The following documents have been provided to the committee as part of its ongoing oversight of the implementation and administration of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

The committee formally accepts documents as ‘submissions’ from witnesses providing verbal evidence at a public hearing or relating to an NDIS trial site. The submissions listed below note the trial site to which they refer.

The committee has also accepted  ‘communication’ on the basis that it is relevant to the committee’s broad remit. On receipt of the document, the committee has contacted the individuals and organisations listed below to confirm that they agree to the document being made public on this site. The committee has accepted correspondence from individuals and organisations who have requested that their material be kept confidential. The committee has agreed to these requests.

All documents received by the committee will be tabled in the Parliament with the committee’s Annual Report.

Submissions/Tabled Docs

 06/04/2016  MS Queensland  Townsville

Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd (QDN) (1)

Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd (QDN) (2)

Queenslanders with Disability Network Ltd (QDN) (3)


 06/04/2016 Hear and Say  Townsville
 07/03/2016 Karen Ma  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Mind the Gap  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Wendy Cuneo  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Patricia Curley  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 NSW Government  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Frank Peterson  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Maggie Steffan  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 The Shepherd Centre  Newcastle

Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH) (1)

Community Disability Alliance Hunter (CDAH) (2)

 07/03/2016 Carers NSW  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Hunter Brain Injury Respite Options Inc (BIRO)  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 APC Prosthetics (Hunter)  Newcastle
 07/03/2016 Parents of Deaf Children  Newcastle
 07/08/2015  Fitzroy Valley questionnaire article N/A 
 05/08/2015  AEIOU - Early Intervention for Children with Austism  QLD 
 05/08/2015  AEIOU - Assessment Proposal  QLD
 05/08/2015  Disability Housing - Sunshine Coast   N/A  
 28/07/2015  Catheters:Addressing the funding gap  N/A 
 28/07/2015  Catheterisation and overview  N/A  
 21/07/2015 OT for Kids NT Barkly 
 15/05/2015  Baptistcare Perth Hills
 18/06/2015 Name Withheld_18June2015 Newcastle
 22/05/2015  Name Withheld_22May2015 WA
 26/05/2015 Peter Yeo Brisbane
 08/04/2015 LAMP Inc Busselton
 08/04/2015 People with Disabilities WA Perth Hills
 08/04/2015 Mr Tony Vis Perth Hills
 08/04/2015 Disability Services Commission Perth Hills
 27/03/2015 ADACAS Canberra
 27/03/2015 Carers ACT Canberra
 27/03/2015 Disability Advocacy NSW Canberra
 27/03/2015 Focus ACT Canberra
 27/03/2015 KinCare Canberra
 27/03/2015 Marguerite Walshaw Canberra
 27/03/2015 NEDA - Report Canberra
 27/03/2015 NEDA - Media Release Canberra
 27/03/2015 Peter Dwyer Canberra
 13/03/2015 Amparo Advocacy Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Amparo Advocacy_booklet Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Bob Lee Brisbane
 13/03/2015 CASSI Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Montrose Access Brisbane
 13/03/2015 QADA Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Queensland Advocacy Inc_1 Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Queensland Advocacy Inc_2 Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Queensland Advocacy Inc_3 Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Sunshine Coast medicare Local Brisbane
 13/03/2015 Hunter Partners in Recovery and the NDIS Brisbane
 07/05/2014 Australian Federation of Disability Organisations Adelaide
 05/05/2014 Wendy Cuneo Newcastle
 05/05/2014 James Bailey Newcastle
 05/05/2014 Jim Hungerford Newcastle
14/04/2014 Vanda Fear and Jacqui Pierce Geelong

Communications Received

15/12/2015 Independent Advisory Council - Report on gaps in service
28/07/2015 Letter from Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield - Review of Board Requirements  
17/08/2015  Council for Intellectual Disability  
  NDIA - letter and The NDIS and Optimising the User Cost of Capital 
23/07/2015  NDIA - response re Reasonable and Necessary Support across the lifespan  

NDIA - letter and documents

  • NDIS WA My Way and NDIS Perth Hills: Points of Similarity and Difference
  • NDIS Insurance Principles
  • Outcomes Framework and Reference Packages material
17/07/2015  Peter Yeo 
26/06/2015 Letter from Senator Siewert to NDIS Committee Chair 
13/05/2015  NDIA Action Plan on progress report 
06/03/2015 NDIA Paper on Assistive Technologies
05/02/2015 George King, Home Safety & Comfort
01/12/2014 CASSI
04/11/2014 Carers NSW
31/10/2014 Arthritis Australia
29/10/2014 Queensland Alliance for Mental Health
29/10/2014 Mental Illness Fellowship Australia
29/10/2014 Mental Health Australia
15/10/2015 Victorian Coalition of ABI Service Providers Inc
01/10/2014 Bob Lee
14/07/2014 National Respite Association
08/07/2014 Caroline Daley
08/07/2014 National Rural Health Alliance and the National Disability and Carer Alliance
07/07/2014 Rebecca Mercier
02/07/2014 Sue O'Reilly
26/06/2014 Disability Advocacy NSW
22/06/2014 National Disability Services
18/06/2014 National Council on Intellectual Disability
14/06/2014 Bob Buckley
29/05/2014 Ageing, Disability and Home Care Department of Family and Community Services NSW
21/05/2014 Mia Lester
20/05/2014 Jan Vetma
19/05/2014 Northcott
19/05/2014 Maxwell Brazel
14/05/2014 Maxwell Brazel
12/05/2014 Cora Barclay Centre
09/05/2014 Muscular Dystrophy South Australia
08/05/2014 Allied Health Professions Australia
07/05/2014 Family Advocacy
07/05/2014 Department for Communities and Social Inclusion South Australia
04/05/2014 Michael Lang
20/04/2014 Stephen Murray
19/04/2014 Jan Vetma
17/04/2014 People with Disability Australia
15/04/2014 Sandra Lovell
15/04/2014 Kirrily Hayward
14/04/2014 OAK Tasmania
14/04/2014 Krystyna Croft
09/04/2014 Family Planning NSW
03/04/2014 Mental Health Council of Australia
24/02/2014 Bill Robinson
12/02/2014 Jena Koshemakin
11/12/2013 Innov8 Consulting Group

Answers to Questions on Notice

07/03/2016 NSW Government
15/07/2015 National Injury Insurance Scheme
05/06/2015  National Disability Inusrance Agency - ACT  
14/05/2015 National Disability Insurance Agency - WA
01/05/2015 National Disability Insurance Agency
16/04/2015 Queensland Government
07/07/2014 National Disability Insurance Agency
07/07/2014 National Disability Insurance Scheme Actuary
23/06/2014 Tasmanian Department of Health and Human Services
23/06/2014 Insurance Council of Australia
19/06/2014 Victorian Department of Human Services
16/06/2014 National Disability Insurance Agency
29/05/2014 Ageing Disability and Home Care, NSW Department of Family and Community Services