Senate Standing Committees on Education and Employment

Completed inquiries and reports

If you are unsure when a report was tabled, or which committee tabled a report, consult the Register of Senate Committee Reports.

Report Name Date Tabled
General Inquiry Reports (References Committee)
Commonwealth funding for schools 11 August 2004
Office of the Chief Scientist 5 August 2004
Beyond Cole; The future of the construction industry: confrontation or co-operation? 21 June 2004
Hacking Australia's Future, Threats to institutional autonomy, academic freedom and student choice in Australian higher education 7 November 2003
Bridging the skills divide 6 November 2003
Order for production of documents on university finances 13 October 2003
Small business employment 6 February 2003
Inquiry into the Education of Students with Disabilities 10 December 2002
Bills Reports (Legislation Committee)
Inquiry into the provisions of the Higher Education Legislation Amendment Bill (No.3) 2004 31 August 2004
Inquiry into Workplace Relations Amendment (Award Simplification) Bill 2002, Workplace Relations Amendment (Better Bargaining) Bill 2003, Workplace Relations Amendment (Choice in Award Coverage) Bill 2004and Workplace Relations Amendment (Simplifying Agreement-making) Bill 2004 17 June 2004
Inquiry into Workplace Relations Amendment (Codifying Contempt Offences) Bill 2003, Workplace relations Amendment (Compliance with Court and Tribunal Orders) Bill 2003 and Workplace Relations Amendment (Improved Remedies for Unprotected Action) Bill 2002 30 October 2003
Inquiry into Workplace Relations Amendment (Protecting the Low Paid) Bill 2003 19 June 2003
Provisions of the Workplace Relations Amendment (Termination of Employment) Bill 2002 26 March 2003
Inquiry into Workplace Relations Amendment (Improved Protection for Victorian Workers) Bill 2002 15 November 2002
Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Amendment (Paid Maternity Leave) Bill 2002 18 September 2002
Inquiry on the Provisions of the Research Agencies Legislation Amendment Bill 2002 29 August 2002
Inquiry into Higher Education Funding Amendment Bill 2002 22 August 2002
Inquiry into the Workplace Relations Bills 2002 15 May 2002

Inquiries not proceeded with after the 40th Parliament