Recommendation 1

3.67      The committee recommends that National Disability Insurance Agency work with stakeholders to ensure that pre-planning information for potential participants adequately provides all information required for people to make well-informed decisions about their disability care and supports. 

Recommendation 2

3.70      The committee recommends that risk management practices around the flexibility of supports within plans are underpinned by the principle of choice and control for participants.

Recommendation 3

3.72      The committee recommends that the status of guidance for plan reviews is clarified and communicated consistently across National Disability Insurance Agency publications.

Recommendation 4

3.75      The committee recommends that the National Disability Insurance Agency and NDIS My Way provide access to training and technical support to those participants who want to self-manage some or all of their plans.

Recommendation 5

3.78      The committee recommends that the National Disability Insurance Agency and the Department of Social Services carry out more
in-depth research to assess the viability of various Local Area Coordination delivery models before any commitment is made.

Recommendation 6

4.107        The committee recommends that Department for Social Services work with the National Disability Insurance Agency, and state and territory governments to ensure that sector development funding and assistance measures are flexibly designed to support organisations transition into the NDIS and become sustainable service providers.

Recommendation 7

4.109         The committee recommends the National Disability Insurance Agency facilitates information and knowledge sharing from other trial sites across the disability and community sectors in Queensland.

Recommendation 8

4.111         The committee recommends that the roles and responsibilities of each party in relation to the interface between the Scheme and mainstream services are clearly set out in bilateral agreements between the commonwealth and state and territory governments. 

Recommendation 9

4.113         The committee recommends that all options to develop a market that provides choice and control for participants in rural and remote areas be explored, and that any additional funding for disability in the Northern Territory to any provider is conditional on measurable increases in service provision.

Recommendation 10

4.115         The committee recommends the Commonwealth government provides funding for research to establish robust data on the scale and nature of disabilities in Indigenous communities.

Recommendation 11

5.13      The committee recommends that the Government, through the Disability Reform Council, make all haste with the finalisation all of the bilateral agreements for the transition phase of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.  

Recommendation 12

5.23      The committee recommends that the Government, through the Disability Reform Council, agree effective roles and responsibilities including funding regarding Information, Linkages and Capacity building (Formerly Tier 2 supports) and access to Mainstream services.

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