Photogallery and Podcast

Speaking at the roundtable discussion members of the Australian South Sea Islander (ASSI) community share what it means to be a descendent of South Sea Islander and why more needs to be done to recognise the ASSI community as a distinct ethnic group.

Mr Greg Sutherland, Chair of the National Australian South Sea Islander National Working Group, Mr Starrett Vea Vea, Chair of the Mackay and District Australian South Sea Islander Association and Auntie Mabel Quakawoot, traditional owner of Curtis Island told the committee how their ancestors came to Australia and what issues face their community today.

The podcast and photogallery were published accompanying the report.

Australian South Sea Islander and Aboriginal an Torres Strait Islander people are advised that this website may contain photographs of persons who may be deceased

Photo Gallery

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1. Image of a drawing showing the forced recruitment of South Sea Islanders to work on the plantations in Queensland, 1892

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2. Schooner used to transport South Sea Islanders to Queensland, undated 
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3. Example of goods paid To Australian South Sea Islanders as part of the trade box system.
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4. Australian South Sea Islanders cutting sugar cane on a plantation at Bingera, Queensland, ca. 1905
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5. Wood engraving of Kanaka school, Oakenden plantation, Queensland. 1884
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6. Australian South Sea Islanders hoeing a cane field in the Herbert River region, Queensland, 1902
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7. Australian South Sea Islander children's group, The Pikininis, dancing at the Recognition Day Dinner at Emmaus College, Rockhampton, Queensland, 2000
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8. Australian South Sea Islander mural painted onto the side of the IGA shopping centre in Bowen, Queensland, 2000

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