Inquiry into the Higher Education Legislation Amendment Bill (No.3) 2004

Inquiry into the Higher Education Legislation Amendment Bill (No.3) 2004

On 11 August 2004 the Senate referred to its Workplace Relations and Education Legislation Committee a bill proposing amendments to the Higher Education Support Act 2003 which include, but are not limited to, certain funding adjustments under the Commonwealth Grants Scheme for 2005 and 2006.

The committee will examine the amendment which will add Melbourne University Private to the list of universities which are eligible to receive Commonwealth funding. It will also examine in particular those amendments which will allow universities to operate summer schools as they do now; extend the time within which students must submit their requests for Commonwealth assistance; define undergraduate and postgraduate higher education awards; and provide for transitional arrangements for the repayment of special purpose grants made under the Higher Education Funding Act 1988.

The committee invites written submissions on the proposed amendments. A public hearing will be held in Melbourne on 19 August 2004, with a reporting date of 2 September 2004.

We cannot process your submission unless full contact details are supplied. Submissions should be submitted electronically (Microsoft Word version 6.0 - 95 or above) and e-mailed to For further details about making a written submission to an inquiry see: 'How to contribute to the work of this Committee'.

Information about the Higher Education Legislation Amendment Bill (No.3) 2004

Public Hearings

Thursday, 19 August 2004 Melbourne Program (PDF 119KB)


Submission Cover Sheet (Word 28KB)

Report - Tabled 31 August 2004

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