Building and Construction Industry Inquiry

Building and Construction Industry Inquiry

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The Senate Employment, Workplace Relations and Education References Committee has been asked to examine the provisions of the draft Building and Construction Industry Improvement Bill 2003 (or any subsequent version that may be introduced into Parliament) and related findings of the Cole Royal Commission into the building and construction industry. The committee will report on 21 June 2004.

The members of the references committee for this inquiry are: Chair: Senator George Campbell, (ALP, NSW); Senator David Johnston, (LP, WA), Senator Jacinta Collins, (ALP, Vic), Senator the Hon Peter Cook, (ALP, WA) Senator Andrew Murray, (AD, WA) and Senator John Tierney, (LP, NSW).

Submissions should include all contact details, including mailing address, telephone and fax and email address if applicable and should be submitted electronically (Microsoft Word version 6.0 - 95 or above) and e-mailed to with the submission cover sheet supplied above. Alternatively they can be posted to:

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Further information on the draft bill can be found on the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations website at:

Report - Tabled 21 June 2004

Government Response (PDF 1287KB)