzzie Families Homestay Care Pty Ltd (PDF 89KB) 

Answers to Questions on Notice

Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)(PDF 557KB) 
Department of Education, Employment & Workplace Relations (DEEWR)(PDF 8022KB) 

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